500 Infographics Submission Sites 2021

Infographics Submission Sites

Today’s post is an ultimate list of the best infographics submission sites in 2021

Infographics submission sites are important or even better ways of outreach than guest posting websites.

Infographic submission sites are great places to submit your infographics online and enhance the online presence of your brand, blog, website or organization.

But first things first.


What are infographics?

An infographic is defined as a visual representation of information or data such as a chart, diagram, etc. which is worth more than a thousand words.

Here is an example of a small infographic on small business marketing. (The infographic is truncated for explanation purposes). You can view the full infographic here.


General Disclaimer: The Domain Authority and any other SEO attributes quoted are obtained from third party sources and are accurate on the day of publication of this post. Although we strive to make the information accurate, there is no guarantee that it shall always remain accurate since this is a huge list. You can be part of the work by offering criticism where necessary. The information is provided for guidance purposes and your use of the sites is at your personal decision.


The complete list of the best infographics submission websites this year

The following information on the latest infographics submission sites will help you get backlinks and enhance your outreach.

Cute Writers Inc.

You are on this website.

DA: 22

Instead of gambling with sites which might disappoint you and never publish your infographic, just spend $10 and get a brand new dofollow backlink for each of your infographic from this website within 24 hours.

Submit infographics here


Infographic Dir

Domain Authority: 2

Infographic Dir is a WordPress.com infographic submission website which accepts submissions at a small fee.

With only £5, you can get a dofollow backlink.

Submit your infographic here.



DA: 58

Sign up and submit your infographics here

Cost: Free


Dream Creations

DA: 12

Submit here


The Proche

DA: 26

The Proche accepts and publishes infographics on Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Electronics, Gadgets, Emerging Technologies, and LED & Lighting Technology.

Submit here

Cost: Free


Digital Grand Tech

DA: 9

Submit infographics here

Cost: Free with a dofollow backlink


Kik’s Simple Life

DA: 8

Submit here or send an email to kikssimplelife (at) gmail.com

Cost: $5 for a dofollow backlink


Infographic Magazine

DA: 1

Submit infographics

Cost: Free for nofollow backlink or $20 and $40 for dofollow backlink


My Private Tutor QA

DA: 22

Submit here

Costs: Free of charge



DA: 20

Submission guide: Email deepanshu (at) infopixi.com and tell him which plan you’ve selected. They’ll review your infographic and then you’ll send payment.

Price: Free submission, Lite submission ($20), Instant approval infographic submission ($50)


Strategies Online

DA: 39

Contact them to submit infographics after reading the guidelines

Cost: Free basic submission, Express submission at $40 per infographic


Stunning Infographics

DA: 2

Submit here

Cost: Free, Premium – $9.99, Express – $14.99 and Express Pro – $50


Cute Writers

DA: 20

Submit your infographic here

How much? $10



DA: 10

Submit here free of charge


World Infographics

DA: 7

Submit here free of charge


Infographics Log

DA: 12

Submit here for free


Tech Blog Corner

Domain Authority: 34

Submit by emailing admin (at) techblogcorner.com and by following instructions available here

Cost: Free


Arts Week

DA: 11

Submit here

Price: Free


Sterling Tips

DA: 1

Submit here

Cost: Free


Safe and Healthy Life

DA: 30

This is a health, wellness, beauty, dental care, lifestyle, home management, stress management website which publishes related content.

Bear this in mind when you send your infographic.

Submit here

Cost: Free


Choose Best Info

DA: 14

Submit here

Cost: Free


Metis Design Group

DA: 13

Submit here

Cost: Free


My Info Expert

DA: 21

Read this page for submission and email infographics to info (at) myinfoexpert.com

Cost: $30


Power of Data Visualization (PDViz.com)

DA: 34

This is an infographic inspiration site.

Submit infographics

Cost: Free


Infographic Labs

Domain Authority: 45

The website creates popular information graphics.

Contact Infographic Labs here to submit your infographic.



DA: 38

Submit here free of charge


Fintech Crypto News

DA: 27

Submit here for free


Top Visually Blog

DA: 10

Submit here free of charge, $5 for normal publishing and $10 for instant publishing


Worldwide Infographics

DA: 1

Submit here for free


Post Visuals

DA: 9

Submit infographics here


Visual Contenting

DA: 39

To Submit infographic, email info(at)visualcontenting.com


Craft Idea

DA: 17

Submit free of charge


Online Good Infographics

DA: 1

Submit infographic for free


V Documents

DA: 18

Submit for free



DA: 37

Contact them to submit free of charge


Text Compare

DA: 12

Learn more here and contact them to submit

Cost: Basic infographic submission is free of charge and express infographic submission costs $40.


Infographics Only

Domain Authority: 36

Infographics Only is an infographics marketing and distribution service which charges a fee to promote your infographics.

To use the service, check this submission link.

Cost: $89


Infographic Police

Domain Authority: 13

Submit here.

Cost: £15, £50 or £200


Latest Infographics

Domain Authority: 19

A site that accepts good infographics that have high-quality data.

Submit here

Cost: Free


Magic Infographic

Domain Authority: 11

Submit here

Fee: $25


Mighty infographics

Domain Authority: 11

Submit here

Cost: Free



DA: 35

Submit your infographics and gifographics free of charge.


Best Infographics

DA: 44

Best infographics is an infographics publishing business which will publish yours after paying a fee.

Submit your infographics here.

Budget: Starting from $9.49


Infographic Pond

DA: 12

An infographic submission website .

Submit your infographic here

Cost: $19.99


Infographics Inspiration

DA: 29

Infographic Inspiration is a sister site of the Infographic Showcase website.

Submit here

Cost: $25


Organic Tech Blog

Domain Authority: 9

Submit here

Fee: Free



DA: 6

You will contact the webmaster to submit after reading the instructions available in the link provided below.

Cost: Free submission,

Submit here



Domain Authority: 25

You can submit your infographic to AddInfographic and get published.

Cost: $2 for a lifetime or $10 for featured submissions per year.



DA: 57

Submit here

Cost: You will pay through PayPal


Best Infographics Design

Domain Authority: 13

The site has many infographic fans who want to learn and share your infographics.

Submit here

Budget: Free


9 Gag

Domain Authority: 89

You need to create an account on 9 Gag before uploading your graphics.

Budget: Free


Daily Statistic

Domain Authority: 24

If you have an infographic that you want the world to see, why don’t you send it to Daily Infographics using this link?

Cost: Free


SEO Wizardd

Domain Rank: 2

Submit your infographic to this email: hilarycarter57 (at) gmail.com


Daily infographic.Tumblr

Domain Authority: 13

Submit your infographic here free of charge.



Domain Authority: 92

This is a free image aggregation website.

Create an account and submit your graphics here


Infographic Review

Domain Authority: 13

You need at least 300-word original infographic description before submitting.

Submit infographic here

Budget: $25


Infographics Mania

Domain Authority: 65

Infographic Mania is a free high DA infographic submission website.

Submit here


Visually Content

Domain Authority: 13

Follow the instructions in the link provided to submit your infographic.

Submit here

Cost: Free


Sweet Infographics

Domain Authority: 6

To publish on this Tumblr blog, you need to contact the webmaster.

Submission link

Cost: £10


Infographics Fanatics

Domain Authority: 18

To be included in the infographics Fanatics infographics gallery, you need to submit your original infographics with at least 100 descriptive text.

Submit here

Cost: Free


Love Free Infographics

Domain Authority: 7

This is one of the new infographics submission sites.

Submit your infographic here.

Cost: $5


Free Infographics Submit

Domain Authority: 16

Although the name suggests that it is a free infographic submission website, you will need to pay a little fee to get published.

Submit your infographic here.


Sumo Graphic

Domain Authority: 16

Sumographic is an infographic submission website which accepts infographic submissions at a small fee. In fact, it is among the cheapest infographic submission websites.

Click to submit your infographic.

Cost: $0.5, $1 or $10


My Private Tutor AE

DA: 31

Submit here

Cost: Free


SEO Prince

DA: 13

Submit here

Budget: Free


Infographics Graphics

DA: 20

Submit by sending an email to b.dzhingarov (at) gmail.com

Cost: Free



DA: 83

To submit your infographic, you will need to create an account, create the infographic and then share online.

Cost: Free, $25, $79 up to $179.


Fast Company

Domain Authority: 93

You need to contact the editors to submit your infographic in the “infographic of the day section”

To pitch your ideas, contact them through media (at) fastcompany.com


Bored Panda

Domain Authority: 89

Submit here



Domain Authority: 72

Create and submit your infographics here



DA: 65

Create an account and Submit infographics


Industry Today

DA: 49

You will need to log in or create an account first and then submit your infographic.

After selecting other specifications, you will upload your high quality infographic and wait for publication.

If accepted and published, you will be notified and given the live link

Submit your infographic here.

Cost: Free


Creative World 28

DA: 4

Submit your infographic here

Cost: Free


Informatic World

DA: 11

Submit infographics here

Cost: Free



DA: 12

Submit infographic


Style and Flow

DA: 24

Submit infographics

Cost: Free


Visualize Me

DA: 63

Submit infographics


Submit Infographic

Somain Authority: 11

The free submission is no longer available.

Submit your infographic here

Cost: £5 or £50 depending on the number of links included.


Infographic Scoop

Domain Authority: 15

Infographic Scoop is a premium infographic submission website.

Submit here

Cost: $11.99 per infographic or a yearly package of $99


Startup Opinions

Domain Authority: 32

Startup opinions will publish your high quality infographic if it meets their regulations.

Submit here.

Cost: $150


Top Infographic

Domain Authority: 25

Top Infographic publishes infographics free of charge. It also has paid plans.

Submit here

Cost: Unknown


Data Visualization

Domain Authority: 11

The Tumblr blog publishes infographics free of charge.

Submit here

Cost: Free


News By Design

DA: 22

Submit here

Cost: Free


Infographics Online

Domain Authority: 17

The site charges a small fee to facilitate the review and publishing process.

Submit here.

Cost: $25


Awesome Infographics

Domain Authority: 19

Awesome Infographics publishes infographics in two tiers; free submissions and express submissions.

Submit here.

Cost: Free, $10.


Health Infographics

Domain Authority: 10

Health Infographics publishes infographics in the heath niche.

Submit here.

Cost: Free


My Infographics

Domain Authority: 3

My Infographics is a free infographics submission and publishing platform.

Click here to submit infographics.


Red Infographics

Domain Authority: 22

Red Infographics accepts infographics for free.

Click here to submit the infographic.


Post Infographics

DA: 8

This is an infographics publishing e-commerce site


Cost: $50



DA: 31

Submit here

Cost: Free


Infographic Jungle

DA: 13

Contact them to submit your infographic

Cost: Free




Do you know that Pinterest has more than 300 Million active users each month?

Pinterest is the home of all graphics including infographics.

This makes it one of the best infographics submission sites.

How to submit your infographic to Pinterest the right way

  • All you have to do is to login to your Pinterest account
  • upUoad your high quality pin-worthy infographics there
  • Create a link to your original source which is your blog and you are ready to go.
  • Optimize your Pinterest Pins
  • Make use of Pinterest group boards to promote your infographics

Pinterest is heavily searched website and many eyeballs will see your infographic if you use the right hashtags and descriptions.

The more traffic you get from your Pinterest infographics, the higher your search engine rankings will be.




SlideShare was originally created to share slides and presentations online.

The website launched the infographic-specific player in 2013 to help in viewing full infographics.

Here are the benefits of submitting your infographic to Slideshare.

      • Users love infographics 4 times as much as they love presentations and 23 times as they love documents.
      • People share presentations on SlideShare 2 times more than presentations and 3 times more than documents on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
      • SlideShare displays the entire infographics and users are not required to scroll
      • SlideShare shows the owner of the infographic making attribution easier.

How to submit infographics on Slideshare

Create a Slideshare account.

Upload your infographic in PDF format.

Visit this slideshare upload page and submit.




Visual.ly is a content creation website which helps modern marketers to create digital products such as eBooks, videos, infographics, presentations, animations, illustrations, reports, photos, social media and other forms of digital content.

The site also allows freelance digital content creators to submit their portfolios and join their team after a thorough vetting process.

If you are an infographic designer, you can submit yours and wait to get certified to use the platform.

Create an account on Visual.ly.

Submit your infographic here.




Flickr is a free and paid online image and video hosting service.

It is a photo-centric platform established mainly for professional photographers and photography enthusiasts.

IT has many users and you can upload up to 1000 images in the free account.

In the paid version, you can upload unlimited amounts.

Here is your chance to upload 1000 infographics free of charge or unlimited infographics in the paid plan.




Infographic Reviews is an infographic review website as the name suggests.

The website also showcases the best infographics the editors collect from all parts of the web.

Yours may get published here.

The infographics review company works by reviewing your infographic and assigning it a score rating as follows:

      • 0 – Your infographic sucks and will never get any tweets
      • 1 – You need help buddy…Your graphic skills are lacking
      • 2 – More research, better graphics, and you might have a chance to shine
      • 3 – Now you have a few Tweets and a couple Facebook Likes – Almost there
      • 4 – Good Infographic – Solid Research & Cool Graphics
      • 5 – Dynamite Infographic – The BEST INFOGRAPHIC on the block and going viral soon!

Submit your infographic here




If you want to submit infographics, Infographic Journal is also a good place.

The website offers quality infographic submission services and a wide range of categories to choose from.

The website offers three infographics submission sites services: Basic Submission service which is free, Express Submission at $25 and Featured Infographics at $75.

When you submit your infographic under the Basic, Express and Featured plans, your infographic will be published within one month for the featured plan, within one day for the Express plan.

If you opt for the featured plan, it will be published within one day and featured on the website’s home page for 7 days.

Submit the infographics here.


Reddit Infographics


Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website.

Its members submit content such as articles, links, graphics, videos, etc., to various sub-Reddits after which members upvote or downvote them.

In order to submit your infographic to Reddit, you must be a member of Reddit and the r/Infographics sub-Reddit.

Once you are a member, you can just upload your high quality Infographic while following the rules.

For instance, your infographic should:

  • Not be self-promotional in nature
  • Be a visual representation of information or data and not mere chunks of text
  • Not promote a specific company or its products
  • Be high quality.

Always aim to give value and Reddit members will upvote your infographic, making it more visible and even viral.

Submit your infographic to Reddit here.




Infographaholic is a premium infographic website which delivers infographic submission services.

The website publishes new high quality infographics regularly.

It also highlights the most popular infographics in each category.

Infographaholic recently stopped publishing infographics for free.

You will have two options when submitting your infographic:

$10 Plan

For $10 you can have your infographic posted within 48 hours and two contextual backlinks.

Furthermore, Infographaholic will promote your infographic on its social networks and also stand a chance in the monthly infographic contest.

$20 Plan

They will post your infographic within 48 hours, give you up to three contextual backlinks and post your content on Legit Scoop in addition to sharing it on social media platforms.

Submit your infographic to Infographaholic here.




Cool Infographics is a curated, free (unpaid) infographics gallery.

The Cool Infographics website showcases some of the best infographics and data visualization found online.

The site curates infographics from submissions, newspapers, magazines and online.

Submit your infographic here by contacting Cool Infographics.


Media Caffeine


Media Caffeine is a digital marketing company which offers Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization services.

Contact them for a chance to have your infographic published on their website.

Submit your infographic to Media Caffeine here.


News I Like.In


News I Like published news, articles, facts and reviews in infographic, video or article formats.

The website covers technology, business and finance, digital media, home and lifestyle, science and environment, travel and sports segments.

The website also allows guest posts.

To submit your infographic To News I Like, You need to send an email to the email address provided.


Mashable.com Infographics


Mashable Infographics is a section on Mashable.com which deals exclusively with infographics only.

If you have a nice infographic which you want the world to set eyes on, go ahead and submit it to Mashable.

Your infographic better be good.

Submit infographics to Mashable here



Domain Authority: 45

NerdGraph claims that it is the number 1 source for the best infographics.

You can submit your infographic for free and have it shared.




Infographic bee is an infographic submission website which scouts the web looking for great infographics to share with their audience.

Submit your infographic here if you feel it meets the infographic submission requirements.

Since not all infographics will be accepted, you are advised to pay $ 9.95 for express review, which is refundable if they reject your infographic.

If you are successful, your infographic will be published and shared on social media.




If you have an infographic in any of these categories, you can submit yours for review. They cover: Apple, Business, Coding, Content Marketing, Design, ecommerce, Email, General, Google, Inbound Marketing, Link Building, Mobile, Seasonal, SEO, Social Media, Technology and Usability categories.

Infographic review cost: $75

Submit your infographics here.



Domain Authority: 68

Cost: Free or paid

Submission Link: Submit here


Fuckyeah Infographics

Domain Authority: 20

They accept infographics.

You need to fill the form available here to submit your infographic.


Infographics Bin

Domain Authority: 19

This is a Tumblr subdomain infographic submission website.

They publish infographics that are at least 600px wide and 600 px long.

Visit this link to submit



Domain Authority: 30

Infograph is another Tumblr infographic site which accepts infographics which are at least 600 px by 600 px.

Submit your infographic here.



Domain Authority: 47

This is one of the oldest infographics submission websites.

Submit Infographics charges a fee ranging from $3 to $50 depending on when you want them to publish your infographic.

Your infographic will be published within one month if you pay $3 and immediately if you pay $50.

Submit your infographic here for review now.


The Infographics

Domain Authority: 32

This website offers infographic publishing platform for those who have created a relationship with the curator.

Go ahead and engage Tom Cumpsty to submit your infographic.



Domain Authority: 35

You can submit an infographic here for free, for $10 or for $20.

A free submission has no guarantee of being published but $10 guarantees a 5-day wait time.

Click here to submit your infographic for review.



Domain Authority: 34

As one of the infographic submission Infographic Plaza lets you submit your infographics.

The website has terms and conditions which you must follow before they publish your infographic.

Furthermore, there are paid plans and $5 to $10 add on services which will enable you to be served better.

If you have an informative and eye-catching infographic, you can submit it here.

Cost: Free plan and $20



Domain Authority: 40

Submitting an infographic to Infographic portal is simple.

You will need to register as a contributor and then upload your infographic after a team member will review your submission.

All submissions are free but you will only get a no-follow backlink.

If you need a do-follow backlink, you will have to contact them using the email provided on the website.

Submissions are subject to terms and conditions.

Submit your infographic here.


Infographics Race

Domain Authority: 13

In  order to submit your infographic, you need to choose if you want a free submission or  one of the two paid submissions.

Either way, the title of the submission must be similar to the title of the infographic.

You will need description for your infographic of about 300 words in which you will include your target keywords.

If you specify the category and provide the source url of your infographic, you will stand a chance of getting published.

Cost: Free with a nofollow backlink, $20 for one dofollow backlink and $30 for one do follow backlink and free infographic submission to another website.

Click to submit your infographic.



Domain Authority: 29

Another free infographic submission website which gives you a free permanent listing, a backlink, social media shares, embed code and promotion to site visitors.

To submit, you need:

The infographic title

The actual infographic image

A unique description of at least 200 words

A suitable category


Author name

url of your website

Original infographic article url

Submit using this link


OMG Infographics

Domain Authority: 483k

You get a chance of publishing your infographic using either the high priority or the low priority plan.

Cost: High priority plan costs $15 while low priority plan costs $5.

Learn more on how to submit here.


Cool Daily Infographics

Domain Authority: 40

You get a chance to submit a free or paid infographic publishing.

Free submissions may take up to a month to go live while paid submissions take about 48 hours to go live.

Cost: Free or $30 for paid listings.

Submission link: Express submission  and Basic submission.


Daily Infographic

Domain Authority: 84

If you are looking for the most interesting and well-curated infographics online, then you need to check Daily Infographics.

Daily Infographic is best for people looking for an infographic design service before promoting the infographic.

Submission Link: Submit here.

Fee: $350


Infographics King

Domain Authority: 29

Cost: Free

Infographic Submission Link: Submit here



Domain Authority: 17

Cost: 25

Submission link: Submit here


Infographics Archive

Domain Authority: 20

The website offers free and paid infographic publishing services.

Domain Authority: 55

Cost: Free, $20, $34 and $44

Infographic Submission Link: Submit here



Domain Authority: 24

Using Paypal, you can get your infographic published at Pure Infographics.

Domain authority: 24

Cost: $30

Submit your infographic here


Infographic Showcase

Domain Authority: 49

Infographic Showcase publishes infographics at $ 50 per infographic.

The site does not allow free submissions.

You will pay the amount through Paypal before getting an infographic review.

Submit your infographic here.



Domain Authority: 34

This website was previously called infographicsonline.com.

The website accepts infographic submissions

To publish, you need a link to the original article containing the infographic, the infographic image file, infographic title and a brief description.

To submit your infographic, email it to the email available here.


Infographic Database

Domain Authority: 29

Cost: $20 or $30

Submission link: Submit here



Domain Authority: 16

This is a premium infographic gallery which showcases high quality and informative infographics.

Submit your infographic using the email available on this link.

Cost; Free submission, $10 for express review within 24 hours.



Domain Authority: 17

The infographics directory has many cool infographics.

Submit your infographic using this link.

Cost: $ 9.99


Infographic Den UK

Domain Authority: 12

Cost: $20 or $30

Submission link: Submit here


Infographix Directory

Domain Authority: 40

Cost: Free, $20, $30 and $40

Submission link: Submit here


Infographic Submission

Domain Authority: 20

Cost: Free

Submission link: Submit here


Good Infographics

Domain Authority: 17

The website allows both free and paid infographics submissions.

Cost: Free or $25

Submission link: Contact the email provided on this link



Domain Authority: 28

Cost: Free

Submission link: Upload infographics here


Discover Infographics

Domain Authority: 18

Cost: $20

Submission Link: Submit the infographic here


Infographic Poster

Domain Authority: 32

Cost: $30

Submission Link: Submit the infographic here



Domain Authority: 55

Graphs.net is a premium infographics submission website which allows both free and paid options depending on the features that you need.

The paid options range from Express Submission ($25), Paid Submission ($49) and Sponsored Submission ($99).

You may also submit your infographic for free but it will take several weeks to get published.

Submission Link: Submit your infographic here



Domain Authority: 1

The website collects and showcases some of the best data visualizations and infoographics in the world.

To submit your infographic, you will need to create an account first.

Cost: Free submission and free publishing once you meet the conditions

Check the submission link here.


Directory of Infographics

Domain Authority: 17

This is a huge directory of infographics in different categories.

The website has a free infographic directory plan but there is no guarantee that your infographic will be published.

For instant publication, you can use the paid plan.

Cost: 10

Submission link: Use this link




Domain Authority: 13

Visulatic aims to curate the best infographics and visual data in the world.

Submit your infographics free of charge using this submission link.

Cost: Free of charge



Domain Authority: 14

You can submit your visuals or infographics for free.

If you need a dofollow backlink, then you will need to pay $20. For more guidelines on how to submit your infographic, visit the Submit the infographic here link.

Cost: Free, $20 for a dofollow back link.


Shit Hot Infographics

Domain Authority: 16

David Eaves owns the website.

He is always ready to publish and feature the best infographics globally.

Get in touch with David and submit your infographic here.

Cost: Free of charge.



Domain Authority: 37

All Infographics is the perfect place to submit an infographic free of charge.

All you have to do is to follow the company on Facebook and Twitter and then submit your infographic accompanied by a 500-word decsription.

Cost: Free.

Here is the Submission link



Domain Authority: 18

Visual Kiwi, the leading visual content online community, allows you to submit your infographic free of charge.

Cost: Free

Here is the Submission link


I Love Charts

Domain Authority: 48

The Tumblr blog specializes in featuring and showcasing teh best data visualizations across the web.

If you have a new infographic that has not lasted one year (and become stale), you can upload it.

Cost: Free

Sumit the infographic here.


Infographic Site

Domain Authority: 29

Infographic Website curates the best infographics and presents them in an easy way.

Cost: Free

Here is the submission link.



Domain Authority: 92

The high Domain Authority website allows you to create an account and showcase your design portfolio to the world.

How to submit your infographic: You need to create an account and “Add Work” where work is your infographic.

Don’t forget to link back to your website.

Cost: Free


Infographic Zone

Domain Authority: 47

This is the home of infographics, data visualization and visual graphics.

Submission guidelines: To submit an infographic, send them an email to the email provided with all details such as: the infographic title, 1 200 word description, the original source of infographic and the suitable category.

Cost: Free


Amazing infographics

Domain Authority: 36

Meet Amazing Infographics, as the name suggests.

You have to purchase the infographic review service.

Cost: $50

Here is the sumission link


Visual Loop

DA: 51

How to submit infographics: Create an account and start uploading your infographics



Domain Authority: 14

This is a paid infographic submission website.

Started in 2004, the site showcases a wide variety of infographics.

Cost: $10 base price plus other premium add ons

Here is the submission link.


Only infographic

Domain Authority: 35

You must be the original creator of the infographic if you want to submit.

Cost: Free

Check here for more infographic submission guidelines


Infographic List

Domain Authority: 49

They state clearly that they are very picky.

If you believe that your infographic is of great quality, submit it here.

Cost: They will get back to you after approving your infographic.


CSW (Culture South West)

Domain Authority: 43

This is a UK based  website which published high quality content on interior design, architecture, garening and travel.

Price: Free

Here is the infographic submission link.



Domain Authority: 20

If you have an infographic which deserves attention, then go ahead and submit it.

The website publishes infographics in the marketing, SEO and social media niches.

Price: Free

Submit your infographic here.



Domain Authority: 4

This is an instant approval infographics site where your infographic is approved immediately you submit it.

Cost: Free

Submission link: Use this submission link


elearning infographics.com

Domain Authority: 55

The website publishes the best educational infographics.

After submitting your infographic, they will contact you and tell you whether your infographic has been accepted or not.

Cost: Free

Here is the submission link.


Free Infographicd Submit

Domain Authority: 18

The website will publish your infographic upon payment of infographic publishing fee.

Cost: $5

Submission email: Available on this page



Domain Authority: 82

If they love your infographic, they will publish it free of charge.

To submit your infographic, send an email together with its brief description to the email address: submissions (at) goodinc.com.

Cost: Free


Infographic Expo

Domain Authority: 14

Infographic Expo will publish your infographic as long as your submit a quality one according to their guidelines.

Include your name, email, title of infographic, description, original url and embed code if available.

Cost: Free

Submission Link: Here is the infographic submission link



How to use this list of 2021 dofollow infographic submission sites

This is the most accurate list you can get on the web at the moment of publishing.

I shall try to keep it updated, and through your help, we will keep this resource fresh.

Each entry shows the Domain Authority, cost of publishing infographics, submission or contact link and some more parameters in some areas.

Your work is to make sure that you use the information as a guide to give you an idea about the website’s traffic, authority and fees.

If you  feel that you are getting value for time and money, go ahead and submit your infographics, otherwise, stop submitting.

If you find any website which has closed down, kindly notify me, that is one way of enlarging your connections base.


How did I get the full list of free infographic submission websites?

There is no denying it that this is not the ultimate list of infographic submission sites.


Because people publish thousands of websites every day, including infographic submission websites.

However, there is a way through which you can search and get a large list.

One way is by using the infographic lists provided by bloggers. For instance, with this list, you don’t have to search any more.

Secondly, you can use the following Google search operators that extend the results and give you quality search results.






allintext:submit infographics

allintext:submit infographic

allintext:submit graphics

allintext:submit images

“submit infographics”

[your keyword] + “submit infographics”

site:(website url) submit infographic


What are the benefits of submitting your infographics to free infographics submission websites?

Are infographics still important this year?


If you love facts, let the amazing statistics from Lucid Press inspire you.

Infographics have many benefits because of their characteristics.

84% of marketers who have used infographics have found them effective.

Researchers have pointed the following as the main reasons:


1. Infographics are visually attractive and compelling

We know that the human brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than written content.

According to Quick Sprout, content that contains infographics or other types of visual content gets 94% more views than plain written content.

People are more attracted to pictorial content hence their attraction to infographics.


2. Infographics are easy to view and scan

It takes the average human being six seconds or less to decide if they want to consume your content or not.

Social Media Examiner states that visual marketing is better than any other form of marketing because it is simple.

The infographics provide content that is easier to digest as opposed to blocks of text.

This makes your audience to stick around longer which increases dwell time until you convey your message.


3. Infographics are easy to digest

According to MIT, it takes the brain only 13 milliseconds (or the blink of an eye) to process an image and make sense out of it.

The best way of explaining a subject matter to common people who are not experts is by breaking it down to chewable and digestible chunks.

Infographics accomplish that task very well.


4. They are highly shareable

Infographics have capacities of going viral due to their attractive nature.

Infographics get 3x more shares on social media than any other type of content according to NN Group.

By creating and using them consistently, you stand a chance of creating viral infographics which can boost your online presence.


5. Infographics are portable and embeddable

It is very easy for anybody to use your infographic on their websites because infographics have embed codes.

Furthermore, they are light and easy to download and upload into another website.


6. You can stand out with infographics

The best way of standing out is by doing something that others are not doing.

At the moment, only a few organizations use infographics as a marketing strategy.

What if you leverage the power of social media marketing or WhatsApp marketing with infographics?

Give it a try.


7. Infographics provide global coverage

Once you publish an infographic online, its reach is worldwide.

Do you remember the images you normall share with your friends?

They are global and yet only one person created one of them.


8. Well-researched Infographics portray you as a subject matter expert

Infographics require a lot of data collection and research.

All these coupled with the design itself and the presentation will portray you as a knowledgeable industry leader.


9. Infographics are promotional resources for your brand

Infographics that contain your logo are marketing tools which help in promoting your business.

Make sure your infographic has some aspects of your company branding.


10. Infographics generate and

increase web traffic

Just like image search, infographics search is a source of web traffic.

According to Demand Gen Report, using infographics can increase the number of visitors to your blog by about 12%.

Well, this is not a small increment of web traffic.

Furthermore, all links pointing to an infographic are potential sources of traffic for your website.


11. Infographics offer immense SEO benefits (You can get quality backlinks from infographics submission sites)

Infographics can be used for search engine optimization.

As you share your high quality infographics, many people link to your original infographic leading to more backlinks.

It is an undisputable fact that backlinks are among the most powerful SEO signals in the world.


12. Infographics are easy to track and analyze

You can easily monitor the success of your infographics campaign through image search.

Your infographics will help you to know the kind of content that your audience loves most.


13. There are several infographics submission sites

Are you wondering if your infographics will ever see the light of the day?

The good news is that there are several infographics submission websites which are waiting for your high quality infographics.

Take the bold step now and get your infographic out there.


14. Infographics increase engagement

This article by WebDam indicates that infographics and posts that contain images receive 650% higher engagement than written content.

Web visitors love infographic websites than websites that have huge chunks of texts.

You don’t want to avoid infographics.


15. Infographics have already helped other marketers

According to Venngage, 30% of marketers love infographics more than other types of content because infographics generate the desired results.

Don’t you want to be the next marketer to start using infographics.


16. You can share one infographic as many times as you want with a different description

Unlike written content which will appear as plagiarized, an infographic remains fresh even after publishing it on thousands of websites.

This is cool.

All you have to change is the small introduction or the infographic description for each submission you make.

Better still, there are some websites which can craft a compelling description for your infographic.


You know the advantages of infographics marketing, what next?

Now that you know the importance of infographics, let’s get a step by step guide to online infographic submission and promotion.

You need this or else your infographics will get rejected.


How to submit and promote infographics on free infographic submission websites the correct way

If you want to start submitting and promoting your infographics on other websites, then you need to know these tips:

Creating your infographics

Choosing reliable and trusted infographic submission websites

Knowing the types of infographic submission sites

Building relationships with other webmasters

Writing compelling content to accompany your infographics

Pitching infographics publishing websites the right way

Promoting your infographics once they have been published


Infographics submission is a long-term investment

Just like other aspects of content marketing, infographic submission is a long term investment.

Never take if for a short-term link building process.

Remember that creating and publishing an infographic is not enough.

You need to promote your infographic and put it in front of many people for the process to yield the desired outcomes.


A Step by Step Guide to Infographics Marketing

Here are important steps that you should follow for effective infographic marketing:


Step 1: Select a good infographic title

This is important.

You need to look at popular topics which many people love.

The best place to start from is Google Search.

Find out if some people have already created an infographic on your chosen topic.

If there exists an infographic, is it good enough?

How many shares does it have?

Do you have good resources from which to collect data for your infographic?


Step 2: Collect the data you want to present in your infographic

Organize the points that you wish to raise in your infographic.

Be sure to have the fact and the accompanying scientific evidence to support it.

You may get the evidence from other research findings or from articles in renown websites.


Step 3: Design a high quality infographic

This step is crucial and critical.

Design is the aesthetic cover of your infographic.

Your promotion efforts depend on the quality of your infographic more than on the content.

Many people will share your infographic because it looks amazing and not necessarily because it has great content.

I am not in any way belittling the content of the infographic.

Make sure that you include your points, data and the accompanying graphics.

This is where your expertise as an infographic designer comes in handy.

If you need help, we can design your infographic according to your specifications at a small fee.

Contact us for affordable infographic design services


Step 4: Research all Infographics Submission Sites for 2021

This article contains links to thousands of infographics submission websites.

Your work is to do additional research to establish whether you want to publish your infographics on these sites.

Check the following for every website to which you want to submit your infographics:

      • The domain authority
      • Types of infographics posted on the websites
      • The kind of audience that the website serves
      • Submission requirements and guidelines
      • Infographic dimensions required
      • The web design of the sites
      • Cost of publishing on the websites
      • Length of written content accompanying the infographics
      • Grammar and syntax of the websites
      • Any other requirements as stipulated by the website managers
      • The estimated amount of web traffic and social shares of posts


If you realize that the website meets your criteria for a good infographic submission site, then go ahead and plan to submit yours.

Generally, high quality blogs are pickier when it comes to choosing infographics to publish on their websites.


Step 5: Submit your infographics to Instant Infographics Submission Sites for 2021 that you love

Some websites accept and approve infographics instantly.

You need to submit your infographics to such websites regardless of the type of backlink they will give you.

Even a no-follow backlink has its place in SEO.

For example, websites such as Pinterest, Infographic File, Slide Share and Visual.ly will publish your infographic regardless of its outlook.

Don’t ignore them since they may be good sources of traffic.

Furthermore, people who copy content from such websites may end up giving you a do-follow backlink.

At the same time, bloggers visiting the authoritative websites may find your content and share with their audience.


Step 6: Write Awesome Content for your high-quality Infographic

Great infographics speak for themselves but writing a top-notch infographic summary to accompany your infographic will make your pitch irresistible to editors.

Ensure that your content suits the tone and needs of the blog you are submitting to.

Your infographic’s description must include a summary of its content and reasons why the editor should publish it.

Do not forget to link back to your website in the description.


Step 7: Send your pitch and reach out to site editors

It is easier to reach out to the editors and website owners after creating your infographic and the infographic description than when you have nothing to offer.

Send a nice small pitch using the contact details specified in the submission page.

Mind the length of your message since most editors are too busy and you don’t want to ruin their day with more gibberish.


Step 8: Build relationships with editors of infographic publishing websites

Reach out to Infographics Submission Sites.

Once a blogger publishes your infographic, create a good relationship with them.

Be helpful to bloggers and you will get their services when required.

For instance, you can comment on their articles, congratulate them, point out broken links and some typos, etc.

Keeping in touch with bloggers is important because they may give you referrals or recommend your infographics to their networks.


Step 9: Give your infographic the right attribution

If your infographic is so good, people must share it across their networks.

That is cool.

The bad thing, some people may not attribute it to the original source, you.

Perform a reverse image search on Google and see the people who have used your infographics.

When you find those who have attributed it correctly, say a simple thank you and tell them how happy you are.

Never pick a quarrel with people who wrongly attribute your infographics.

Instead, use it to your advantage.

Contact them and tell them that you are the original creator of the infographic that they have wrongly attributed.

Many of such websites will link back to you and you will go home smiling.


Step 10: Rinse and start over again: Create the next Infographic

By now, you have received some exposure and a few lessons.

Why don’t you use them to get even more exposure?

Use the existing relationships to promote your infographics and other types of content.

Who knows, some companies may even hire you to create infographics for them or to promote theirs if they see how serious you are.

In the end, you shall have a ton of your infographics out there in thousands of infographics submission sites.

This means that you will have more exposure your backlink profile will grow naturally as more people link to your infographics.

That is how your infographic submission and marketing campaigns will help you grow your business.


Step 11: Pay attention to paid, freemium and free infographic submission sites

This is a bonus that will help you.

Although some websites claim that they can publish your infographic for free, they use server resources and may be very happy if you give them a small donation.

Even if you are on a tight budget, look for ways of appreciating them.

You may decide to promote the infographics on social media or even make their work easier by following instructions.

If a website states that you must pay to publish infographics, just do so.


How to Get Accepted by Top Infographics Submission Sites in 2021


Choose a good and original topic

Infographics do well when you choose nice, trendy and popular topics. If you choose dull and outdated topics, nobody will view your infographic.


Add reliable data sources to your infographic

Data is important. Remember that people are looking for facts and not stories. Give them concrete data and your infographic will go viral and drive more engagement.


Provide an original infographic description

A picture is not enough. You need to explain in words what the photo is talking about. This is good for SEO and for some of your audience who prefer reading.


Provide data sources

Tell everybody where you got your data from. Provide the original source of all facts presented.


Why your infographic may be rejected by the best infographic submission sites in 2021


Poor design

A poorly designed infographic stands no chance of getting published. Instead, you need to hire a professional graphic designer to help you.


Too much of self-promotion

You cannot fool people. They will smell from a far off that you are promoting your business using an infographic.


Low quality of data

Be sure to use reliable data sources to make your infographic more credible.


Using adult, profane language

Many sites do not publish infographics which contain adult or profane language.


Promoting Casino and Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceuticals and Casinos are considered spammy by many webmasters. Do not create an infographic on such topics unless you know where to publish it.


Why are these the best infographics submission sites in 2021?

These are websites whose sole aim is to curate and publish high quality infographics in the year 2021.

Why must did include the year 2021?

Because some infographic submission sites close shop each year.

Therefore, if at all I am to stay relevant, I have to talk about websites which are active in 2021 (best free and paid infographic submission website list of 2021).

Some infographics submission websites publish infographics on specific niches while others publish all types of infographics.

Your work is to find out whether a website accepts infographics in your niche before submitting.


Conclusion on Infographics submission sites 2021

Infographics submission sites have a fair share of SEO and marketing in 2021.

You have learnt that infographics are powerful digital marketing tools which have many advantages.

If you are not promoting your business through infographics, then you are accepting to be left behind.

Do something.

Start creating, publishing, submitting and promoting your infographics now.

Do you have any other infographics submission sites that are not included?

Submit them in the comments section below and I shall check them out and add them to this list.

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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