Important Things About Social Media and SEO

There are many important things that you need to know concerning social media and SEO.

As you will find out, the two are highly interconnected.

Social media has become the meeting place of this digital world. From business to politics, to science, everything is discussed and shared on social media. If you visualize the digitally connected world as a home then social media happens to be the drawing-room of it.

Posts, comments, share, and likes are a common part of it that we all know. However, what most of you might not know is the other side of it. Yes, you got it right we are talking about the business part of it. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) links social media with the business.

To create a presence among large user base firms these days can’t neglect social media. As a result, we see firms hiring virtual social media assistant to help them top the SEO Charts. These virtual social media assistant are like image creators or you can say brand creator for a firm in the digital world.

But that’s not all there is much more related to social media and SEO than can help you boost your business. Well, if you are interested in knowing that then all you need to do is to keep reading till the end as we are going to discuss it all here. So don’t miss the real info gain.



You always hear about targeting. However, Geo-Targeting is a refined version of it. If you are someone who has a small business or has limited marketing budget then this one can be quite helpful to you. Geo-targeting refers to targeting the market base in your vicinity or area of operation.

With the help of Social media, you can target your local market and create a presence for your business. Building on that presence you can create a brand name in the future.


Study The Trends

Social media does not mean only posting, liking and commenting especially when you are aiming at getting leads through it.



You must study the trends of content that has been posted by digital marketers in your domain of business operation. Learn and analyze the trends. For this, you can use online SEO Tools. Note these observations and adopt them in your social media marketing


Present What They Want to Hear

Data is the oil of the new world. The saying is not without some reason.

Studying the data generation pattern of your target audience in social media is crucial. By assessing this you get to know the preference of the audience.

tell people what the want to hear

So, the next time you use social media for marketing you present something that they are looking for. This is one strategized aspect of social media marketing that has seen great adoption in no time.


Be Regular

One thing that most of the digital marketing campaigns on Social media do is neglecting the importance of regular posting. By regular posting, we mean posting regularly on all the major social media platforms and not any one of them.

post regularly on social media

This is the least you can do to keep the audience engagement intact. Follow a pattern of posting content regularly says posting every second day or each day to keep the buzz going.


Be Relevant

Don’t indulge in unnecessary posting or irrelevant content publishing. Say for example if you are into service providing domain then don’t publish your service offered list or pricing related info on social media.


Rather publish something related to your domain that has been a common query of the audience.

Example of this can be “Cost-effective website Development” as your topic of content in response to the query of budget-friendly website development.


Profile Optimization

This is one of the most important parts of your social media marketing. Don’t be too generic or simplistic in your content.

Use a diversity of elements and options.

Say for example you must not restrict yourself to publishing content in textual form try to use videos pictures and graphics to engage the audience.

However, while doing so be consistent in regards to your profile on all the platforms.


Promote Aggressively

Don’t leave your social media page in the hands of luck and time.

You must go aggressively for creating a buzz for your brand name.

By going aggressively we mean that you must set daily, weekly, and monthly targets and try to achieve them within the stipulated time.

After all the more you put efforts the more fruits you would bear.


Schedule your Social Media Posts

Scheduling of your social media posts will give you ample time to automate the publishing exercise.

social media scheduling tools


There are many social media scheduling tools out there.

Here are a few of the best social media scheduling tools:

  1. AgoraPulse
  2. Buffer
  3. CoSchedule
  4. Everypost
  5. Hootsuite
  6. Loomly
  7. MeetEdgar
  8. Promo Republic
  9. Sendible
  10. SocialOomph
  11. Sprout Social
  12. Tailwind
  13. TweetDeck


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