Most Important SEO Strategies for Your WordPress Blog

Do you know the most important SEO strategies for your WordPress blog in 2019?

Digital Marketing has advanced by leaps and bounds and marketers make every effort and leave no stone unturned to bring generate immense profit out of businesses.

There are multifarious ways in which we can enhance the lead conversion rate of any business.

Search engine optimization has become an inevitable part of online businesses and it is necessary for every marketer to understand the true meaning of SEO.


What Exactly SEO is?

Search engine optimization is the set of strategies which are used for enhancing the rankings of your website in search engines.

Generally, the strategies help to increase the quality of your website and make the site user-friendly and easier to navigate.


Can We Do It Without SEO?

Certainly not, SEO has become really important for the business and helps your online business to grow, expand and generate more revenues. Thus, SEO strategies are crucial for every business.


How to Make Your Website Search Engine Optimized

One of the primary ways of making your website search engine optimized is by blogging as having a good blog post on the site helps your website to rank higher on the priority list.

Moreover, the quality content keeps the audience engaged and attracts a number of potential users to your site.

Thus, it can make a huge difference to the overall performance of your website in the search engines.


Platforms for Blogging

There are a host of platforms available for blogging. One of the popular platforms is WordPress which has become a leading platform for blogging.

Most of the websites nowadays are built on the WordPress platform. Due to its SEO friendly nature, it has become really popular among web developers and various digital marketing experts.


Best SEO Strategy in 2019

There are some tips which must be followed to ensure that your website content ranks higher, is properly optimized and ready to rock in 2019.


Set Permalink Structure to Static

permalink of blog

It is essential to note that the permalink structure of the WordPress blogs is not up to the mark both for users and for SEO.

No worries!

It is very simple and easy to alter the default settings and make the version more search-engine friendly.

We can change the permalink structure by going to the WordPress Dashboard and then select Settings > Permalink Settings, and choose Post Name.

This will help you to clean the URL structure which is liked by Google and helps to rank your website higher in the ranking list.


Upload an XML Sitemap


Xml sitemap from Yoast

Adding an XML sitemap can be really beneficial in ensuring that the content and posts can be found easily and makes the searching process efficient.

There are various plugins available that can help you to easily generate the sitemap automatically.

Moreover, such type of add-ons also notifies Google whenever new content is updated on your site.



Use Keywords in Title and Header Tags

Keywords should be used to make your content optimized as the well-optimized content involves more than one keyword throughout the content. Variations in the keyword can also be included in the content.

The most vital location where you can use the keyword is on the title tag as it helps your site to rank higher in the priority list.

Also, you should try to use the keywords in the beginning and end of the blog post.


Switch to HTTPS

switch from http to https

SSL should be used on your website if your site has the option to input contact details and payment details as it ensures that the information you have entered is totally encrypted and protected from the online hackers.

However, if your site shows the “Non-Secure” warning on the navigation bar than it may not appeal to visitors which may increase the bounce rate.

Nowadays, having SSL is considered to be a pivotal ranking factor by various search engines.

In the modern era, the hackers are becoming quite active online so search engines appreciated if your site has proper security measures.


Build Links

create backlinks
Various ways of creating backlinks (Courtesy of WebDigia)

Link building is another major ranking factor that helps to boost the ranking of your website in the search engines.

It is very convenient and easy to have internal linking which can be done in WordPress on the keywords that you want to focus primarily.

Linking helps the targeted users to easily navigate your website by moving from one post to another. Thus, linking helps in making your site user-friendly.

Furthermore, internal linking also significantly improves on page views and bounce rate. Also, you need to have other good -quality blogs to your site with external links.

In addition to this, guest posting can be done to get a high ranking site link to your WordPress blog which helps to enhance the lead conversion rate on your site.


Common SEO Tips

Make sure you employ the common SEO tips that you already know. The biggest trick is to create content for human beings instead of creating it for search engine spiders. Avoid any dirty black-hat SEO tricks.

Header tags in the blog will also help the users to know what the content is about. The WordPress platform makes it easy for you to use header tags which can be added by just clicking on the text formatting drop down box which is located on the visual editor.


The crux of The Above

Content Marketing has become an indispensable part of digital marketing. To make your site rank higher it is of paramount importance to publish good quality blog posts on a regular basis.

The quality of your content will improve the traffic by manifolds.

Therefore, it is vital to manage the content on your site effectively and follow the above guidelines to publish great content for higher rankings in the search engines and delivering WordPress customer service that can actually add value to the business.

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