How Do I Choose the Best Domain Name for My Blog?

“You need to Choose Best Domain Name for your Blog,” an expert wrote back to me when I asked her how to start blogging.

I have already told you that a website is one of the things you need to start making money online. To start a website or your blog, you need a domain name as you shall learn in this article.


The Value You Shall Get After Reading This Article

In this post, you will learn how to choose the best domain name for your blog or website.

You are ready to start a blog or a website and become a blogger, content writer or marketer.

The following quick tells you what you need:

  • The best domain name
  • A content management system (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or any other
  • A web host

This article specifically explains what you must consider when buying a domain name and how to choose a domain name that will help you succeed online.

So what is the best choice of a domain name?

We all know that choosing a wrong domain name can ruin your blog in the long run and affect your SEO and your brand.

So what are the tips for finding the best domain name? Stop!


What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is your personal blog address where website visitors find you. A domain name is something like

For example, Google’s Domain Name is Your blog name will be something like You will choose what will replace YourNewBlog. Continue reading and learn how to choose the best domain name.


Is a domain name free?

No. But domain names are cheap. The average cost of a nice domain name ranges from $8 to $13 paid once a year. If you stick around, I will show you how to choose best domain name at a cheaper price.


Factors to Consider When Selecting a Domain Name

  1. Don’t Overthink when you choose best domain name 

“If you think too much, you will choose crap or something too complicated to grasp.”

The main reason why you are likely to delay creating your first blog is overthinking. Follow the instructions in this guide and make your best choice today. If you keep waiting, what is available today may be unavailable tomorrow. That is how competitive good domains are.

There are high chances that your best choice of a domain name is not available and you are there busy thinking of a fancy looking, great name for your brand.

The following points will direct you but make sure you get your domain name as quickly as possible. It could be the only thing standing between you and a successful blog.

You have learnt to Choose best domain name by simple thinking.


  1. Choose a .com domain extension unless you are targeting local traffic

Many average internet users easily type in anything and they end with .com. For example, if you tell somebody that your company is called Cute Online Money, they will try searching for

Try going for a .com name; because it is good for Search Engine Optimization and branding. If your blog is global, you definitely need a “generic/global top-level domain” (gTLD). Global Top Level Domains include .com, .net, .biz and .org among many upcoming others.

The most common gTLD and easiest to remember domain extension is .com.

If you are targeting traffic and users from a specific country, it is wiser to go for a country specific domain extension. For example, if you need Kenyan traffic, use, or any other available extensions.

You have learnt to choose best domain name by using .com or top level domain extensions.


  1. Choose a domain name that is easy to remember

One of the worst mistakes people commit is using their hard names in creating their domains. An example of such a wrong choice is

In as much as the domain name is unique, it is long, cannot be memorised and it makes no sense to an average internet user.

One of the simple rules online is to present difficult things in a simple way to your readers.

In the example above, I gave you This is quite a mouthful of a name and nobody, including me can remember it with ease.

As a rule of thumb, make sure you choose a domain name which is easy to write, easy to memorise and easy to talk about.

One challenge with easy domain names is that they are already taken. I know you would like to buy a domain name like,, etc. but these are already taken.

Your work is to look for ways of tweaking the domain names to suit your needs.

You have learnt to choose best domain name that is easy to remember.


  1. Choose an Easy to Write Domain Name, No Hyphens

Make sure that your domain name is easy to write. It should not contain hyphens, many full stops or other jargon which might make it hard to write.

Your blog visitors will find it easier to write a simple domain name in their browsers. It also saves them time.

A simple domain name will ensure that your visitors come to your website instead of ending up elsewhere.

If your website’s content is written in one language, ensure that the domain name does not contain characters from another language.

Avoid homophones if possible. Homophones are words with the same sound but different spellings.

For example, may be confused with just as NewThings can also be confused with KnewThings

In this case, visitors may type a wrong address and end up in a different website or blog.

In case you wish to create a unique domain, be careful with the sounds since something like may sound almost like

Ensure that your visitors easily write your domain name without struggle.

You have learnt to choose best domain name that is easy to write.


  1. Choose an Easy to Pronounce Domain Name

Make your domain name as easy to pronounce and say as possible. Make sure your domain name can be passed along easily from one person to another.

Remember some people will be sharing your domain name by word of mouth. If a potential user finds it hard to type the right domain name, you lose a visitor.

Choose a domain name which you and all people can talk about with ease. This illustrates why choosing your name as a domain name may not be right. Some people cannot write your name naturally, let alone pronouncing it.

Look at a website like

If somebody calls you on skype and you tell them about such a domain name, they will definitely not hear your pronunciation. They will type in something else and you end up losing site visitors.

You shouldn’t have to struggle when pronouncing your brand nor should your blog visitors. Ensure your visitors do not struggle to know your website. Make it easier for them.

Hard to pronounce words should be avoided from the word go.

Let’s consider the website:

The website name is long and cannot be pronounced. Your rule of thumb is to create a domain name which can be communicated through a phone and be written correctly.

When you choose your domain name, call somebody and tell them about it, if they get it wrong, then it is not an easy-to-pronounce domain name.

You have learnt to choose best domain name that is easy to pronounce, even over phone.


  1. Choose a Short Domain Name

Keep your domain name short and sweet. Avoid Long Domain Names

Are you in a fix? You could be wondering! Short domain names are already taken.

Long domain names are not good either.

Imagine you want to start a blog about “making money online in the twenty first century”

Choosing a domain name like “” may be very hard to remember. It will not create a good brand.

More examples of long domain names:




Nobody, including you will be ready to type such a name into their browsers.

Never choose a large domain name for your blog.

You have learnt to choose best domain name that is short.


          7. Use Keywords if Possible

The use of keywords in your domain name is great for search engine optimization.

It is easier for google and other search engine spiders and bots to crawl and know what your website is all about.

For example, the aims and contents of are apparent from the domain name. Search engine spiders will easily know that the website is on something to do with money online. Search engines will therefore render the content on this website when somebody looks for information on making money online.

Another Example is When you see or hear the domain name, you expect to get something about essay writing on the web pages of the domain.

It is important to use keywords in the domain name unless you are creating a unique brand.

You have learnt to choose best domain name that has some keywords of your blog’s niche.

  1. Choose Context-Specific Domain Names

Your domain name and its extension should reflect something about your market.

If your target market is USA, you can write something like In this case, somebody new to your domain can easily know that the blog is all about making money in USA.

Domain extensions can also help in geographical targeting.

By using contextual domain names, search engines direct traffic to your website from the target region or market.

A domain name like helps search engines and users to know that the blog is all about freelance writing in Richmond.

Remember to use global top-level domains- gTLDs like .com, .net, .org or .biz if you want to reach the whole world.

Your rule of thumb is to make sure that your domain name has a contextual name.

You have learnt to choose best domain name that has words that best describe your context market, country, state or city.


  1. Choose an Expandable Domain Name

Use a domain name which can expand with your blog or business venture.

Ensure that your domain name does not box you in one line of operation. Let be accommodating in case you wish to expand, unless you are niche specific.

For example, you may be tempted to start a blog What if you wish to expand and include something else? The domain name may suggest that you do is affiliate marketing when you have already expanded to something bigger.

You have learnt to choose best domain name that will incorporate all your business activities in case you expand or grow in the future.


  1. Choose a Unique Domain Name

Make sure you choose a Unique Domain name for the sake of branding.

Creativity is important. You need a domain name which does not infringe into the copyrights of another domain.

After choosing your domain name, ensure that you check its availability by using various tools available online like Name Silo. You can also check availability of your domain name by using domain registrars of your choice or by asking for help from a friend or even me.

 You have learnt to choose best domain name that is unique without infringing somebody’s copyright.


Steps to help you get started selecting your domain name

Take out a piece of paper or a new word document and create a list of names that you want to be your domain names.

Check the names against the pints listed in this article

Select the names which meet the criteria

Check whether the names are available

Tweak the names or use the suggested names

Register your name immediately to protect it from other users

Start creating your website or Get Help From Us


Choose Best Domain Name too: Wrapping it up

When selecting the best domain name for your blog, do not overthink. Follow through the simple rules in this article. Go for Global Top level domain names and most preferably .com domains because they are mostly known by average internet users.

Choose a name that is:

  • Easy to remember
  •  .com or other top levels
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Easy to write
  • Unique enough
  • Has your blog keywords
  • short and simple
  • Expandable
  • Contextually fitting


Let’s Talk about Choosing a Domain Name

Do you have other secrets that help you choose domain names?

Have you selected your domain name?

Do you have difficulties selecting the domain name for your blog?

Let me know by commenting in the comments section below.

Remember to share this post with your friends, enemies and family if you learnt something.

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