Important Social Media Facts


Everyone knows the fact all the people who use social absolutely love it, but do you know how things are behind your favourite social media apps and websites. 

Here are Important social media facts


It has a history longer than many people know:

Many people might think that social media was created only after Facebook, not exactly, it might be true as it connects a lot of people but the roots of social media can be dated back to 1970s when a system called the PLATO system was invented in the University of Illinois which used to run on a screen and send simple data. After that in the 1980s, there were software’s being developed which we know today like windows and macOS which acted like the roots of social media, with the help of the internet they gained huge popularity which led to an increase in the use of social media of that time like bulletin board systems and internet relay chat.

in the 2000s many things happened, mainly the development of software like Myspace and Facebook, now people were free to write whatever they felt and people connected using their common this point, people began publishing news and other major events online and people had the chance to discuss their interests and commonalities, seeing Facebook many other services like windows messenger was also developed which let people, for instance in 2009 windows live messenger has 30 million active monthly users.

From the 2010s smartphones and 2G networks were becoming popular and people had the chance to connect on the go, phones were also starting to get cameras which led to the emergence of apps like Snapchat and Instagram.

Used by the government?

Today we can see that every major government official has at least one social media account, you are right even the government uses social media not only to pass you information but also to know about the information. They use social media differently when compared to us, for example, we mainly use social media to know what’s happening in the world while they use it to monitor the trends and ideas of the public.

They also help the governments to save money on advertising and raise awareness of anything they want the public to follow. Not only the government but many people also help the candidates and individual people to take their words and ideas through social media. Even though there have been many accusations that the government uses our data to find criminals we can say that they have used social media the most. 

92% of companies use social media for hiring

There is a huge competition for everything these days especially for jobs, so the companies instead of calling for interviews like in the past they are trying to find talent through social media. We know that the most famous service used for jobs is LinkedIn, but the 92% not only includes LinkedIn but many other apps, for example, they can judge you through your Instagram account if you are applying for a magazine company or they may see your twitter account if you are applying for newspaper firm, here everything matters to get a job not only a resume.

Not only small companies, even the huge companies which are in the fortune 500 lists from the 45% of the companies use social media for hiring, but companies also believe this method is more efficient because they can test the candidates in many ways even without knowledge and gain a lot of insight. Not only the companies but the people are also showing interest for example 14.4 million people in the US have used social media to search for a job and also 29% of people mainly use these platforms for job search.

A lot happens in a minute

As we know there are currently over 3 billion active users on social media, with more users come everything more. 

Here are some stats which happen in social media platforms every minute.

1.Instagram: –

     Number of stories posted: over 280,000 

     Number of photos posted: over 55,000

  1. 4.5 million searches are conducted on Google.
  2. 390,000 apps are downloaded
  3. 4.5 million videos are watched on YouTube.
  4. Nearly 700,000 hours of content is streamed on Netflix.
  5. 1 million videos are viewed on Twitch.
  6. Over 200,000 Skype calls are made.

You can earn money (a lot if done right)

We all know that we can earn money online, but the main ways we know are through posting ads on these social media and this only works if you own a business, that’s not how it is done here. You can earn money through many, here are some efficient ways: –


You can provide lodging to your unused place when you are on a holiday or if you seem to have an extra property just lying is more efficient compared to leasing or renting because this is only for a temporary time and you can have your property back whenever you want.


Another way is to sell your products online through Amazon, it has a program amazon FBA through which you can sell, as many of you know products are cheaper in some parts of the world compared to other, so basically what you can do is you can import these items from a different country and sell it in amazon in your country just like running a shop. After you import your stuff you don’t have to worry about selling them because Amazon does that for you from picking up at your place to selling them to make sure you get the money.


As soon you hear the word Spotify you think about music, but no, on Spotify there are podcasts in which you can talk about anything as far as the people like it, this might take some time to make money but it’s the best way if you have interesting topics to talk about and have good verbal communication skills.

50 million records stolen

Yes, you read it right in the first half of 2019 reports say that only in Facebook over 50 million records were stolen by hackers which included financial and personal data. There were a total of 945 attacks in the first half of the year itself.

One of the most acclaimed breaches in recent years has been the Cambridge Analytica-Facebook incident which costed the personal data of 87 million users which were caused by a security breach caused by a it is said that to reduce your data being breached you can do some simple tasks like providing only essential information in the social media, enabling two-factor authentication, be careful of harmful links and websites.



Finally, we can say social media has done a lot of useful things by connecting the people and the world but we cannot completely believe and trust social media in providing all our data or sharing everything in it, there can be good and bad things happening on the same platform at the same time but we need to be able to choose the good in it.

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