Best Productivity Hacks for 2021 (For Individuals and Businesses)

Best Productivity Hacks

What are the best productivity hacks this year – 2021?

Let’s face it.

Some people are more productive than you and yet we all have 24 hours every day.


Because they know how to become productive with the resources they have.

Productivity is such an important aspect of life that some websites are specifically created to teach self-growth and productivity topics.

Here is one example.

Self Improvement from– – is the most complete guide to information about Self Improvement on the Internet.

In this article, you will learn why some people succeed while others fail even after devouring hundreds of articles on top 10 productivity hacks from professionals and entrepreneurs. 

“The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something. It’s as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today.” ~ Nolan Bushnell

You will learn:

How to increase your productivity

Simple but effective ways of managing your workday

Productivity tools that experts employ to quadruple their efficiency

Your overall productivity in 2021 will triple, quadruple or increase exponentially beyond measure if you read and implement the simple productivity tips and tricks for effective time and self management highlighted in this article.

Remember that nobody is born a good time manager or a productivity expert. All people learn their habits and perfect them through practice.

Practical ways of increasing your productivity in 2021

Here are a few practical ways of boosting productivity in 2021.

Ensure you learn and implement them to have an insanely productive year.

#1 of Best Productivity Hacks: Have enough sleep

Best Productivity Hacks Have enough sleep to boost productivity

This is the first and timeless productivity tip.

You cannot delegate sleep just as you cannot use an app to manage your sleep.

This study done by Harvard University reveals that sleep deprivation is a counterproductive factor which costs organizations $2,280 per employee each year.

Contrary to the expectations of many, having enough sleep can help you to stay fresh, alert and active for longer hours.

Without adequate sleep, you are nothing but a sleepy daydreamer who wishes to become more productive in 2021.

If you want to care for your health, then you ought to sleep for eight to nine hours a day.

Deal with insomnia to boost your productivity.

Sleep rejuvenates your mind and revitalizes your cells in preparation for another active and more productive day.

Staying awake for too long or taking drugs to stay awake has minimal short-term success and a lifetime of low productivity.

Do you want to be more efficient and more productive?

Sleep adequately.

#2 of Best Productivity Hacks: Sleep over tomorrow’s tasks


It is pointless to just start the day with nothing specific to do.

The best way to prepare for a new day is by creating a to-do list the night before.

You must start with the most important tasks first followed by lesser important ones.

Planning ahead of the day gives you a head start as opposed to someone who waits and starts thinking of what to do on the material day.

Some people even think that sleeping over issues provides solutions during your sleep.

#3 of Best Productivity Hacks: Set a theme for each day

All work has sub-sections which make up the whole project.

Best Productivity Hacks Set a theme for each day

Productivity experts have noted that dealing with one theme each day results in maximum performance.

For instance, if you run a blog, you may dedicate Sundays for all kinds of research Mondays to blog writing, Tuesdays for graphic design, Wednesdays for email marketing, Thursdays for social media marketing and Fridays for blogger outreach.

You will achieve this by dividing all tasks into sections and sub-sections or themes and sub-themes.

#4 of Best Productivity Hacks: Avoid travelling, work from home

You lose a lot of time commuting daily.


Why don’t you try working from home if your work does not require your physical presence in the office?

In so doing, you will use the commute time to finish a couple of tasks.

Telecommuters are 14% more productive than their office-bound colleagues as shown in a study released by Stanford University.

Work-from-home employees have higher performance and fewer sick days.

For instance, you may become one of our Sales Copywriters or even an Email Copywriters and earn money from home.

#5 of Best Productivity Hacks: Use commute time constructively

How much time do you spend commuting daily?

It depends on where you live and your means of transport.

In the United States, commuters spend 27 minutes averagely in making a one-way commute.Best-Productivity-Hacks-Use-commute-time-constructively

traffic jams in major cities slow down commuters and waste time.

As a productivity nerd, you need to hack you way and get things done.

This is the best time to do something productive.

Here is a list of some things you can do while commuting:

Researching keywords

Making calls


Reading emails

Writing notes on a notebook

Reading quality content

Scheduling tasks for the next day

Learning something new like a language

Downloading ebooks, podcasts or informative productivity resources

#6 of Best Productivity Hacks: Start your day early enough

What time is early enough?


The best way to start your day is to start it very early in the morning.

Talk of 3 am to 6 am.

Many successful people invest their early mornings when their minds are still fresh.

If you find it difficult to wake up early, you can adjust slowly but surely by setting an alarm twenty minutes earlier each week.

But you cannot wake up early when you sleep too late.

Elsewhere in this article, I also mention that you need to sleep for at least 8 hours daily.

This takes us to our next tip.

#7 of Best Productivity Hacks: Set a Timer and use Deadlines

You already know the amount of time you normally take in doing some of your tasks.

Make sure that you use a timer to make sure that you don’t take more time doing something which can take lesser time.

By timing yourself, you are pushing yourself to deliver.

#8 of How to Be More Productive: Never be a perfectionist

Do you know why you always update apps in your smartphone or computer?

Because they were never perfect in the first place – and they never will be.

A perfect graphic designer will keep perfecting a logo for one year instead of focusing on other projects.

The best writer or editor will always keep searching for mistakes and will not accomplish much.

Choose a middle way and always make your projects above 80% excellent.

For instance, this article is not and will never be perfect. But it is usable and of high quality as well. It can score about 80%.

The rest is for iterations and subsequent revisions.

#9 of Best Productivity Tricks: Get Rid of All Distractions

You know the kind of things which distract you.

Regardless of what the distraction is, you need to get rid of it.

Research shows that it will take you about 23 minutes to regain your focus after distractions.

Your distraction could be your spouse, your child, your mobile phone, unwanted visitors, social media, the internet, etc.

Keep your phone off and force yourself to deliver.

I am not saying that you should neglect your family.

You can set aside family time and work time.

#10 of Best Productivity Hacks: Associate with most productive people

Iron sharpens iron.

Research shows that your overall productivity is the average of five people you closely associate with.

If you spend most of your time with productive people, you will start learning their tricks and become productive as well.

On the contrary, associating with careless people who are unproductive will make you less productive or unproductive.

#11 of Best Productivity Tips: Listen to Music which Boosts Productivity

There is some type of music which can increase your productivity.

As you know, one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Now that you know yourself, you need to find music which can help you to stay focused.

Listen to the music and keep working.

This guide from Life Hack can help you choose the right music that can improve your productivity.

#12 of Best Productivity Tips: Find Something You Love and Do it

What do you love most in your life?

Did you know that doing what you love will increase your productivity than that boring job which worries you sick?

The first step towards happiness is finding your passion and following it no matter what.

Here are some unique ways of finding your passion.

#13 of Best Productivity Tips: Create a nice To-Do List and Prioritize your tasks ahead of time.

Having a to-do list is a super simple thing.

Make sure that you prioritize the most important tasks for each day.

Scheduling all activities will keep you focused.

This will help you to accomplish the most important tasks when you are still fresh.

#14 of Best Productivity Hacks: Create batches of similar tasks

Human beings are created to group similar things together and execute them as a unit.

You can borrow the same principle and group similar products together and accomplish them as a single batch.

For instance, checking emails, texting, making phone calls and writing contacts can form one batch of tasks.

#15 of Best Productivity Tips: Rest to increase your Performance

Take a break when your output is not optimal to recharge your productivity.

Rest, in this case, means doing nothing but relaxing.

During your work cycle, there are times when your productivity drops.

Instead of working with a lower efficiency, take a break and rejuvenate yourself.

#16 of Best Productivity Tips: Rest by switching tasks

Sometimes doing one thing gets boring.

It is important to have two or three pending issues waiting for you.

When you are tired and sick of one project, refresh your mind by doing the other task.

I learned this from Austin Kleon, the bestselling author of “Steal Like an Artist”.

This is what I always do: When I am not writing articles, I design websites or designing graphics or promote my content via various channels.

I am never bored and my productivity remains fairly constant.

#17 of Best Productivity Tips: Start with the tasks that you fear most

People tend to do simple tasks while postponing the most difficult ones.

Dare to be different.

Start with what you fear most. For instance, I used to fear social media marketing because of algorithms.

Completing the most dreadful tasks gives you a sense of accomplishment which will propel you to complete simpler things.

Unfortunately, the converse is not true.

Instead of checking and reading your emails the first thing in the morning, write your blog posts and publish them first.

Instead of reading all of your unread text messages on WhatsApp, complete the most important tasks first.

#18 of Becoming More Productive: Deal with email distraction by decluttering your inbox

How many emails do you have in your primary inbox, updates, promotions, updates and social tabs?

How long do you take managing emails each day?

Before I started enhancing my productivity, my email inbox could have as many as 2000 unopened emails.

Well, that is  a large number.

And there was this thing inside me which always said that reading emails in my primary inbox is important.

And many of these marketing emails are laden with click bait to increase “open rates”

For instance: With this your content will go viral. Such titles make you want to click!

Then I learnt from Tim Soulo that you can declutter email inbox by filtering emails.

For instance, you can filter all emails containing the word “unsubscribe” and direct them to a special folder for promotional emails.

Your inbox will start receiving fewer promotional emails and you could have managed your time well doing other things.

#19 of Becoming More Productive: Schedule special time for email management

Email management used to take a huge chunk of my time.

When I realized that I check emails once after every 20 minutes, I vowed to manage my time well by scheduling email correspondence time.

You too can set aside a limited time for replying to emails and sending serious emails.

Otherwise, reading emails and trying to reply to each one can consume your time.

#20 of Best Productivity Tricks: Avoid multitasking by all means

This one goes against the expectations of many.

Don’t you need to do more tasks at the same time to accomplish more?


You only need to focus on one task and do it perfectly.

Research findings indicate that multitasking is counter-productive.

Sorry, a divided mind cannot make you the most productive human being on the planet.

#21 of Best Productivity Secrets: Switch off the internet

The internet is a perfect distraction.

If you are not working or doing any productive work online, then you don’t need internet connection.

Any notifications on your computer or smartphone is sure to distract you.

The best way of increasing your productivity is by switching off the internet in this case.

Working offline will limit the number of times you will check your emails or respond to social media messages.

Some organizations switch of the internet to force workers to deliver better results.

Others have gone steps ahead to monitor the internet activities of the workers because they know how the internet reduces workers’ productivity.

#22 of Becoming More Productive: Download and install website or app blockers

Are notifications from emails and push notifications from websites distracting you?

They will end up wasting your valuable time, energy and attention.

Why don’t you download and install website and app blockers such as RescueTime, Freedom, or Forest?

They will protect your productivity.

#23 of Best Productivity Secrets: Use the best productivity Tools

Technology is here to help us stay focused and become more productive.

There are thousands of productivity tools out there than can help you to improve your daily output.

Be sure to use them.

Here are a couple of the best time management and productivity apps and tools for you.

#24 of Best Productivity Secrets: Just start working now and avoid procrastination

The hardest thing for most people is to start.

Boys find it hard to start a conversation with girls for the first time.

Bloggers find it hard to start writing the first word.

Readers find it difficult to read the first paragraph or text.

You also find it hard to start now.

There is no perfect time of starting something good.

Start now and enjoy the fruits of your work.

Don’t wait for any perfect condition because things will never be perfect.

#25 of Best Productivity Hacks: Discover Your Most Productive Hours

It is not possible to be productive throughout the day.

There is a certain time during the day when you are in your most productive state.

You need to identify the time and make the best use of it.

Make sure that you optimize and schedule your work well so that you utilize your most productive time properly.

#26 of Best Productivity Secrets: Keep a pen and a notebook close by

You need to to journal important things when they pop up in your mind.

The best practice is to write down every important thing that you think of.

This way, you won’t forget about anything in case your subconscious mind stops reminding you.

Great ideas come into your mind unexpectedly.

#27 of Best Productivity Tricks: Start and grow a blog

You need to write down your personal developments and achievements for other people to see.

The blog or your daily chronicles keep you updated and motivated to do more.

Many multi-million blogs started as dailies.

Furthermore, your blog may inspire somebody and change the lives of many readers now and in the future.

#28 of Best Productivity Secrets: Schedule important things on your calendar upfront

The most effective way of being productive is to know what you are supposed to do and at what time, with whom and how.

Use your calendar to list the most important tasks that need to be accomplished.

In case new tasks come up, your calendar will remind you that the day already has other planned tasks.

The calendar is very efficient in managing your time and creating space for other duties.

#29 of Best Productivity Secrets: Take time to reflect on your productivity

As you do your daily work, take some time to reflect and ask yourself some serious questions.

Am I productive?

Is this the best I can do?

Am I at my highest productivity?

How can I improve my productivity?

Are there people who are better than me?

What are they doing right that I am doing wrong?

This will help you to get on track and to improve your efficiency.

#30 of How to Best Productivity Hacks: Find out if you are busy or productive

There is a difference between being busy and being productive.

Some people may get busy the whole day without being efficient.

What about you?

#31 How to Be More Productive: Be the first riser

Most productive people are early risers.

Waking up early gives them time and energy to reflect and to improve their lives.

Furthermore, a quiet house inspires productivity as opposed to noise which accompanies the rest of the day in many workplaces.

I know it could be difficult for some to wake up early in the morning but nothing beats a quiet house!

#32 of How to Be More Productive: Exercise all parts of your body

Have you ever wondered why many people are suffering from life threatening illnesses presently than ever?

Exercise has become a mere memory than a daily undertaking.

Your body needs exercise for it to function optimally.

Exercise can be done at any time of the day. For instance, Midday exercises have been found to boost productivity and employee morale in workplaces.

Taking a short walk during lunchtime or doing simple stretches in your free time can maximize your productivity and make you more efficient in your work.

The American Psychological Association found out that employee productivity increases by 15% after physical exercises and employees were less likely to burnout or get depressed.

You need to find the best productivity exercises that suit your job and your taste and start practicing now.

#33 of How to Be More Productive: Outsource some of your work

Do not pretend that you can work hard and accomplish all of your duties.

Although you can manage your work and complete it in good time, remember that you need rest and optimal performance.

The best thing is to outsource some of the recurring tasks and concentrate on the core business.

Nowadays, you can outsource your work to virtual assistants or freelancers available in all parts of the world regardless of the time zone.

You may also decide to delegate some of your work to other employees instead of doing them all.

#34 of How to Be More Productive: Set Realistic and Exciting Goals to Boost your Productivity

It is good to aim for the stars and land on the moon instead of being aimless.

Without having clear and realistic goals, it will be almost impossible to get things done the right way.

Avoid doing excessive work since this lowers productivity by 68%

Make sure that your goals are specific, measurable, realistic and achievable, time-constrained and challenging or you will get frustrated and give up.

On the other hand, don’t make things so simple for you that you end up achieving nothing.

#35 of Best Productivity Hacks: Mention your goals to other people


This is not the same as spilling the beans on everything you want to achieve.

Telling people your goals will help you become answerable.

This will propel you to work harder and increase your productivity.

#36 of How to Be More Productive: Have a mentor and a pacesetter

Get somebody special to set the pace for you and mentor you in your journey.

Be ready to learn from the people who are already successful in your industry.

Listen to Inspirational Podcasts that can boost your creativity and productivity

Listening to successful people is inspiring and good for your creativity.

When you are free or when travelling, cleaning, walking, etc., listen to podcasts you care about.

The first thing is to find podcasts that can make you more productive and save the links or download them.

Your brain will get rejuvenated and ready to serve you with better ideas.

#37 of How to Be More Productive: Read the best productivity books

A number of authors have produced great productivity books over the years.

Grab a copy of some of the books on productivity tips and read them.

Implement what you learn and you will become better.

Here are a couple of the best productivity books for you.

Getting Things Done

35 Books on Productivity and Organizational Skills for an Effective Life

#38 of How to Become More Productive: Watch productivity videos and movies

What kinds of movies do you watch?

Didn’t we say that you become who you want to be through the things you consume?

This includes media as well.

If you want to increase your productivity in 2021, then you must start watching good productivity videos and movies.

Here is an example of a motivational video that can get you motivated and inspired to work.

#39 of How to Become More Productive: Watch inspirational videos or movies

Days will come when you will not be motivated to do any work.

That is when you need these videos.

There are thousands of motivational videos out there. Grab them.

These movies may not necessarily be productivity movies but they inspire you to work.

#40 of How to Get Things Done Effectively: Listen to productivity podcasts

There are a bunch of productivity videos out there.

You can increase your output by consuming some of them during your free time or as part of your productivity hacks in 2021.

#41 of Enhancing Productivity: Read new books faster, then new implement productivity tips

When reading a book, get straight to the gist and consume the most relevant content first.

Read with a purpose and skip anything that is irrelevant.

Then, implement it.

For example, if I want information on starting an online business, I will only read specific relevant content and skip the rest.

#42 of Getting Things Done: Focus your energy on actionable result-oriented activities

According to Pareto’s Law, 80% of our outputs a result from 20% of our inputs. This means that some of our inputs are useless and have no outputs.

Your work today is to find the 20% of your work which is responsible for the 8-% of your results.

#43 of Enhancing Productivity: Work in short bursts that are full of energy.

This is cooler than working for long without energy.

#44 of Enhancing Productivity: Have power naps

Polyphasic Sleep Schedule or power naps are powerful.

Polyphasic sleep is a sleep pattern which helps you to compress your sleep to approximately 2-5 hours daily.

Researchers have indicated that taking 20-45 minute naps at intervals during the day may keep you alert and increase productivity.

Daytime naps can boost your creativity and make you more efficient.

#45 of Increasing Productivity: Learn and Practice Saying “No”.

Had I not said no to an outing on New Year, this article could have been procrastinated and even stopped forever.

Every day, you face different situations in which you are supposed to choose.

Learn to say NO to things which don’t matter.

“The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say ‘no’ to almost everything.” — Warren Buffett

Saying NO is a productivity hack which will create time for you to focus on things that matter to you.

However, don’t be arrogant about saying no. It may cost you your lifetime friends.

Say no with good reason to back up your claims to stay safe as a productivity expert.

#46 of Enhancing Productivity: Limit the amount of information you consume

The world is awash with information overload.

For example, there are millions of blogs on “the best productivity hacks for 2021”

Are you going to read every blog to know what you are supposed to do?


You need to limit the amount of information you get daily.

Consuming everything you come across will exhaust your mind and reduce your working efficiency.

Ensure you consume information which you need for your day’s activities and ignore the rest.

#47 of Enhancing Productivity: Organize your work-space

What does your office look like?

Do you have many piles of papers, documents, books, pens and all manner of stationery on your desk?

Is your desk neat?

One look at your desk and a productivity expert can tell whether you are efficient or not.

#48 of Enhancing Productivity: Always arrange your office

Whether you work online, in a garage or as a teacher, lack of organization is the greatest killer of productivity.

Borrowing from the rules against multitasking, enhanced productivity demands that you keep only one object on your table and stash everything else in their rightful places.

#49 of Enhancing Productivity: Work smart, learn shortcuts

There is a big difference between working hard and working smart.

Technology and our brains should help us work smart and save time and energy for other things.

Productivity tips about shortcuts, for instance, demand that you know a few keyboard shortcuts for easier navigation when dealing with your computer.

You need these Keyboard shortcuts to help you gain more than 64 hours every year!

#50 of Increasing Productivity: Type faster and save time

You will be more productive than others if you take lesser time doing your typing.

Since most people take their time typing different types of things, you will use your spare time to do other important kinds of stuffs.

#51 of Tips for Productivity: Avoid all manners of time wasters

You have several things that waste your time on a daily basis.

If you are an average Whatsapp user, then you might be spending around 2 hours of your day on Whatsapp.

There are others like Instant Messenger, Video Games, Text Messaging, checking your website stats, Facebook comments and likes, watching unnecessary YouTube videos, etc.

Statistics indicate that employees spend two days on Facebook alone each month.

You need to stop these time wasters to enhance your productivity.

Instead of relying on your willpower, employ some of these productivity tools to stay focused.

#52 of Tips for Productivity: Be nice to yourself

Just like other human beings, you need a reward to stay motivated.

Give yourself a reward for completing a challenging task.

The only difference this time round is the fact that the reward will come from you.

For instance, you can promise yourself a very delicious food after completing all the day’s activities.

You may also decide to keep track of the small wins and milestones and thereafter reward yourself handsomely.

It is good manners to have leisure or do something for yourself after work. For example, rewarding yourself with a nice movie after achieving your daily quota can keep you motivated beyond your wildest imaginations.

#53 of Best Productivity Hacks: Plan your meals early

Know what to eat when meal times come.

Advance planning will save you endless journeys to the grocery stores, supermarkets and restaurants.

Use the time saved to do something more constructive.

#54 of Tips for Productivity: Eat good food all the time

You already know that you are what you eat.

The words like fast foods and junk food may stop making sense to somebody who wants to become more productive.

According to this research, employees who eat healthy foods daily outperform others by 25%.

Did you know that there is food for everything?

Just search on reputable sources for foods that boost immunity, foods that boost the brain, foods that prevent certain diseases, etc. 

You will be overwhelmed by the role of food in increasing your productivity in 2021.

#55 of Tips for Productivity: Cook your food in bulk

Imagine you cook your breakfast, lunch and supper at the same time.

What will happen?

You will save energy, time and money.

Some experts report that it is possible to cook once a month and use the rest of the time doing stuff that matters.

Check out this article from Life Hack on once a month cooking.

#56 of Tips for Productivity: Set a time for answering phone calls

Suppose you work in a phone-restricted area.

How often will you answer your phone during the day?

Now imagine that you work in such a place and keep your phone away.

Put your phone in flight mode until you get things done.

Tell your connections to contact you at a specific time of the day when you are not busy with work.

Unnecessary phone calls could be the reason why you are still struggling with productivity issues.

If you get rid of your phone, your performance will increase.

#57 of Best Productivity Hacks: Reduce bathing time

How long do you take in the bathroom?

This may surprise you but an average human being takes 30 minutes bathing.

Do human beings require some kind of soaking or what?

Why do you need more than 5 minutes bathing?

If you cut your shower time, you shall save time to do one good thing for yourself.

After all, you have been showering for many years and yet you have not mastered the art.

You will get dirty anyway.

#58 of Tips for Productivity: Reduce your trips to the bank

If you hate the long queues in banking halls like me, then you’ll agree with me that banks waste your time.

Look for a way to avoid visiting the bank.

For example, if your employer offers direct deposit, don’t ask for a check.

#59 of Tips for Productivity: Automate payment of your bills

Create an agreement with your bank to pay your bills for you.

You will get enough free time to stay focused with no worries of interest rates, late fees and fines.

#60 of Becoming More Productive: Shop online

Increase your productive hours by shopping online instead of visiting shops and supermarkets.

eCommerce has revolutionized the way human beings buy goods and services.

Instead of going to the actual store, order your commodities online and let somebody deliver them to your home.

It is cheaper, faster and time saving.

#61 of How to Boost Productivity: Use a faster internet

How long do you wait before a website loads?

Does your internet connection download videos and large files instantly?

If you said no to either of the above questions, then you need to upgrade to a faster internet connection.

Stop wasting time waiting for slow connections.

Your time is more precious.

Check the speed of your computer

How fast is your computer?

What about your smartphone?

Using a slow computer may be your main productivity challenge.

Consider switching to a faster computer to stay ahead of the game.

#62 of How to Boost Productivity: Switch off the TV

If you take more than four hours a day watching television, then you could have watched TV for 9 full years if you live to see your 65th birthday.

Is there something fancy about watching TV all the time?

And by the way, watching TV is another name for being lazy and watching other people work.

TV anchors and the entire crew are working and earning while you are watching, getting poorer health and no pay!

#63 of How to Boost Productivity: Drink plenty of water

Water is the ideal fluid for any thirsty human beings.

It helps your body to function well and to avoid brain fog which makes you feel sluggish.

Just like any other engine, your body needs a coolant, a lubricant and the conducting medium to transport nutrients to all parts and get rid of waste matter.

Ignore water at your peril.

#64 of How to Boost Productivity: Have a positive attitude towards excellence

Tell yourself that you can do it.

Having a positive attitude helps in enhancing productivity.

You are doing what you know will work.

#65 of How to Boost Productivity: Optimize your workstation

Check the lighting of your workplace

You need plenty of natural light from the sun for optimal performance.

Move your desk closer to the windows for best performance.

Check the room temperature

Multiple research data shows that the optimal room temperature  for best productivity is  65F and 70F.

Colder temperatures increase anxiety and sadness while lowering productivity while hotter temperatures cause irritation and lower productivity as well.

Check the air quality of your place of work.

Do you get enough fresh air?

Without fresh air, you may have ill health reducing your productivity.

#66 of How to Increase Productivity: Get lots of sunshine

This will enhance your health.

In the modern world where people work indoors 24 hours a day, it is hard for some folks to get sunshine.

Is that you?

Too bad.

The next time you are having a break, grab some sunshine and absorb all you can.

The last time I checked, sunlight still provided vitamin D to human beings.

#67 of How to Increase Productivity: Rate each day and remain accountable always

At the end of a productive day, always rate your success and award yourself marks.

Keep it up until you excel.

#68 of How to Increase Productivity Tips: Aim at getting things done and the end result

What motivates you to work?

For me, it is the financial freedom associated with hard work that pushes me to work efficiently.

Waking up early or staying up late to get things done or to make things done comes from the vision of this company.

You too should focus on the end result to get more productive.

Think about the benefits, the rewards, the end of the project and you will get energy to enhance your productivity.

#69 of How to Increase Productivity: Sing while Showering

Research indicates that singing while in the shower has both mental and physical benefits.

Singing reduces stress making your body perform at optimal conditions.

It reduces anxiety by releasing both oxytocin and endorphins in the brain.

Singing also reduces sadness, moodiness, depression and chronic pain.

Doing it in moderation is important for you.

#70 of How to Increase Productivity: Take cold showers

This article on Life Hack will teach you the importance of taking cold showers.

Cold showers activate alertness and energy leaving you fresh for work.

#71 of How to Increase Productivity: Accomplish a milestone within three hours of waking up

Be it an act of kindness done for somebody else or something good done for self, milestones help you have a sense of achievement.

For instance, making your bed after waking up boosts a sense of accomplishment.

Making breakfast for yourself or your spouse or friend makes you feel good and boosts your productivity the rest of the day.

The thank you and the warm smile from somebody can help in giving you the right mood for the day.

#72 of How to Increase Productivity: Smile always

You probably know that a good mood is medicinal.

It also turns out that smiling improves your productivity.

Smiles eradicate moodiness and lower anxiety and stress levels while giving you a less-stressed heart.

Well, this is good for optimal productivity.

#73 of How to Increase Productivity: Have Tomorrow’s outfits ready tonight

Before you go to sleep, make sure that you have tomorrow’s clothes, shoes and even bags ready.

This will save you time in the morning when you are very fresh and alert.

Save your brain for important decisions in the morning.

#74 of How to Increase Productivity: Charge your phone away from bedroom

having your phone near your bed may tempt you to check out social media or emails when you should be sleeping.

Let your phone charge away from the bedroom to stay distraction-free.

When your phone is away, its alarm may also wake you up and ensure you really get out of bed to silence it. otherwise, you might snooze it and continue sleeping.

#75 of How to Increase Productivity: Limit phone use

Your phone is small. But it can make you the least productive human being.

Limit its use by using the aeroplane mode, turning off notifications or using the “do not disturb function”.

If you are fearing losing important phone calls, you may allow your favourite contacts to call you and restrict everybody else.

That is how you will end up successful and enhance your productivity.

#76 of How to Increase Productivity: Avoid your phone when you wake up

What is the first thing that you do when you wake up?


Ensure that you reflect and think about what you need to do before checking social media or emails.

None of these things are as important as getting things done.

#77 of How to Increase Productivity: Ask for Help

Who are you staying with?

Who do you work with?

You can get help from the people around you so that you can become more productive.

All you have to do is to tell them that something is reducing your productivity and let them know how they can help.

For instance, if you find it hard to wake up, you may request your spouse to ensure that you are up at 4.00 a.m.

If you waste a lot of time on your phone and you can’t follow the other productivity hacks listed in this article, your friends may help.

#78 of Best Productivity Hacks: Implement these tips

This is the ultimate list of the best productivity hacks around.

If you have read this article, you have learned a thing or two that can help you to increase your productivity in 2021.

That is not enough.

You now need to implement the productivity secrets learned here.

If you take action, your productivity will improve.

Should you fail to apply the tips, you will still waste more time looking for and learning other new productivity tips and time will keep moving.

#79 of Best Productivity Hacks: You will die soon

Nothing should enhance your productivity as the thought of dying one day.

What legacy do you want to leave behind when death silences you ultimately.

Look here.

You shall not work forever.

Do the right thing now and succeed while you still have time.

#80 of Best Productivity Hacks: Trust in God

It is only the stupid people who say that there is no God.

Anybody who does not believe lives a meaningless life and has no hope.

I believe in God.

You too should believe that He is the one who gives us the ability to work hard, increase our productivity and become prosperous.

Trust in God today and hack your way into higher levels of productivity.

Bonus productivity hacks

Minimize the meetings

This study by Atlassian indicates that meetings consume about one hour of productive time each day.

Make use of a password manager

If you are like me, you probably have several accounts on different websites.

At the moment, I have about 560 passwords.

Sometimes I use the same password in a couple of sites but such a practise is not acceptable in this time of internet insecurity.

If one website gets compromised, I may end up spilling the beans.

You need to have  single password for every website.

Furthermore, you need a strong password consisting numbers, letters, symbols, special characters, upper and lower case and it should be more than ten characters long.

An online password manager will help you save time and the trouble involved in resetting a lost password which normally happens when you depend on your memory.

I use LastPass to manage all passwords.

Now that you have delegated the work of remembering passwords to a password manager, you only need to remember one password and focus on other things.

Use uninterrupted 90 minute sessions

study from Florida State University discovered that productivity peaks during uninterrupted 90-minute working sessions.

Eliminate all forms of stress

According to Health Advocate stress reduces productivity and costs companies $600 per worker each year.

Furthermore one million of workers miss work daily.

You need to eliminate stress to become productive.

Brainstorm ideas with others

Brainstorming is also called groupthink.

Although you may think that you are the smartest person in that building, there is always another side of the coin that you are ignorant about.

Every challenge may find a simple solution by asking others’ opinions through groupthinking.

For instance, if you get 1000 CEOs and interview them about their best productivity tools, you will soon learn that there are a bunch of great productivity tools that you have never heard about.

Growth happens when we come together and listen to  one another.

Turn Off Infinity pools

Infinity Pools are web services that are specifically designed to have you hooked forever.

They are as addictive as they are productivity inhibitors.

All Infinity Pools have one thing in common: They will always give you an infinite spiral of consumption by suggesting something that is even better.

Try watching one Youtube, Facebook, Netflix video and you will soon realise that they even have something better for you.

You will have infinite suggested videos that seem better than the first one and you will end up spending more time watching.

To stop that unproductive habit, turn off all Infinity pools by keeping your phone away, deleting the apps or avoiding the websites altogether.

Unless you are rewarding yourself for goals accomplished, avoid infinity pools.

Reap rewards from your discipline

During your working hours, make sure that you do the right thing at good speed and without complaining.

Instead of wasting your time doing things that don’t matter, finish your tasks ahead of time and return home earlier to stay with your family.

Nothing increases productivity like having a happy family.

Replace Emails with Face to Face Conversations

If you constantly receive emails from team members within your organization, you may opt for quick face to face meetings to clear up issues.

Simply ask your team member to call you or even talk to you face-to-face.

Opening emails and figuring out the content and then replying may take more time than you think.

Unless you are sharing documents or links, use vocal conversations to save time.

Take time to meditate

This is also called extreme focus.

High productivity in anything depends on your ability to focus on that subject through extreme concentration.

our productivity will increase once you enter into deep concentration and focus on one thing.

Conclusion: 2021 Productivity Hacks

Now you have the ultimate list of techniques which will boost your creativity and help you to become more productive.

Which methods do you want to employ today?

Do you have other ways that enhance your productivity in 2021?

Share with everybody in the comments section below.

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