Most Accurate Search Volume Keyword Research SEO Tool

What is the Most Accurate Search Volume Keyword Research SEO Tool?

If you are in the SEO and digital marketing industry, then you understand the importance of knowing and using the best SEO keyword research tools.

The best way to find the SEO tool that has the most accurate keyword search volume is to ask search engines like Google.

A few years ago, Google used to help content creators by providing search volume details of all keywords on their Google Keyword Planner tool.

However, four years ago, Google revoked access to detailed search volumes.

The decision left many search engine optimizers fumbling to find important keyword metrics with which to optimize their websites.

Other players in the SEO industry have created tools that are equally important or better than Google Keyword Planner.


Most Accurate Search Volume Keyword Research SEO Tool

To find the SEO tool that provides the most accurate keyword search volume, you need to compare and analyze the search results of the most popular tools out there.

According to Moz, the best tools include Google Keyword Planner, Moz Keyword Explorer, Ahrefs, SpyFu, SEMRush and KeywordFinder.

Research findings indicate that Moz Keyword Explorer provides the most accurate keyword search volumes.

In order for this article to help you further, you need to know why Moz Keyword Explorer is the best keyword research tool for SEO based on search volumes.

the most accurate keyword search volume tool


Moz has a large database of links

Moz Keyword Explorer has a rich database of links from which it extracts information. Moz specifies that its tool has indexed millions of keywords from various sources.

One of its sources is Google Keyword Planner. Its search volumes are more accurate because the tool draws data from a variety of reliable sources.

After scouring the web for data, the tool analyzes it and provides the latest expectations and trends.

Moz extracts data from its sources daily

The Moz Keyword Explorer searches for data daily by crawling billions of website pages.

This means that the tool adds fresh and timely information on keyword search volumes every day, unlike other keyword research tools.

For instance, when a website gains or loses a link, the Moz Keyword Planner will be the first one to note and publish the gained or lost link.

Furthermore, when the number of searches for a specific keyword increase over time, the tool provides almost real-time updates.


The tool provides sophisticated analytics beyond Google Adwords

Most tools use Google’s organic keyword search volumes data from Adwords to estimate search volumes.

Moz Keyword Planner uses the complicated Russ Jones’ volume bucket methodology together with anonymous data from millions of users in the United States of America and across the world.

Moz purchases anonymous data from other third parties to use in creating a model that is more reliable than its competitors.

The algorithm analyzes and generates predicted search volumes that are 95% accurate.

While tools that extract data from Google display Adwords’ volume data, the Moz Keyword Explorer reports synthesized data by combining premium information from e-commerce websites and other independent third parties.


Key features of Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer is simple

Another reason why Moz Keyword Explorer is the best tool for accurate search volume analysis is its simplicity.

Anybody can use the tool right off the bat even without any prior SEO knowledge. The tool will guide you through your keyword research process without you getting lost.

It enables you to discover new keywords and build massive lists of your best ones. Furthermore, it lets you filter them and prioritize them according to your needs.


The tool gives you other metrics

Keyword research entails more than search volumes.

Moz Keyword Explorer gives you the keyword difficulty, organic click-through rates, popularity of the keyword and helps you to prioritize your content.

If you enter your website, it will generate a list of keywords that your website is most likely to rank for without too much work.


What is the Most Accurate Search Volume Keyword Research SEO Tool?

If you need a tool that will enable you to get the most accurate search volume results then you should consider using the Moz Keyword Explorer.

The tool collects billions of keyword data on a daily basis and presents it to its users in a simple format.

It also provides other keyword metrics such as information on competitors, historical trends, keyword opportunities and suggestions for improvement.

Researchers like Backlinko state that the Moz Keyword Explorer delivers keyword research at accuracy levels of about 95% which is above any other known tool.

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