Best Copywriting Questionnaire Questions

In this article, you will find the best copywriting questionnaire questions.

Do you need a copywriting questionnaire?

Yes. If you are a copywriter.


The preliminary stages of copywriting are tough but they add value to copy.

All professional copywriting services will ask you to answer some questions before they write your copy.

It is needless to start writing copy without having all facts in place.

That is why a copywriting questionnaire is an important document.

You can have it as an online form or as a separate document which copywriting clients fill and submit.

The Copywriting Questionnaire – Interview Questions

Before doing any copywriting work, you need to get answers to specific questions.

If you are a copywriter, you must interview your client.

The better the questionnaire you have, the better your ability to create highly persuasive copy that can turn web visitors into loyal customers.

The best copywriting questionnaire should help the copywriter have a deeper understanding of the business environment, its mission, vision, core values, customers, challenges, and competitors.

Length of a copywriting questionnaire

There is no definite length of a copywriting questionnaire.

The copywriting questionnaire should long enough to get help the copywriter get enough information from the client without creating too much of a hassle

At Cutewriters, we have adopted a simple to the complex copywriting questionnaire which helps us collaborate with many copywriting clients from various industries.

The questions are of great importance to the business owner and the professional copywriter.


Importance of the Copywriting Questionnaire

For a business to get the best copywriting services, the copywriter must extract essential information from the client. In some instances, when the client does not know everything about the target audience, the copywriter can get information by analyzing competitors.

It is not easy to create a compelling copy when the client has not defined the target audience of the brand.

On the other hand, copywriters need to get the answers to the questions in order to write persuasive copy. Instead of just following templates or writing stuff which just sounds cool.

All copywritten work should connect with the target audience, answer all customers’ worries and connect the value of the product with the needs of the target customer.

In order to write compelling copy, the copywriter should think through these questions and get all of the answers from the clients. In so doing, the copywriter is able to write engaging copy which captivates the readers and persuades them to buy.

It is important to note that all copywriting projects are unique; the copywriter can easily modify this universal copywriting questionnaire or send it as it is. The questions highlighted in this questionnaire aim to equip the copywriters so that they understand the nature of the project at hand.

The copywriting questions help in creating the persuasive copy and help the client and the copywriter speak from the same page.

Below are some of the greatest copywriting questions for your brand:

The Best Copywriting Questionnaire Online

Copywriting Brief

Name of the company (Please include any brand names or trademarks)

Company tagline, slogan or motto

Contact person for the project (Please include phone number, email and any other means of contacting)


Copywriting Project Details

Project description

What type of copy do you want? What are we actually doing?

Scope of your project

What do you want me to cover?


What do you want this copy to achieve?

Target audience

Who are you targeting? Who is your ideal customer?

Who is your target audience? Do you have any distinctive customer segments within your customer base that need special attention?

Call to action

What is the first thing you want people to do when they visit your site?

What specific thing do you want your target audience to do after reading the copy?

Tone and style

What kind of vibe best suits your needs? Do you need the first person, second person or third person point of view? Should the copy be informal, strictly formal or a mixture of both?


When do you want this project to start? By which date do you need the final done?


Are there any limits? For instance, what is the word count and type of design?


Have you identified any keywords to be used in writing your copy?

Copywriting Budget

What is your budget for this project? (You can give a budget range)


General Business Information

Tell me more about your company? How was it started? What is your company philosophy?

What are the main pain points of your customers?

What is your business about? What are your mission, vision and core values?

Who is your most ideal customer at the moment? Who is your future ideal customer?

What emotional benefits does your product offer which best resonates with the customers?

Do you have any case studies, customer testimonials, analytical points, figures or responses that have created a wow-effect?

What method of marketing or pitching has been the most effective at attracting most customers to your business?

Do you have any existing marketing material?

What are the main problems and challenges facing your customers and how do you to solve them? What makes it hard for your customers to purchase?

Who are the main competitors that you want to outperform?

How strong are you than your competitors? What features of your brand are better than your competitors’?

Are there any other alternatives to your product in the market that can satisfy customers with similar needs? If there are any alternatives, how better are you than them?

How do people find your website? Name all sources of web traffic to your website.

What sort of tone and brand image do you wish to project?

Are there any businesses that you may wish to emulate? If yes, please give their name and website.

What is the most important thing about your business?

What is the most important thing about your customers?

How many people will be involved in providing feedback on my copywriting? Who is the editor? Are there many teams involved?

Do you have any awards, club or industry memberships that validate your expertise?

What else do you want the copywriter to know while writing your copy?


Project-Specific Information

Answer the following questions for each product, service or page

What is your core offer? What is the ordering process?

What are your specific objectives if different from project objectives?

What are the features of your product?

What are the benefits of your product?

Why should a customer purchase your product and not another product or service? What is your primary value to the customer? What makes you different from existing brands in your niche?

Call to action [if it differs from the project call to action]. What do you want the customer do when they come across this copy? In other words “What kind of results do you wish to achieve with this copy?”

Do you have anything I must include or something you don’t want me to mention in the copy?

Conclusion on Copywriting Questionnaire Questions

These common copywriting questionnaire questions are only a guide to get the copywriter started with any client. The questions are universal and can be used in any business and for any client.

However, not all questions are applicable to all businesses. The copywriter or the client can always filter out what fits their needs and leave the rest.

If you follow the questionnaire, you are most likely to create compelling copy. For clients, it is essential to make sure that you give your copywriters the right information so that they can deliver their best.

Good luck with your copywriting ventures.

Please tell us what you think.

You can either use it as-is or modify it slightly to be more relevant to the unique business you’re targeting. You can also learn more about client questions at CopyBlogger.

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