10 Silly Freelance Writer’s Mistakes to Avoid

Silly freelance writers’ mistakes are fatal.

These mistakes cost freelance writers millions of revenue yearly.

Then writers ask “Is it possible for freelance writers to make money online?”

The simple answer is “Yes”….

Now, we all know that freelance writing is a gold mine.

But after avoiding these stupid mistakes.


This article highlights some of the silly mistakes freelance writers commit perennially.

The article also provides actionable steps that can help you avoid common freelance writers’ mistakes.

Writers are the richest people in the world

Let’s now explore freelance writer’s mistakes which cost them millions of money annually:

Freelance Writers’ Mistake #1: Writing For Unscrupulous Sites

Many writers who need quick money end up working for bad freelance writing sites.

I classify all content mills, bidding sites, $5 bucks per gig websites and websites that underpay writers as unscrupulous sites.

Actionable Tip: Spare yourself the agony and stop writing for companies which will not make you grow rich. You can do better with your writing skills than writing for companies which use you, underpay you, close your account and ask you to beg.


Freelance Writers’ Mistake #2: Not Learning From Others

Many writers think that writing is a “Do it yourself thing”. They think that they can use their excellent grammar and comprehension skills to make money online without learning from friends and other established writers.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

All writers need mentors. All writers must learn from established writers if they are to avoid these common mistakes.

Actionable Tip: Get yourself a mentor or sign up for the latest updates from the writing and publishing industry. Staying ahead of the game will give you the latest information and help you to avoid committing unnecessary mistakes.

You don’t have to re-invent the wheel! Learn from the mistakes of others.

Only fools learn from their mistakes.

Actionable Tip: Be a champion, learn from the mistakes of others and stay ahead of the game.


Freelance Writers’ Mistake #3: Doing Academic Writing Only

Some writers think that academic writing is the only thing they can do as writers. They search the internet looking for websites that pay writers to complete assignments for students.

While it has immoral implications, academic writing is not an evergreen niche. Any content that is written as academic content cannot be re-used by another person.

Let me explain further.

If a writer completes an assignment for a student today, the paper becomes unusable once it has been submitted. Unlike a high quality article like this which can be used for many years, academic writing is a “one-time use only product”.

Actionable Tip: Instead of academic writing only, look for other high paying writing gigs. As a writer, you can write blog posts for blog owner, write for businesses or start your freelance writing website or blog.


Freelance Writers’ Mistake #4: No Freelance Writer’s Website or Blog

If you want to succeed as a freelance writer, it is compulsory to have a freelance writer’s website. Mark this as important

Many writers write high quality articles for various businesses but fail to create a solid foundation of their own freelance writer’s website.

Your website is your marketing tool. It is your store, it is your business.

Many clients are ready to allow you to link back to your website and promote yourself as an authority. How the hell can you do that without having a website?

Actionable Tip: Be sure to create a website as soon as possible. You don’t have to be a web designer, programmer or anything. You only need to be you to create your website. You may also pay somebody to do it.

Click here to register your domain name and start your website.


Freelance Writers’ Mistake #5: Robbing Other Writers

At one point, all writers need help completing their work. They need help. When writers reach such a state, they hire new writers or forward the surplus writing projects to their colleagues.

It is not uncommon to find malicious writers underpaying other writers. The moment you underpay your worker, quality issues and all forms of immorality creep in stealthily.

For instance, a write may deliberately cause trouble by turning in low quality work commensurate to the payment or by delivering the work past the deadline.

Actionable Tip: Always be a nice employer. If other writers help you with projects, appreciate them by paying them well. If they don’t know what they are doing, fire them and hire better writers or just train them.


Freelance Writers’ Mistake #6: Egocentric With Knowledge

It is so sad to state that some freelance writers find it hard to share valuable information with other freelance writers or the public.

Egocentrism defeats the essence of being a writer.

The main work of a writer is to get valuable information out there so that the relevant audience can benefit.

If you are such a writer, you will not prosper. Well, that was a curse.

Actionable Tip: Always share valuable information with other writers and all people. Who knows? Your piece of advice may change a life and bring you more clients!


Freelance Writers’ Mistake #7: Not Giving Tithes and Offerings

Well, I am a Christian. I believe in giving.

As a writer, you can contribute by giving actionable tips as stated above. Furthermore, you can help by giving 10% of your earnings to God. You can also contribute to charities and help the poor in society through your offerings.


Have you ever realized that top achievers contribute to the welfare of others? If you have never given to support other people, you are not a champion yet!


Any good writer is a researcher. All researchers diligently seek the truth. The truth is God is real and He exists. Let’s always be nice to each other and life is that simple.

Actionable Tip: Give part of your earnings back to support Gods’ work and your community. The more you give, the more you get.


Freelance Writers’ Mistake #8: Not Growing

Any business which does not grow is as good as dead. Freelance writing is broad. Many writers find themselves stuck in one niche for so long.

It is always excellent to grow.

You may grow your business horizontally or vertically.

The best way of growing is by writing other things outside your normal writing routine.

For instance, if you have been writing articles, you can as well write an e-book, a novel or something else.

Another growth avenue is by incorporating other styles of writing. If you have been writing plain tutorials or articles, you may consider becoming a copywriter. If you have been editing, consider becoming a writer. You get the point.

Actionable Tip: Always grow your freelance writing business.


Freelance Writers’ Mistake #9: Not Diversifying Freelance Work

This is different from growth

There are several folks who survive on freelance writing work only.

Well, we all know the good old saying “Do not put your eggs in one basket”.

The saying holds as much water as it did a long time ago.  Therefore, do not survive on freelance writing only.

Diversify your income streams. You may wish to establish another company and employ people to work for you.


I am a professional Mechanical, production and Energy Engineer. While I love freelance writing, blogging, and web design, I also have a construction company, a garage and a printing business. I also expect to start large scale crop farming soon,

Actionable Tip:  Get another income stream, most probably an offline venture to diversify your income streams.


Freelance Writers’ Mistake #10: Not Implementing these Tips

Hahaha. This may sound funny or odd.

My experience shows me that procrastination is the writers’ leading enemy.


If you found these ideas useful, start implementing them right away.

In case you need further clarification, be sure to contact any expert of your choice. I am also available.

Share this with your community to motivate and change somebody’s life.

Pro Tip: Always implement what you learn on a daily basis, that is what growth and development are all about!

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I believe that writers are the richest people. If this is not true, let’s put it the other way round.

All rich people write, if they do not write, other people write about them.

You can easily become a successful writer if you follow the actionable tips listed in this article.

The list is by no means all-inclusive. Other ideas are in your mind.


Come on let’s talk.

What else should writers do to become successful?

What should writers avoid?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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