Academic Writing Websites

Academic writing is a gold-mine.

If you are here, you already know that you can make money online through academic writing.

You can create your own academic writing website following this article on how to make a website, or you can just register on websites of well-paying academic writing companies.

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What you will get in this article:

Best academic writing companies

Scholarly writing and how to become an academic writer

How to create a well-paying academic writing account, what you need to know

Websites that offer academic writing jobs

Other interesting staff

Where to find best academic writers (essay writing, dissertation writing, research writing etc.)


Make Money Online through Academic writing

Academic writing is the controversial type of writing in which you get paid to complete school work for high school, college and university students.

Students who need help writing their academic work have the money but they may be busy, lazy, or ignorant of want they are supposed to do.

On the other hand, freelance writers need the money and they have the acumen to easily research and complete the assignment.


Who are the clients of academic writing jobs?

Busy students who have families to care for and jobs to attend to:  They value doing other stuff than doing school work. They decide to outsource their academic assignments in order to focus on making money, caring for their families, having fun or attending to other things.

Lazy students who don’t want to tire their brains with research and writing: They simply outsource it to somebody, the writer, to work it out. They don’t care about money or if the writer doesn’t sleep, they just want the assignment completed.

Non-native students studying in English-speaking countries but whose native language is not English: They get a hard time comprehending stuff, let alone completing assignments. Such students will gladly pay academic writers to complete college assignments on their behalf.

Others: Sometimes, lecturers and professors also order class notes and other teaching materials since freelance academic writers are known for their rigorous research skills.


Client – Academic Writing Company – Writer Relationships

Since such students don’t know writers at a personal level, and they don’t want the public to know that they cannot handle school assignments on their own, they seek assistance from academic writing companies.

Writers on the other end register with academic writing companies and complete the academic work without knowing the student.

Strict confidence is important here. Academic writing companies assure their customers of non-disclosure of personal details.

The writer is not supposed to exchange contact with the client, otherwise, the writer may blackmail the client or the academic writing company may lose its clients.


Types of academic writing jobs

The main types of academic work available in academic writing websites include: essays, annotated bibliographies, articles, course work assignments, curriculum vitae, dissertations, editing, reviews, essay editing, solving mathematical questions, essay review, formatting, lab reports, multiple choice questions, personal statements, power point presentations, proofreading, reaction paper writing, research proposals, copy-writing, resume editing, scholarship essays, speech presentations, statistics projects, term papers, thesis proposals and answering tricky questions.


Level of writing in most academic writing websites

Academic writing involves completing simple high school assignments, college-level academic work, university stuff and immense masters and PhD dissertations.

Completing one 100 page dissertation at say $4,000, for instance, can feed you for a whole month or a couple of months depending on your exchange rates, your expenditure and economic situation.

Sounds interesting?

One thing you have to realise, academic writing has rules, it is not simple.


Advantages and disadvantages of academic writing

Advantages of academic writing jobs

The academic writer gets a job; that is the creation of employment

Academic writing agencies benefit from this

Some of the academic writing jobs are better-paying jobs than normal 8-5 jobs

The writer develops research skills and faster typing skills which can be used elsewhere


Disadvantages of academic writing jobs

Some people call it cheating, others call it plagiarism and others refer to it as academic dishonesty. However, when a student hires a private tutor for tuition, they call it good names.

The writer cannot advance the writing expertise, they write various types of content, no specialisation but they just chase money.

Academic work, unlike an article like this can only be used once. The writer may find it hard to resell the work; it will be plagiarised and unusable.

Every academic work comes bundled with very strict grammar, punctuation, and referencing instructions. You will have to work hard to deliver quality content; it is like you are still in school, trying to complete a tough assignment in limited time!

Academic writing is seasonal; when students go for long summer holidays, academic writing experiences what geeks normally call the low season – you become very broke unless you diversify.


How to Open Academic Writing Accounts

You already know that you must know English or the language in which you want to write.

Create a nice and professional curriculum vitae

Create an email meant for opening academic writing accounts or looking for jobs online

Scan your national identity card in high resolution (You can take a nice snapshot, it works)

Scan your degree certificate or whichever certificate you have in high resolution

Take your time to read about plagiarism and how to avoid it. Plagiarism cannot be tolerated in any type of writing. You shall come to know that plagiarism is the wrongful use of somebody’s work, oral, written or in any other form, without proper acknowledgement of the original source. For instance, when you are researching online, you cannot just copy and paste somebody’s work and pretend you have written it. You have to read, synthesise it and express it in your own words – that is a simple way of avoiding plagiarism. There are many software out there, ready to catch you submitting plagiarised work.

If you submit plagiarised work, you shall not be paid, your account shall be suspended or closed, and whatever you could have worked for may be frozen! That is how scary plagiarism is.

Take your time to learn how to write various types of content. For instance, how to write research papers, essays, dissertations, coursework, theses, dissertations etc.

Learn various academic writing styles; APA, MLA, Harvard, Turabian, Chicago, Vancouver, Oxford. Normally, there is nothing hard about these. The most important thing is to know how to write the content. The styles come in when formatting the page headings, in-text citations, bibliography and reference pages, foot notes and endnotes, indentation and such nitty gritties.

Prepare a few sample papers. One thing you have to know about writing, you have to show the world that you can write. Now listen to this. Choose a nice topic which you are conversant with and write a killer sample using any of the academic writing styles.

It will be nice to familiarize yourself with the formatting and citation styles for each writing style on your own.

Create templates for each academic writing style. You can ask for free academic writing templates from any freelance academic writer, or even me.

Have a bank account and sign up for other types of receiving online payments. Make sure you can receive payments online.

Visit the websites of the academic writing companies and sign up. Some companies have specific times of accepting applications.

Keep applying and you shall get accepted.

Be sure to have a stable internet connection. Most companies require you to complete a time-framed English grammar test and writing test to test your proficiency.

I wish you success. Tell us what you find out. Sharing is caring.


How to distinguish genuine academic writing companies from scams

Join academic writer’s Facebook groups, Google communities or LinkedIn groups or any other forum and inquire

Read testimonials from other writers, you are not the first writer to work with them

Look for social proof of the writing companies: most scams rarely have any social media handles


Are you looking for academic writing websites that pay writers?

Yes,   maybe no

Maybe you are asking:

How can I earn a lot of money while working online?

What are the best paying academic writing sites in my region?

Can I get a trusted academic writing job in USA?

How else can I make money online without writing assignments for some lazy fellow?

Can I get a nice academic writing account with the highest CPP?

Which type of account pays weekly, twice a month?

Where can I buy academic writing account online?

How can I know the best academic writing company?

What is the best essay writing service in USA?

Which sites pay writers?

Any work from home writing jobs for college or university graduates?

Where can I get well-paying academic writing jobs?

What are the academic writing companies that accept Kenyans?

What are the best scholarly writing websites where you take orders without bidding?

I specialize in writing essays, research papers and dissertations; what is the most reliable essay writing company?

Where can I write to earn extra income?”

Are there any legitimate freelance writing websites?


Best Academic Writing Websites for Writers

There are many academic writing websites.

Once you have prepared to start academic writing as discussed above, you can sign up for an account with any of the following academic writing companies: – Cutewriters is among the leading academic writing sites.

Emphasises on professional writers only and delivery of superior quality papers. Delivers papers such as research papers, lab reports, dissertations, essays and business copy.

The typical CPP for academic writing is between $5 and $20 for original high-quality orders/projects completed.


Uvocorp– At the moment, it is rated as the best academic writing site which provides online writing jobs for many freelance writers. The site provides the best pay to freelancers, good job security and lenient support staff. They rarely impose fines; they have high number of orders at peak seasons. However, it is not easy to secure an account with these guys. Some dealers sell these accounts expensively.


EssayWriters – Many writers all over the world have this account. They have technical accounts and essay type of accounts. They have lots of orders throughout the year. Many writers have made a kill out of this site including me. Their CPP can go as high as $10 – $30 during the peak season and as low as $1 – $5 during the off-peak season. Bids depend on the level of account and type of order. They demand very high quality products else they close your account. Fines are imposed on poor quality work, lateness and plagiarism. Some writers have had their accounts terminated for contacting their clients directly and engaging in other malpractices.


4writers – This site is an affiliate of Some people report good pay but fewer jobs.


Academia-Research– This site provides high CPPs for most of the jobs. However, they are very strict with quality issues and jobs are fewer.


Academic Experts– This is an affiliate site of Uvocorp. A great academic writing company. Applicants must hold a First or 2:1 from Oxford, Cambridge or a reputable red-brick university, or an equivalent degree from a leading international institution.


Academic Writers Bureau–It is an average site. Give it a try and tell us


Academic-Writers Another writing site. Give it a try


Academic knowledge It is a UK based company for freelance jobs.


AcademicSciences– The Company has very high orders in the peak season and hires native English speakers only.


AceMyHomeWork – It is a great site. It offers excellent growth opportunities. Try it out and you will learn more.


AllWriting– This is a favourite site for many writers. It imposes no fines, assures writers of job security and timely payment.


AsiaWriters.Net– This site is an affiliate of


Authorsglobal provides easy sign-up form and average CPPs for writers. Only that they have a very low CPP. It is however good for starters. Anybody working with it?


Bluecorp – This is a great writing site. It offers average CPPs and an ever-increasing capability to pick more orders as your writing level advances. – It is an excellent Kenyan-run academic writing site.


Carescorpexperts – This is an excellent Kenyan essay writing company. They like high quality work and provide flexible payment options. Writers who have worked here excel elsewhere.


Coursehero – Little is known about these guys. Try them out


Edusson – They behave like Essayshark. Their policies are good and many writers love these guys for their good policies. A nice online writing company with their freelance writers earning from $7 to $15 per page and receiving a substantial income. They employ serious writers with a college degree is required. Graduates from any field of specialization are welcomed and encouraged to apply.


EssayJedi.Com – They work like Essayshark, They own essayjedii and are not so popular though – It works like Essayshark and Edusson sites

Essayshark– This is one of the writing sites of its own. Here, you have direct communication with the client whereby you set the CPP, deadline and other order parameters. It is quite lenient to many writers. – They act like Research Eden, no orders at the moment


FreelancerCareers– This site is an affiliate of affiliate.


FreelanceWritingCenter–According to information provided by some freelancers, this site is also good. You can give it a try.


FriendlyWriters – It is an excellent site worthy checking They provide an easy sign up process and average services. I shall update more on this.


HomeworkMarket– This is the best place to start from if you are new. They require no certificates, IDs, passing of tests etc. It is easy to secure an account here. A great site though it grows slowly and may start with lower bids . It works exactly like


Skillsmatt is a very useful site. It offers a number of jobs for all types of freelancers. Here, you can easily sign up, work, communicate with your client, make money, withdraw your earnings etc. You can give it a try.


Theacestudent offers flexible working environment especially for new writers. It has a simple sign up requirement. All you have to do is to pick an assignment and post a solution to it. If your solution is the best, you are paid. It has simple jobs.


VIP Writers is a reliable site which promises high CPP and working conditions. They do not condone nonsense and may not pay you if you do not meet their stringent regulations.


Studentlance This site offers flexible working environment especially for new writers. It has a simple sign up requirement. All you have to do is to pick an assignment and post a solution to it. If your solution is the best, you are paid. It has simple jobs.


Studypool It is a nice company. Wanna try it out today?


Livingston Research– These people pay you well and in time only that they have fewer orders to choose from.


Paper bid – It has a very simple sign up process and a great starting point for new writers. – Few jobs, and average CPP.


Prospectsolutions – It is an excellent essay writing company that hires mainly UK citizens or people with UK degrees. It offers very good pay.


QualityWriters.Com – This site is an upcoming Centre for writers. It allows writers to take jobs and it has a good pay.


Research Eden– There were no jobs in this site the last time I checked. Try it but you have been warned not to waste your time.


ResearchWritingCentre – This Company provides a very good CPP with ever-flowing orders. However, it has strict editors that will penalize you at every opportunity and reduce your earnings greatly.


SNR– This is a good online writing site with great pay and regular flow of orders. However, they only hire native English language speakers.


Studentlance – Almost same as homeworkmarket.


Studyacer – Almost same as homeworkmarket.


ThePensters– It was a great account for my friends until it was purchased by Essayshark after which they could not accept new writers.


Topwriterslist – The site offers a constant flow of orders throughout the year but with very low CPPs.


UploadEssays.Com– It is a great site and it is owned by freelanceWritingCenter.


Writerbay– This is one of the best writing companies. I have worked with them and they are quite lenient. They have plenty of orders but it is not easy to open an account. Write Enterprise provides excellent opportunities from writers from all over the world.


WritersPh– This site is an affiliate of affiliate.


Writerscash– This site is an affiliate of academia-research


WritersHub.Org – This is a low-quality account with communication, payment and management issues. They use Skype in communication and their bidding system is quite bad. I read an article about some writers who were scammed here. You have been warned. This is a nice writing company.  On average, compensation per page is set at $5-9 per page.

  1. They always try to balance between the requests of our customers and needs/rights of their writers
  2. Their compensation rates are fair and transparent
  3. They  emphasize on quality academic writing in every aspect of their business It is an average site Another great company for online writing jobs, check it out


Now, let’s talk.

Have you ever made money online writing academic papers?

What is your experience with the academic writing sites presented in this article?

This list is by no means exhaustive; do you have any other trusted academic writing companies that are not included here?

If you need help, we can also help you create your own website.

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