Make Money Online Requirements and Tips

Hello Friend. Want to make money online?

Today I will tell you what you require to start making money online.

And no.

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    You don’t need a degree from any university or college to start making money online.

    Guess what? You shall be amazed to realize that you have all it takes to start making money online.

    All you lack is a reminder to put what you have into action.

    What must you have to make money online?

    But who am I to tell you this? Learn about Kegesa Danvas Abdullah.

    You urgently need these 10 things to start minting money online:

    • Yourself
    • Language
    • Typing Skills
    • Computer
    • Internet
    • Website
    • Product
    • Audience
    • Motivation
    • Training
    • God


    You Need Yourself To Make Money

    You look surprised.

    You really need to be alive and in good health to work online.

    I am not talking about the busy you.

    The truth is you really need yourself. I am talking of you in your most sober state.

    If you drink alcohol, please leave it aside and concentrate.

    If you spend most of your time chatting on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other social media without making money online, you MUST STOP.

    If you spend most of your time looking for that beautiful lady or that handsome gentleman, stop for now.

    You will realize that nobody will tolerate your beauty or handsomeness if you are not diligent enough to even make money online from your bedroom.

    Have you ever realized that we all have 24 hours a day and yet some of us do things which leave us poorer each day?

    Where did the rain start beating you?

    You have never been available.

    In this case, I need you to sit down under the shade and think about it.

    What will you lose by making the right decisions that will positively impact your life?

    You lose nothing.

    Therefore, the first necessary ingredient for your success in making money online is you.


    A Little Bit of Language Will Help You to Make Money Online

    Websites use language.

    You need language to make money online.

    All online communities and gigs are available in various languages.

    Know how to express yourself.

    If you are reading and understanding this article, you are already way too clever.

    What the hell have you been waiting for?

    You should be busy making money online by now!

    If you claim that you know English and you do not understand anything on this page, how on earth did you arrive here?

    Unfortunately, some native languages are not acceptable in many online communities.

    The most commonly used online languages are English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, French, German and Malay.

    If you do not understand any of the languages, you may find it difficult to make money online because you shall have a very limited audience.

    In short, learn every day on how to express yourself in simple English.

    No tough terminologies are needed in making money online.



    A Computer or Smart Phone to Start Making Money

    You need a device.

    It does not matter if you have a smartphone or any type of computer.

    Your device must be fast enough and ready to use.

    I asked a friend if he had a computer and he said: “I have a laptop, it is at the repair shop”.

    Make sure you have your device at hand, mark this as important.

    You shall realize that you only need what you have at hand for you to succeed.

    If you have a lazy nice neighbor who does not know how to use their device, you can also borrow and use their device in making money online instead of watching movies all day long and staying poorer each day.

    One day, I shall tell you how I used a borrowed computer to create an empire.


    How Computer Skills Can Help You Make Money Online

    For you to make money online, you must have some basic computer skills.

    You may acquire the skills by interacting with people who use computers or by formal training.

    Training is the best option.

    In one way or another, you shall have to type something into a keyboard for you to make money online.

    You need to know how to type anything either on your smartphone or your computer of any kind.

    I am not saying that you need to go to any typing classes neither am I saying that you need to be a peck typist. If you can locate various keypads on your smartphone or computer, you are ready to make money online.


    You Need Internet Connection to Make Money Online

    In one way or the other, you really need an internet connection.

    If you don’t know what internet connection is, then you may like to find out first.

    Before then, how did you end up reading this article without an internet connection?

    Research in your local area and find reliable internet service providers or even mobile internet providers who can help you get connected.

    You may also wish to get a modem or connect your smartphone to your computer using appropriate technology.

    The internet connects you to resourceful material that can help you make money online.

    If you have any product you wish to sell, or you want to make money online through other ways, you need to connect to the internet and meet the people.

    Somebody may tell you that you can make money online free of charge but nothing is far from the truth. Internet connection alone costs money.

    You need to know what you have and what else you need to make money online successfully.

    If you have the internet, then you should start making money immediately.


    You Need a Website to Make Money Online

    You need a website to make money online.

    However, you may or may not own the website in question.

    If you follow all of my tutorials, you shall learn how to create your website within 2 hours.

    I am telling you from experience that you can create a website without having prior programming or web designing knowledge or experience.

    As you shall realize, following simple instructions is the only condition necessary for you to make money online.

    If you have your website, you can customize it to start making money.

    If you do not have a website yet, stick around and learn how to get started.

    It only costs less than $20 to have your website up and running.

    Here is a complete article on how to create a WordPress website with Bluehost.

    In case you do not wish to have a personal website, you can still make money online through other ways by using what is already available.

    For example, you may market other company’s products and get a commission; you may write for money, you may take surveys, etc.

    It all depends on the product you wish to handle.


    You Need a Product to Start Making Money Online

    It is impossible to make money online without having a product or a service.

    Your product may be written content or ability to write original content, your creativity to create nice content, an e-book, a photo, advice, your skills, guides, etc.

    You need to sit and think of a product you wish to sell online.

    If you require a skill which you do not have, you need to take time in training.

    It is always good to start with what you have.


    You Need a Market/ Customers to Make Real Money Online

    Your target market consists of online shoppers.

    Check out this article on how to find clients on LinkedIn

    Consider the online market as your shop at home, only in which it exists in online realms.

    Your online shop has customers who you wish to sell to.

    Do you wish to sell to local customers or international customers?

    Customers may be an audience waiting to listen to your advice (your product in this case).

    Do you have what it takes to engage with them efficiently?

    Remember that you are competing with many sellers that could be doing what you are doing.

    How do you present yourself to the market as the best brand?

    Knowledge of your type of audience and market is a necessary requirement to make real money online.


    You Need Motivation to Start Making Money Online

    I am here to motivate you.

    I started feeling like making money online many years ago but I was not motivated enough.

    Sometimes, circumstances may motivate you to start something.

    Sometimes, the need for money may motivate you.

    Sometimes, friends like me may motivate you by telling you that it works.

    These productivity hacks will awaken your motivation

    I am here to tell you that it is possible to make money online.

    You are already motivated by my words.


    You Need Training if You Really Want To Make Money Online

    You need training in some aspects of working online.

    As I mentioned above, not all people know how to use a computer or a smartphone.

    Worse still not all people who have computer skills know how to employ them in making money online.

    If you feel that you need training in any sphere of making money online, please contact me using the contact details provided.

    I shall be glad to help you out.

    It took me two weeks to start my first website without having any knowledge in programming or web design.

    I am still glad I ventured into the unknown.

    I can tell you how to start a website or blog and have it live within a day.

    You also need a teachable spirit, attention to detail and willingness.

    Above all, you need divine inspiration from God.


    You need God’s Help in Your Online Ventures

    Best for last. We all need God.

    The internet has many things. He alone can direct you to the good stuff.

    I know some people who do not have the discipline to look at good things online.

    Only God can help you concentrate on the good stuff if you are willing to let Him.

    You need God to stay alive and do everything.

    Without Him, you do nothing.

    Take some time to pray and ask God to guide you.

    He shall give you peace of mind, sound judgment, wisdom, a computer, a smart phone, an internet connection, good physical health, emotional stability, the right language, morale, and all resources.

    Ask God also to help you stop wasting time so that you can start making money online immediately.

    Remember to give back to Him when He has given you money and all resources.


    Now, What Next for your online Business

    Get what you lack.

    Start working. What are you waiting for?

    You have realized that you have all you need to make money online.

    What else do you think you need?

    If you postpone, you shall never move an inch.

    You shall always say that it is not possible to earn income online.

    If you are still stuck, ask me anything in the comments section below.

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