ConvertKit Review 2019 Update: Best Email Automation for Bloggers

This is a Convertkit review.

If you are serious about email marketing, you must have heard of Convertkit.

It is one of the Email Service Providers (ESPs) which has gained popularity in the recent few years.

This article was specially created to provide in-depth 2019 Convertkit email marketing review so that everybody can know the ins, outs, pros and cons of Convertkit.


Why Email Marketing?

Researchers say that email marketing is so crucial for every person who owns an online business.

Small and large business need to get email marketing right if they are to create relationships that matter and good money.

Statistics indicate that the average return on investment in email marketing immense.

This shows the email marketing is not dead.

Have a look at these email marketing statistics.

The statistics don’t lie, and that is why you need the best email marketing software that can propel your online business.


Convertkit Email Marketing Review 2019


Convertkit Review: Its Strengths/ Advantages as an Email Marketing Tool

Before we move further, let me share with you my favourite features of Convertkit.


Best Feature #1: Convertkit has a Seamless Visual Automation Editor

Convertkit editing capability

Whether you have used email marketing software before or you are a newbie like me, you will find Convertkit’s visual automation editor very simple to use.

I believe that Convertkit thrashes all other email marketing services in this one.

It makes the editing process of email automations and workflows seamless without much input.

Better still, you don’t have to leave your dashboard to look for the editor.

It is right there.

No navigation to other pages or tabs.

I love Convertkit because it enables me to do everything I want from within the automation editor.

Furthermore, you can edit your forms directly just like that.

It is a pity other email marketing automation software do not have such a cool feature.


Best Feature #2: Convertkit allows simple segmentation within emails

Did you know that you can segment one email and send it to different groups of people?

Convertkit uses conditional tags to make that functionality possible.



Let’s imagine that you want to create a single email to send to two different subscribers of your packages. You can accomplish that in Convertkit as follows:

So let’s say you wanted to create a single email to your list, but add a bonus coupon to your VIP customers. You can do that in ConvertKit like this:

Convertkit email marketing in 2019

Image source: Small Business trends


This is something cool that other email marketing providers cannot provide.

Furthermore, you don’t have to know any coding to implement it.

The syntax like the one above might look scary to those of us who are not programmers but Convertkit makes it possible for everybody.

Convertkit’s subscriber tags available on the personalize menu in the editor toolbar will help you to place the code snippet where you want it in your email.

Convertkit tags

After Convertkit inserts the snippet for you, all you have to do is to joke around with your tags and update the email’s content appropriately.


Best Feature #3: Convertkit re-sends email broadcasts to un-opens

Whenever you send a marketing email to your subscribers, some of them do not open the emails.

Such subscribers do not open the emails for various reasons such as time of delivery, day of the week, week of the month, internet issues, poor headlines, being busy or God-knows why.

According to Hubspot, only 25% of the emails sent in an email marketing campaign get opened.

The rest of the emails remain unopened forever.

I know you are aware of the “mark as read” thing.

Actually, when I have hundreds or thousands of unread messages, I normally mark them as read.

You can leverage the power of Convertkit to increase the open rates by re-sending the emails that were never opened.

Convertkit has a great feature which allows you to resend your broadcast to all people who did not open your emails.

You can access the “Resend to Unopens” feature at the “stats page”

Clicking the “Resend to Unopens” button enables you to re-send your email.

But there is more to that!

This time round, you can change the email subject.

I believe that this feature helps in checking which subject lines have more open rates.

The feature maximizes the open rates for every email broadcast.


Best Feature #4: Convertkit has a Lead Magnet Double Opt-in

Email marketers are still in a hot debate concerning double opt-in and single opt-in.

Double opt-ins improve quality of email subscribers. However opponents of double opt-ins argue that it lowers conversion rate.

Look here. What is better: a large email list of low quality emails or a smaller email list of quality subscribers?

If you have irresistible content offers or lead magnets, Convertkit can handle your double opt-in as shown in this figure:

double opt-in configuration for autoconfirming new subscribers

Double opt-in is important because it helps in confirming subscribers who may forget to confirm their email addresses and subscribers who never received confirmation messages.


Best Feature #5: Convertkit makes it possible to create text based emails without focusing on design

Any newbie can use Convertkit.

The learning curve is not steep.

You simply type and send without dragging and dropping texts, images or social media fields.


Best Feature #6: Convertkit is all about tags

You can tag and tag and tag.

People read logs for various reasons and it is possible to find out what your audience is interested in by the way they interact with your content.

Convertkit helps you determine what your audience is interested in by tagging subscribers according to actions taken.

Tags help you in sending emails that matter to specific people only without bothering the rest of the subscribers.

Tags can change the way you do email marketing and that is where Convertkit shines.

Watch this video on “How To Use Convert Kit Tags Correctly”


Your blog is about making money online and you have thousands of subscribers.

Some of your subscribers are interested in making money through affiliate marketing and they have shown some interest in your affiliate coaching services.

However, since they have not purchased your package, you can create a tag for those subscribers to follow up with them.

In your follow up sequence, you can give them success stories, case studies and reasons why they should purchase your package.

This can happen in Convertkit without bothering other subscribers who don’t care about affiliate marketing.


Best Feature #7: Convertkit has nice forms and landing pages

good convertkit forms and landing pages

Convertkit makes it easy to set up a form or a landing page with which to collect email addresses.

You may use freebies, product or service offers, content upgrades, coupons, or other types of lead magnets on a form or a landing page to collect emails of subscribers.

With Convertkit, you can create a form and assign it to an email sequence a free gift or a redirection to a page.

Better still, Convertkit has the capacity of showing different content to subscribers depending on their subscription status.

For instance, subscribers who have bought your product or services can see a different form while potential clients see another.


Best feature #8: Convertkit allows you to flaunt your HTML & CSS skills


If you know a little bit of html and css, Convertkit will blow your mind.

It gives you the freedom of creating and designing your email templates, forms and landing pages.

The sky is the limit when creating Convertkit templates using html and css.


Best feature #9: You will love Convertkit Sequences

Sequences breathe life to your business and email marketing campaigns.

Convertkit allows you to create virtually anything sequential.

You can create an email course, countdown to events sequence, welcome sequence, buyer journey sequence, sales sequence, definitive product sequence, services sequence and onboarding sequence.

This is not all.

You can create any sequence you want.

With Convertkit, you can create unlimited email sequences.


Best feature #10: Convertkit Integrations with other tools will blow you

Are wondering about integrations?

I have very good news for you.

Convertkit is one of the best email marketing software which integrates with several tools to give you a seamless email marketing experience.

If you are thinking of any of the following, then be sure that Convertkit integration will always work: e-commerce, lead capture, webinar services, affiliate management, membership sites, email courses, surveys and quizzes, all website platforms, scheduling, giveaways, CRM, Facebook ads, list tracking and analytics, Zapier and email verification.

You can achieve the above functionality by integrating Convertkit with ith Gumroad, Teachable, Webinar Ninja, Twitter cards, WordPress, Squarespace, etc.


Popular Convertkit Integrations

ConvertKit integration with Crowdcast in webinar and live-streaming

ConvertKit integration with Demio for Webinar Services for marketers

ConvertKit integration with Teachable for creating and selling great online courses

ConvertKit integration with Stripe

ConvertKit integration with mailfloss for Email Verification

ConvertKit integration with Zapier for email verification

ConvertKit integration with ListGoal

ConvertKit integration with Shoelacefor e-commerce purposes

ConvertKit integration with LeadsBridge in building lists from Facebook ads

ConvertKit integration with Zero BS CRM

ConvertKit integration with ViralSweep in providing free and paid gveaways

ConvertKit integration with KingSumo for giveaways

ConvertKit integration with KickoffLabs for giveaways

ConvertKit integration with Gleam for Giveaways

ConvertKit integration with Giveaway Boost for Giveaways

ConvertKit integration with Acuity Scheduling for scheduling anything

ConvertKit integration with Carrd website platform.

ConvertKit integration with Conversion Cats website platforms

ConvertKit integration with WP Engine for website hosting platforms

ConvertKit integration with Wix a website platform

ConvertKit integration with Squarespace a Website Platforms

ConvertKit integration with YesInsights a Surveys and Quizzes platform

ConvertKit integration with Lead Quizzes for Surveys & Quizzes

ConvertKit integration with Lead Quizzes for Surveys & Quizzes

ConvertKit integration with Interact a Surveys & Quizzes

ConvertKit integration with Gravity Forms Surveys & Quizzes

ConvertKit integration with Fyrebox Quiz Maker Surveys & Quizzes

ConvertKit integration with Demio under Webinar Services

convertkit integrations

ConvertKit integration with Webinar Ninja for Webinar Hosting Services

ConvertKit integration with WebinarJam for Webinar Hosting Services

ConvertKit integration with EasyWebinar for Webinar Hosting Services

ConvertKit integration with Memberful for Membership and Courses websites

ConvertKit integration with ProductDyno for Membership and Courses websites

ConvertKit integration with CourseCats for Membership and Courses websites

ConvertKit integration with MemberPress for Membership and Courses websites

ConvertKit integration with Zippy Courses for Membership and Courses websites

ConvertKit integration with Whishlist Member for Membership and Courses websites

ConvertKit integration with Thinkific for Membership and Courses websites

ConvertKit integration with Teachery for Membership and Courses websites

ConvertKit integration with Restrict Content Pro for Membership and Courses websites

ConvertKit integration with RainMaker Website Platforms

ConvertKit integration with ProgressAlly for Membership and Courses websites

ConvertKit integration with New Kajabi Website Platforms

ConvertKit integration with Paid Memberships Pro Membership & Courses

ConvertKit integration with Member Mouse Membership & Courses

ConvertKit integration with LifterLMS Membership & Courses

ConvertKit integration with Digital Access Pass (DAP for Membership & Courses

ConvertKit integration with CourseCraft for Membership & Courses


ConvertKit integration with Coupon Carrier For Membership & Courses

ConvertKit integration with Podia For Membership & Courses

ConvertKit integration with aMember For Membership & Courses

ConvertKit integration with AccessAlly For Membership & Courses

ConvertKit integration with Join By Text for Lead Capture

ConvertKit integration with WeForms for Lead Capture

ConvertKit integration with Unbounce for Lead Capture

ConvertKit integration with Thrive Leads for Lead Capture

ConvertKit integration with Textiful for Lead Capture

ConvertKit integration with SumoMe for Lead Capture

ConvertKit integration with Saturn Social for Lead Capture

ConvertKit integration with Poptin for Lead Capture

ConvertKit integration with OptKit for Lead Capture

ConvertKit integration with OptinMonster for Lead Capture

ConvertKit integration with OptimizePress for Lead Capture

ConvertKit integration with MailOptin for Lead Capture

ConvertKit integration with MailMunch for Lead Capture

ConvertKit integration with LeadPages for Lead Capture

ConvertKit integration with LandingLion for Lead Capture

ConvertKit integration with LandingCube for Lead Capture

ConvertKit integration with GetSiteControl for Lead Capture

ConvertKit integration with Genesis eNews Extended for Lead Capture

ConvertKit integration with ConvertPlus for Lead Capture

ConvertKit integration with Convertful for Lead Capture

ConvertKit integration with Bounce Exchange for Lead Capture

ConvertKit integration with BookLaunch for Lead Capture

ConvertKit integration with Bloom for Lead Capture

ConvertKit integration with Recart for ecommerce

ConvertKit integration with OrderDesk for ecommerce

ConvertKit integration with WooCommerce

ConvertKit integration with SendOwl for ecommerce

ConvertKit integration with SamCart for ecommerce

ConvertKit integration with MoonClerk for ecommerce

ConvertKit integration with Easy Digital Downloads for ecommerce

ConvertKit integration with DPD for ecommerce

ConvertKit integration with Teachable for online Memberships & Courses

ConvertKit integration with PayHip for ecommerce

ConvertKit integration with ClickFunnels for capturing leads

ConvertKit integration with WordPress content management platform

ConvertKit integration with ConvertFlow for capturing leads

ConvertKit integration with Shopify for ecommerce

ConvertKit integration with PayKickstart for ecommerce

ConvertKit integration with Gumroad for E-Commerce sites



You probably scrolled by without paying much attention.

These are 91 integrations that Convertkit offers on the go.

If your specific integration is mission, you can use Zapier or your API and you will be ready and moving within a few minutes.


Best feature #11: Convertkit Makes Automations Stress-free

Who doesn’t want to automate the process of making money?

Just imagine how great Convertkit is if it can schedule and send emails by itself for more than a year without you doing anything.

Better still, this email marketing service is able to remove a subscriber from an email marketing sequence if the user performs certain actions such as buying something or clicking a certain link.

This is the dream of every online entrepreneur.

Start automating your email marketing today.


Best feature #12: Convertkit makes it easy to create any funnel

If the process of setting up a sales funnel freaks you out, you now have reason to be happy.

Convertkit makes the process easy.

Even if you hate email marketing, it will be very easy to set up a sales funnel with Convertkit.

When creating a sales funnel, you need the following steps:

  • Identifying your prospects
  • Qualifying your prospects using an irresistible freebie (also called free giveaway) meant for potential clients
  • Presenting the tripwire
  • Following up with an email with tripwire reminder
  • Activating a sequence of emails meant to convert the subscriber


Best Feature #13: Convertkit gives you awesome link triggers

best convertkit link triggers

If you want to miss everything about Convertkit, don’t miss link triggers.

Triggers will give you a focused way of sending emails to subscribers who need them.


Quick way of creating link triggers with Convertkit

Assume you are offering online tutorial services for the following groups:

  • High school students
  • College undergraduate students
  • Master’s students
  • PhD students

You can create four basic pages on your website or Convertkit’s landing page or on any landing page provider for each of the four categories.

On the page, you can write something like this

“Hi scholar. I have some amazing information that I want to share with you about {Your topic e.g. getting better grades} in the coming two weeks.

You will get your first email tomorrow on {Insert email topic}.

Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it.”

After creating the pages, you will need to create four tags in Convertkit to direct the subscribers. You can create something like #highschool #college #masters and #PhD.

You will need to create an automation for the four categories which states that “every time someone clicks this link they will be tagged (insert category) and entered into (insert category) sequence.”

Create all the emails in the sequence and you are done.

The trigger could have helped you in segmenting your subscribers based on their education levels.

It will be easier to provide targeted email sequences for each category without offending anybody.

You now have a focused group of subscribers who belong to a specific education level and who are expectant of your emails.

How cool is Convertkit?


Best feature # 14. Convertkit allows you to offer custom content to subscribers who have opted in 

custom content for convertkit subscribers

Your subscribers will not subscribe for an offer twice.

Convertkit has a way of preventing that from occurring.

It gives different information to users who have already seen the opt-in form or the landing page.

The custom content can be anything of your choice or a link to further information, a community you manage, etc.

In this case, Convertkit gives you a chance to maximize every chance to increase conversion.

Have a look:


Best Feature #15. Convertkit statistics are amazing

convertkit statistics-a very great dashboard

It’s natural to desire statistics on how your email marketing campaign is doing.

Convertkit will give you everything you need in a nice dashboard.

You will get the email open rates, link click through rates, conversion rates, number of visitors, number of subscribers, percentages of conversions per referral, opt-outs, active optins, inactive optins, top links clicked, etc.


Best feature #16: Easy Twitter cards

convertkit integration with twitter cards

Twitter Cards is one of Convertkit’s best integrations which makes your connection to Twitter blissful.

If you use Twitter for promoting your online business, you can use Convertkit to improve your engagements.

Convertkit walks you through the process of syncing your Twitter card with forms or landing pages to import Twitter subscribers automatically.


Best feature #17: Convertkit can schedule for you the time, date and day of delivering emails

One of the tricks of maximizing open rates is by sending emails at the right time of the day and on the best day of the week.

However, your subscribers come from different parts of the world meaning they have different time zones.

Convertkit allows you to schedule emails so that the email marketing software can send them for you optimally.

This applies for scheduled sequences as well.

Imagine most of your subscribers are office workers based in Washington. When is the best time to send them emails?

You can figure this out through A/B testing.

Once you get the optimal time which has the highest open and click rates, you can configure Convertkit to send such emails at that time.

Convertkit gives you the flexibility to try out what works best for you.


Best feature #18: Convertkit gives you subscriber history

convertkit subscriber history

It is always great to take some time in developing closer relationships with your subscribers.

Some of the leading ways of knowing your subscribers better is by studying their interaction with your content, their comments on your content, opt-ins and purchases.

Convertkit gives you a complete history of your subscribers from the time they joined your mailing list.

This can give you deeper insights on targeting your subscribers.

Some people call it spying on your subscribers but I call it understanding your subscribers.

For example, a subscriber like this one has the following history:


Best feature #19 Convertkit gives you a flawless on-boarding

Did you know that you can set up your email marketing campaign with Convertkit without hiring an expert?

Whether you are a techie, an indie or a pro, Convertkit gives you a seamless onboarding experience.

Even if you want to migrate from Mailchimp to Convertkit or from any other email marketing service such as Aweber, Constant Contact, Active campaign, Infusionsoft, Getresponse, etc, the process is easy.

You can do it yourself or hire an experienced person to help you.

When you do it yourself, you understand that there is no need of hiring an email marketing guru to help you.

If you need help in getting started, we can help you.

Furthermore, Converkit support team is super. This takes me to the next point.


Best feature #20: Convertkit support team

convertkit live chat is available 24/7/365

Introverts hate involving other people in their affairs.

Guess what?

Convertkit was created by an introvert.

Whether you want to do it yourself, there are some days when you feel cranky and in need of help to get things up and running faster.

Such times need reliable customer care services.

Convertkit has an awesome support team which is ready to explain pieces of stuffs to you in an easy-to-understand way.

You can contact Convertkit via live chat or by creating an email ticket.

Convertkit customer support may occasionally contact you just to make sure that you are not stuck.


Best Feature #21Converkit Pricing

convertkit pricing - it is fairly affordable

Some people think that Convertkit is not the cheapest email marketing software.

But who told them that cheap things are the best?

Convertkit is the most affordable email marketing service for the features it has and the functionalities it achieves.

It uses a four-tiered pricing system where you pay according to the number of subscribers you have.


Best Feature #22: Convertkit gives you all features regardless of the number of subscribers

Some email marketing companies are shady in that they offer different features and functionalities depending on the amount of money you pay.

Convertkit is different.

Whether I have ten subscribers and you have 10ok subscribers, we all have access to all features that can help us get the finest out of email marketing.


Limitations/Cons of Convertkit

Con #1: Convertkit has limited triggers for advanced email marketing automations

Convertkit has four triggers: joining a form, adding a subscriber to a tag, custom fields and purchases as shown below.

A few competing email marketing services like Active Campaign have something better on the table.

For instance, active campaign has the following triggers: adding a subscriber to a list, unsubscribing, submitting a form, opening and reading an email, clicking links in an email, etc. as shown in the figure


The limited number of triggers implies that Convertkit may not build the same number of complex automations like Active Campaign or Drip.

Furthermore, Convertkit does not have the additional functionalities such as lead scoring, lead management and page tracking.


Con #2: Convertkit Review: A/B testing

Split testing is important in all aspects of email marketing because it helps you in determining the tactics which work best.

A/B testing helps you improve email open rates and opt-in rates by giving you deeper insights about the behaviors of subscribers.

With Convertkit, you can split test your subject lines as shown:

This is a useful way of knowing which email subject lines get higher open rates.

However, Convertkit does not give you the additional functionality of split-testing email delivery time, link placement, email body content or automations.


Con #3: Convertkit offers limited form and template customization

If you don’t have additional html and css skills, you will have to content with Convertkit’s forms.

They are tidy and attractive.

You can change the colour of any part of the form.

But what if you want to change text fonts?

You will be stuck or in need of expert help.

Using third party tools may help but it would be better to have such functionalities in Convertkit.


Con #4: Convertkit has few email templates

Do you know why Mailchimp is still popular?

Many organizations still love its numerous email templates which you can plug and use at any time.

Convertkit has a few email templates which are not easy to use unless you know a little bit of html and css.

That is what I have for now about the limitations of Convertkit.

According to me, the strengths thrash the limitations of Convertkit.




How Convertkit Works: The building Blocks of Convertkit

Convertkit is made up of five main building blocks.

Convertkit Review: Forms

Forms are the basic tools which allow you to get subscribers into your account.

You can create both forms and landing pages with Convertkit.

Better still, you can embed forms on any page on your website or through a formal modal pop-up.

Convertkit hosts landing pages on its servers but you can host them using a Convertkit WordPress plugin.

Regular forms have three main styles to choose from: Full, minimal and clean.

The forms have a clean outlook but minimal modification potential.

Convertkit’s landing pages have 3 styles also.


Convertkit Review: Subscribers

Subscribers breathe life into email marketing.

Convertkit uses tags instead of the old-school lists used in Mailchimp and Aweber.

Convertkit makes it possible for you to have a large list of email subscribers grouped by tags or segments.

The tags help in separating subscribers based on various parameters.

For instance, you can group your email subscribers by geographical location or any custom field.

Furthermore, you can get all specific details of a subscriber such as the email sequences already sent, emails opened, products purchased, etc.


Convertkit Review: Broadcasts

Broadcasts are one off messages which do not have any particular sequence.

Convertkit makes the process of sending broadcasts simple.

In order to send broadcasts effectively, you only implement tags and send to people who need the message.

You can also filter the subscribers.

For instance, you need to use the Subscribed to filter to email subscribers to a specific update.

The personalization button helps in inserting merge tags according to the segments.


Convertkit Review: Sequences

Sequences are series of emails sent to subscribers after triggering an action.

The series of emails are sent at predefined times apart.

Convertkit makes sending email sequences easy.

On the left side, you can view all emails in the current sequence.

You also view the date the emails will be sent out to the subscribers.

If you want to change the order of sending emails, you can simply drag and drop the emails by titles.

The right section of the sequences page contains the email editor.

The email editor is the same for all types of emails.

You can do A/B testing for email titles.


Convertkit Review: Automations

Automation is the most important section of an email marketing campaign.

Convertkit enters your subscribers into automation in four ways: filling a form, tagging, updating custom fields or purchasing a product.

Subscribers enter automation after triggering an action, meeting a set condition or through occurrence of an event.


Convertkit Actions

Convertkit actions are the basic ways of adding a subscriber to your campaign. This can happen based on what the subscriber does.


Convertkit Conditions

Convertkit conditions help you in further branching out the subscribers based on preset conditions such as tags or custom fields.

For instance, if you have an offer in your company and you want to separate VIPs from noon-VIPs, you can implement branching as shown:


Convertkit Events

You can tag subscribers based on time-sensitive events.

Events help in pulling subscribers towards the next automation process that is based on an event.

For instance, if you are hosting a paid webinar ten days from now and some subscribers showed interest but have not paid, you can put them in an email sequence geared towards the paid webinar.

However, if some of the subscribers pay before the day of the webinar, Convertkit is clever enough to pull them out of the webinar event mailing list because they have already bought your package.

In this case, the Add tag event pulls them out and spares them of the rest of the email sequence (which may bore them now that they already paid and the emails are gearing subscribers towards paying).

Convertkit event automation is handy, fast and easy for creating new automations.


Convertkit Pricing Review

First, I already mentioned that Convertkit is not the most affordable email marketing program.

Convertkit, just like other ESPs, uses a tiered pricing model in which you pay according to the number of subscribers you have.

There is nothing different between the price tiers except the number of subscribers and the migration help after reaching the 5,000 mark.

Convertkit promises to migrate you free of charge from your current email marketing program if you have more than 5,000 subscribers. In essence, they say that you will get free migration if you pay $79 and above.

Convertkit is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive email marketing tool.

The best thing about Convertkit pricing is the fact that the price fluctuation after hitting the 10k subscriber mark is not sharp like in other services.

Check the price of Convertkit as compared to other popular email marketing tools.


Subscribers 500 1,000 2,500 5,000 10,000 15,000
Mailchimp $10 $15 $50 $50 $75 $150
Active Campaign (Lite) $15 $29 $49 $89 $139 $225
AWeber $19 $29 $29 $49 $69 $149
Market Hero $19 $19 $49 $99 $129 $299
Convertkit $29 $29 $49 $79 $119 $149
Drip $49 $49 $49 $99 $149 $184

Convertkit gives you 2 months of free service if you prepay yearly.


Convertkit free trial

ConvertKit does not free trials.

In an interview, the founder stated that it would have been uneconomical and unsustainable to offer Convertkit for free.

He further stated that Convertkit was created for entrepreneurs who are serious about their business – such people do not need free things to get motivated. The end result motivates them.

Have you ever come across any Convertkit discounts?

As for me, no.

However, Convertkit has an amazing 30-day money back guarantee.


Frequently asked questions about this Convertkit Review

How will a Convertkit review help me?

Given that it comes from a real customer, you get to know what it feels like to use convertkit even before you purchase it.

The Convertkit review will help you make an informed decision when you want to buy email marketing plans for your business.


How do you like Convertkit customer support?

Convertkit offers great support to all of the customers except those who do not contact them

Seriously, if you do not contact them, how can they help you?

Although the company has no phone support like Aweber, their email support and live chat support is ever available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

You can expect to get a response within 5 hours if you send an email and within minutes on live chat.

I would prefer live chat for urgent information.


How can I get started with Convertkit?

Getting started with Convertkit is a walk in the park.

The support team can walk you through it or you can read the available resources on getting started.

The internet is also full of articles, videos and other informational content on Convertkit.


Does Convertkit have an active community?


Convertkit has an active Facebook group known as The Convertkit Family.

At the time of publishing this article, the community had 7,003 members and 10 to 11 daily posts.

The group is a peer to peer help forum where you can ask questions and get answers from real Convertkit customers.


Will Convertkit integrate with my tools?

ConvertKit has many integrations such as Gravity forms, WordPress, LeadPages, Shopify, etc. The best way is to read this page on Convertkit integrations.


What’s My Convertkit Recommendation?

Do I recommend Convertkit?

Yes, and with no reservations.

I hope this Convertkit review will help you make an informed decision.

You can test Convertkit for free to see if it meets your goals.


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