Dofollow Infographics Submissions Websites

This page is all about dofollow infographics submissions websites.

By the time you finish reading this page, you should have identified both free and paid websites that guarantee do follow backlinks for every infographic submitted.

Do follow backlink basics

If a person asks you right now “what is a dofollow backlink?” what will you answer?

A dofollow backlink is a link from another website which has a rel do follow attribute.

This means that the link allows search engine spiders to follow your link and arrive at your website thereby carrying with them link juice. This simply means that dofollow backlinks carry a lot of weight because they make your website rank better. Backlinks that are not dofollow are called no follow backlinks.

General Infographic Submission Guidelines

Before submitting an infographic or a gifographic to the submission websites, it is important to adhere to the submission guidelines if at all you care for success.

Failure to follow the simple rules may lead to high rejection rates.

Here are a few rules to see you through:

  • Always follow instructions
  • Upload the correct file types
  • Give the accurate URL of the infographic when directed to do so
  • Provide a unique title of your infographic
  • Give a short description of the infographic. Be sure to take note of the word limit.
  • Provide a link to the original source of the infographic
  • If asked for the embed code of the infographic, please provide
  • Allow the editors some time to publish your infographic even if you paid for the service.

Following some of the basic rules can help you get most of your infographics published by many sites.

List of dofollow infographics submissions websites

Most paid infographic submission websites allow you to get a dofollow backlink to your website.

Only a few of the free infographic submission sites can give you such a backlink.

This list includes both paid and non-paid sites.

Paid infographic submission sites that give dofollow backlinks

The information is 100% accurate according to the latest update.


1. Top 10

This is the website that you are browsing at the moment.

For only $2, this website allows you to get a dofollow backlink to your website.

The best thing with this site is the speed with which they will publish your content.

Your infographic will go live in less than one hour, or sometimes, after just a few minutes.

The website is strict and can only publish high-quality infographics and unique descriptions.

It is faster when you provide the original description accompanying the infographic.

They can write the accompanying content for only $10.

Infographic submission link


2. Infographic Journal

This website gives you three options for submitting your infographic. The website accepts a variety of infographics except for nudity and infographics with obscene language or the racially motivated ones.

Express Submission – $25

The Express Submission service guarantees same day publishing for a nominal fee of $25.

Featured Infographic – $75

The featured infographic submission ensures that your infographic is featured on the homepage for one week for $75

Basic Submission

In the Basic Submission service, your infographic shall be reviewed by an editor and then scheduled for publishing if approved. There is no guarantee of publishing or approval.

The website allows you to submit your infographics for review.

Submission email:



At visually, you can create a profile and submit your infographics in your account.

Slideshare allows you to create an account and publish all types of content including presentations, images and infographics.


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