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Factors Affecting Prices of Custom Writing Services

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Time Allocated for the Service

Time is a copywriting price factor. Projects which need to be completed in stricter deadlines require full attention and maximum allocation of resources. They cost more than projects which stretch over long periods of time. Price varies inversely with time.

Quality of Services

We offer highest quality copywriting services. If you are keen, you may have seen some websites offering article writing services at $5. That is total bullshit. Such kinds of papers cannot rank your website. Real articles like the ones at Backlinko and Quick Sprout need experts. They rank and boost sales!

Standard Copywriting Prices

The copywriting market has set standard copywriting rates for various types of copy. We try as much as possible to stick to professional rates. We are not cheap because we know what we are doing. Professional copywriting services cost good money.

Service Packages

Price varies depending on the type of service package selected. Bulk purchases are associated with quantity discounts. For instance, if you purchase 50 articles per month, we shall gladly give you a quantity discount as compared to 1 article per month.

Type of Product

Various types of products have different prices. For instance, the price of writing a professional article is lower than that of writing sales copy. All types of writing have different prices for all types of design work. The type of service affects the amount payable.

Complexity of Service

We all agree that not all services are simple. Services which require travelling, data collection, advanced research and analytical techniques require more resources. They, therefore, require more money, their prices are higher than those of simpler ones.


Certain services require add-ons. They are treated separately. For instance, when doing social media campaigns after writing articles, when doing search engine optimization on existing and new websites, we treat each service on an individual basis.

Levels of creativity Needed

It’s hard to be clever. The higher the level of creativity required, the higher the cost. Companies invest a lot of money on hiring witty copywriters just to create catchy headlines and sales copy that persuade various audiences to take action. Every word counts.


Integration with Client’s Work

When delivering certain services, the background of the client may be considered. For instance,  we may need to evaluate the competition and position the company and build the brand. If the client has already done background checks, our work becomes easier.


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