E-Goi Review: Email Marketing Automation


Are you wondering if E-goi can help your email marketing campaigns and automation?

This E-goi review from a real user will help you out.


What is E-goi?

E-goi is one of the email marketing services that you can use in 2020.

It is available in many languages.

E-goi Email Marketing Service gives a different approach to email marketing by integrating email automation, mobile, web services, chat, voice and social media campaigns into one online marketing system – E-goi.

E-goi can help you grow your leads and automate the process of acquiring customers.



E-goi Email Marketing

E-goi is an easy-to-use and very powerful email marketing platform that allows you to send emails containing all types of content (no restrictions).

With Egoi, you can create emails in a few simple steps:

  • Get subscribers’ contacts
  • Create emails
  • Send emails that get delivered
  • Analyze the results

It is a fact that email marketing is the most effective of reaching your audience. Researchers indicate that email marketing has the highest returns on investment.

email marketing has the highest ROI
Evidently, email marketing has the highest ROI as compared to other marketing channels


Whether you are getting started with email marketing or you have been doing it for years, Egoi has a solution specifically formulated for you.

But why should you use E-goi email marketing? Keep reading this Egoi review.


Advantages and Great features of E-goi

1. Egoi is an efficient time saver

The essence of email marketing is to save time and spend your time doing other things that an email marketing software cannot do.

E-goi helps you in automating the process of capturing, sending and analyzing your email campaigns.

2. E-goi sends automated push notifications for unopened emails

Let’s say a subscriber has not opened the latest email that you sent to her.

E-goi has the capacity of texting the subscriber a smart SMS!

How cool is that?

Egoi can also send a push notification telling the subscriber about the email.

See Egoi in action below:



3. E-goi delivers emails to inboxes


Forget about email marketing tools that send emails to the promotions and updates tabs.

Worse still, some of the email marketing software out there send emails to the spam folder.

If you want your emails to hit your subscriber’s inboxes, then you need E-goi.

E-goi follows international email service regulations (ISPs) which guarantee delivery of emails to the inbox while preventing spam.

4. E-goi has a ton of free newsletter templates


E-goi email marketing platform gives you several professional email templates to choose from.

You cannot go wrong with E-goi email design templates.

The templates are ready and easy to use.

You can easily customize the emails the way you wish using an intuitive simple editor.

The best news is this: E-goi is compatible with all email readers, all smartphones and tablets.

Isn’t that cool?

5. E-goi is a great way of automating your email marketing


With E-goi, you can automate your email marketing campaigns using autoresponders.

It helps you in sealing deals and automating the customers’ lifecycles.

Capture all leads using E-goi.

6. E-goi email marketing provides nice reporting



Get down to business and analyse how your email campaigns are doing.

E-goi allows you to know who opened your email, who clicked a specific link, who bought your product, who bounced back, etc.

E-goi will help you in monitoring your customer’s actions and all online behaviours exhibited by your customers.

This will help you in making better investment decisions that will enhance your sales.

7. Egoi forms allow easy capturing and tagging of email addresses



The idea of email marketing is all about capturing emails and creating a connection with your audience.

How can you do that without having a tool like Egoi forms?

The ready-to-use and easily customizable Egoi forms makes the process of capturing mails blissful.

The form builder helps you to create any forms that come into your mind.

8. Egoi is an ecommerce email marketing platform

E-goi makes it easier for you to send transactional emails for your online store.

For instance, when a customer registers or places an order on your website, E-goi will send the customer account registration and purchase emails to the customer and to you.egoi-review-sms-notifications

What if a customer abandons a shopping cart? E-goi will send the customer a reminder reminding him of the same.

E-goi also takes care of your inactive clients by sending them emails about your products and deals.

9. Egoi A/B testing service

e-goi email marketing A/B testing

Egoi has an intuitive A/B testing tool. The tool lets you carry out A/B tests and let your contacts choose the best campaign for you.

You can conduct as many split tests as possible to see the email headings, templates, times of days, days of the week, etc. which work best for you.

With E-goi, you are free to create unlimited split tests.

For example, you can create two versions of your mailing campaigns and send them to 20% of your subscribers.

E-goi will automatically send the winning version of the email campaign to the rest of your subscribers hours later.

This is the power of split-testing.


10. Egoi analytics



You need to know your client better than you do.

How better can you do it without watching their actions through E-goi email marketing?

Get real-time tracking of the results of your campaign anytime and from any place.

This will help you to increase the performance of your content, newsletter designs and any campaigns you send.

11. Egoi gives you complete control of your marketing campaigns

You can change the percentages of samples for A/B testing the way you like.

The test duration, winning criteria, campaign schedules, designs, etc. are all under your control.

This means that you can make your campaigns exactly the way you want.


12. Ability to send personalized messages

E-goi lets you write your emails in a customized way as if you are addressing somebody personally using their name and details.

For instance, if you have somebody by the name Joyce in your email list, you only have to write the following in the salutation:

‘Hi, !fname!’

And guess what?

Egoi will send an email with a salutation: Hi Joyce.

13. Egoi customer support



We don’t go on holidays or have days off.

When you need E-goi support, you must get it 24/7 all year round regardless of your geographical location, time-zone or language.

You get support in EN, BR, ES and PT languages

So far, Egoi boasts 99% satisfaction which is great.

I have not found a negative Egoi review online yet.

14. Egoi has enormous resources to get you started

Egoi is easy to use.

Even if you find it difficult at first, there are hundreds of step by step videos, ultimate guides and articles that will help you get started.

In the end, you will master this email marketing tool and become the happiest blogger or marketer.

15. Egoi pricing


E-goi is an affordable email marketing service which gives you value for money.


You gain more by investing a little cash.

Your investment will bring you much more if you try this email service.

E-goi gives you a 30 day money-back guarantee and will refund you if you hate the service.

16. E-goi is tailor-made for your specific email marketing needs

You get a tailor-made product which suits your specifications.

For instance, if you want to send emails on the go, Egoi lets you pay only when you want to send emails.

You don’t have to pay for services you don’t use like in other email marketing tools.

17. E-goi Integrations

Egoi integrates with thousands of online tools to give you the best email marketing experience.



For instance, Egoi integrates with WordPress, Woocommerce, Magento, Zapier, Facebook LeadAds, Presta Shop, Shopify, Pipedrive, Capsule, Highrise, Eventbrite, Facebook Instant Articles, facebook Audiences, Pluga, Getsitecontrol, Salesforce, Opencart, Joomla, Zoho, Dynamics, Instapage, Hotmart, Klickpages, Unbounce and Eduzz.

Zapier alone helps you integrate E-goi more than 1,000 apps.


18. Egoi provides free email marketing for up to 5001 subscribers

E-goi wants you to taste the feeling of using the best email marketing service.

In fact, there is no reason for failing to create an email list.

You can create a list of up to 5,001 subscribers and send up to 15,000 emails per month with E-goi before starting to pay for the service.

E-goi will teach you the importance of paying for email marketing services after testing the service.

The only difference between the Egoi plan 5001 and standard  E-goi plans is the small ad that is displayed below each message and lack of dedicated support which is not a big deal anyway.


19. E-goi has impressive customer reviews

E-goi has impressive customer reviews all over the internet apart from the testimonials posted on its website.

20. Egoi has an amazing WhatsApp marketing tool

You know that mobile plays a great role in marketing.

Researchers show that the number of people who access emails and the internet using their smartphones has been increasing over the years.


21. E-goi is a powerful email marketing tool.

Do I need to explain this?

It is among the best email marketing tools in 2020.



If you have never done email marketing, remember that E-goi is suitable for beginner email marketers.


Getting started with E-goi free marketing automation and email marketing


Did you know that you can use E-goi email marketing service for free?

Yes, you read it right.

E-goi lets you carry out your email marketing for free as long as your contacts are less than 5001.

Isn’t that amazing?

That is it.

Are you ready to try E-goi email marketing service?

Try E-Goi Now


Get expert email copy for your email marketing campaigns.

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