Best SEO Tools in 2020 for your Business

If you are reading “the best SEO tools”, then you definitely want to take control over Search Engine Optimization and dominate the SERPs results.

You may be aware that Google uses many ranking factors to determine which results to display.

SEO is difficult if you are in a competitive niche or if you are just starting.

On the other hand, doing it right may mean thousands of dollars in income every month.

Your search for the best free SEO tools is over.

I am going to show you the best free online SEO tools, freemium and premium SEO tools which can make your quest for better rankings blissful.

For each SEO tool, I give you simple hacks that can help you to get the best out of it according to SEO experts.

You may feel overwhelmed.

Don’t try to use all of the SEO tools: The best method is to read the entire article and choose a few SEO tools that best suit your needs in 2019.

You will also get the basics of SEO after checking out the tools.


What is SEO in Digital Marketing and Why is it Important?

The Word SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is an important aspect of digital marketing which involves improving a website to enhance its ranking on a search engine

When a website ranks higher in the search engine results pages, it gets better chances of getting clicked by visitors.

The first link on a Google search result, for instance, gets more than 30% of the visitor clicks while the second and third links get 15% and 10% respectively.

Sometimes, search engines provide millions of results.

You need to be on the first page to stand a chance of getting any web visitors and that is what SEO is all about – making your website rank best.


How does SEO Work?

Gone are the days when people could wake up, create a junk of anything and paste keywords within their content and still rank.

In order to understand the best way of doing SEO, you must know your consumer.

The person who is going to benefit from your content is not a search engine spider but a real human being who can eat, smell, taste and think about stuff.

That is why the key consideration in SEO is creating content for humans.

Content, in this case, can be in written, audio, pictorial or video form.

Search Engine Optimization entails the creation of valuable and user-friendly and high-quality content that will help users on the internet.


Here is a summary of what experts say about how SEO works:

You can’t go wrong with SEO if you follow the basics such as: creating quality content that people want to read, optimizing your website to a mobile-friendly version, making your website faster and getting backlinks to your website.

When done correctly, SEO will make your website to outrank your competitors when users search for your target keywords.


What are the types of SEO?

Content SEO

best seo tools 2019

Content SEO is the fundamental type of SEO upon which all other aspects of SEO anchor.

Content SEO starts with keyword planning and creating great content based on low competition keywords that have a high search volume.

Creating content that attracts readers by solving their needs and answering their questions is a sure way of doing this.

Content SEO maybe divided into on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Furthermore, on-page SEO may include image, video, gifographic, infographic or audio SEO.


Product Page SEO

A product page needs SEO too.

The best way to do this is by asking yourself “what do customers have in mind when looking for the product I am selling?”

Unamo has provided a comprehensive guide to product SEO.



Then you can come up with keywords that have a buyer-intent in them.

Here is a complete guide to keywords that have buying intent.

Product pages need specific keywords that are geared towards closing the sale and just one call to action.

Great copywriting skills are necessary for creating a product or sales pages.


Technical SEO

best tools for technical seo

Technical SEO involves the backend kinds of stuff of a website and content.

It is best done by technical guys like the IT experts, web hosts and web servers.

You need to ramp up your technical SEO if at all you want to rank your content better.

The best content will perform dismally if you neglect technical SEO.

Some of the best SEO tools provided hereunder can help you to enhance your technical SEO.


Local SEO

best tools for SEO: Local SEO

People nowadays look for things near them.

For instance, a PhD student in the United States may search for something like this: best writing and editing services in Norfolk, Virginia.

As you see, the search is very specific.

The student is not interested in anything else but a service that is in a specific city within Virginia which is in the USA.

Local SEO plays a pivotal role in delivering local search engine results.

If your service or product serves a specific geographical region, be sure to optimize it for such keywords because Local SEO is important.

If used correctly, local SEO will net for you the users who want to purchase locally available commodities.


Voice Search SEO

voice seo: Best SEO Tools 2019

Researchers have found out that voice search has been increasing over the years.

40% of the more than one billion searches that occur monthly use voice search.

This implies that you should optimize your content for voice search.

If customers find you through voice search, they will be more willing to buy from you than your competitor who doesn’t know anything about voice search SEO.

Be sure to create high-quality content and optimize it for voice search.


Best SEO tools

SEMrush: Marketing SEO Tool

The SEMrush SEO marketing tool is one of the best SEO tools out here.

It has incredible features which have made it a popular SEO tool.

SEMrush has many features which can help you accomplish much by using just one SEO tool.

Read this SEMrush Review

Here are a few of the things you can do with SEMrush:

  • Checking the rankings of your website/blog
  • Effective keyword research
  • Tracking changes in your past and current rankings
  • Analyzing competitors
  • Identifying new keyword opportunities
  • Gathering comparative competitive intelligence
  • Identifying your current traffic sources
  • Site audit
  • Backlink analysis
  • Handling Google algorithm changes effectively
  • Finding new and better advertising opportunities before your competitors
  • Creating a better and more efficient guest-blogging strategy


Best of all, you can try SEMrush free of charge for 7 days here.


Ahrefs: The Best SEO Keyword Tool

No doubt about this; Ahrefs is the most popular and the most recommended SEO tools online.

As you may have noted, I said tools instead of a tool – because it is one tool that has many SEO analysis tools under one name.

For instance, Ahrefs’ site audit feature is the best SEO analysis tool which can highlight all parts of your website which need improvement.

This will, in turn, give you better rankings in search engine results pages.

Image result for ahrefs images

Many SEO experts have heaped praises upon Ahrefs as well.

Ahrefs is a great website crawler that has indexed millions of web pages.

In fact, it is the second crawler after Google.

Ahrefs says this:

“With 16 Trillion known links, 176 million unique domains and 6 billion pages crawled each day, Ahrefs has become one of the most reliable SEO tools in the world.”

Above all, Ahrefs is easy to use.

To get started, just enter the URL of your website and enjoy the taste.

Best SEO tools: Ahrefs 2019

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