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Looking for expert eBook writing services?

If you want to establish thought leadership, you need to write an ebook and publish it in your name.


Let’s face it.

All great leaders have written books (or they have hired professional ebook writing services to help them).

Donald Trump has written and published many books.

What about Barack Obama?

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Bill Clinton, Ben Carson and all prominent people have published books.

Do you know why?

Because publishing books gives you a great sense of authority and thought leadership.

That is how the world works.

Many large organizations publish eBooks and give away for free to collect leads and emails and to enhance brand authority.

You too can benefit from ebooks. Here are a few benefits of publishing quality ebooks.


Importance of Writing eBooks with Cute Writers

Outsourced eBook writing can power your inbound marketing

Your eBook may become the number one source of leads for your business.

Whenever people want to learn about a company, they look for resources that tell them more about the business.

eBooks are powerful sources of information for your prospects.


They may convert your prospects passively while you focus on other aspects of your business.

Affiliate marketers use eBooks to link to other products that can benefit the reader.

When written properly by professional ebook writers, ebooks will power your inbound marketing.

Cutewriters has reliable ebook writers who are ready to enhance your business by crafting original ebooks for you.

Take the bold step and place your order now.


eBooks explain concepts exhaustively

You already know that people love videos and short blog posts that take a short time to consume.

Such types of content have a role in marketing.

Gurus turn to ebooks when they want to cover complicated topics that need more explanations.

The best thing.

People who read your ebooks are more likely to purchase your goods or services.

Ebooks make it easier for you to tell your prospects a story that your competitors are not telling.

But successful ebooks are the ones that can hook the reader and keep them interested from the beginning to the end.

Let the best ebook writers create your ebook today.

Ebooks Establish Authority

The essence of ebooks is to communicate valuable information to the reader.

The writer comes out as an authority in the subject matter since they can contribute valuable information to the world’s knowledge base.

If your ebook provides more value, your readers will associate your business or brand with the wealth of information they obtained from the ebook.

By demonstrating your industry knowledge, your readers will start viewing your brand as an authoritative source of solutions for future challenges.

They will stay loyal to you, your brand and everything that proceeds from you.

Order high-quality ebook writing services now.

eBooks build trust

The language used to convey the message in your ebook is important in building trust with your audience.

The best ebook writers know how to use language in building trust with their readers.

For instance, the use of a conversational tone in explaining concepts creates strong relationships with readers because they read as if talking with you.

Your ebook can be the number one trust builder.

Hire reliable ebook writers today and build rapport with your readers.


Quality ebooks can generate new business leads

Your ebook is your secret arsenal that will grow your business leads and subscribers. The ebook may be given free of charge to your target audience to get their name, email and even phone number.

It is hard to get a stranger’s name, email, website, business and phone number without breaking a sweat.

And yet an ebook can help you.

If you are keen, you might have seen how successful businesses use ebooks to increase the number of subscribers.

They entice you with irresistible ebook offers to get your contact details and information about your business.

Then they start marketing their products.

You too should write quality ebooks and start generating new business leads.


eBooks create online buzz

If you create original ebooks, your content stands a chance of going viral.

Furthermore, your most qualified leads won’t mind joining your email list to access the type of information that you are sharing.



People are looking for the most reliable information to consume.

By publishing what your readers want, you are telling them to stay in your list, download your ebooks, talk about your abilities and attract more new visitors to your website.

Good ebooks generate buzz on all social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

You need ebooks to help your audience, develop deeper relationships and create a buzz which ultimately attracts more business.

Order the best eBook writing services now.


You can repurpose eBook content

eBooks contain a lot of information.

You may repurpose the information and build a bank of other information around it.

For instance, you may create YouTube videos from your ebook content.

You may also turn ebooks into audiobooks, white papers, biographies, infographics and shorter articles for your blog.

In so doing, you will reach a wider audience and succeed in business.

To create ebooks, you may also compile some of your articles from relevant categories.

Get affordable ebook writing services today.


eBooks are excellent sources of traffic

You can attract a ton of traffic to your website by offering a well-researched and properly-written ebook on trending hot topics.

The topics must be relevant and of major concern in your industry.

To attract traffic, you need to link to your landing pages strategically as sources of more information.

Instead of selling ebooks, you may decide to give them away for free and link to your landing pages.

If your books become viral, you will get a lot of traffic.

Attract traffic with high quality ghostwritten ebooks today.


Your ebook is your manifesto or business plan

If you include your company’s mantra, mission, vision, core values, achievements, strategies and future plans, your ebook may become a great weapon.

eBooks written in the form of manifestos are used in selling an organization and in securing funds.

Remember to include your inspiration, your motivation and your success.

You don’t know who might come across your ebook and love your tone or your mission statement.

Somebody somewhere might love your business and buy it, become a partner, sponsor you or even buy your products.

Enhance your business with proficient ebook writers.


eBooks can help you sell without selling

You can weave your brand’s abilities into your ebook through success stories, case studies and clients’ testimonials to support your claims and attract new customers.

The best way of selling without selling is by presenting an industry challenge that your customers might be facing and solving it using your tools.


In so doing, customers would want you to help them solve their problems too.

eBooks can help you sell without pushing too hard.

Today, you have a chance of getting the best ebook writing service from professional ebook writers.

Let a dedicated team of researchers, editors, freelance ebook writers and designers create your authoritative ebook.


Components of a Successful Ebook

It is now easier than ever to create a successful ebook and grow your business. However, not all ebooks serve their intended purposes. Knowing how to write an ebook and publish it does not make you an overnight expert.

Your main goal of writing an ebook is to attract people to buy or download it for free, take the intended action and share the content with other people.

That is what ebook buzz is all about.

From our many years of experience in designing, creating and publishing ebooks, we have gathered the following helpful information.

The main components of a successful ebook

eBook Design

You have heard that you should not judge a book by its cover.

Here is the truth.

Everybody judges a book by its cover.

Your work is to make sure that we start with the right design and hand you a properly designed ebook.

The design includes ebook size, cover elements, graphics, images and branding elements.

We have the best ebook templates for all formats and ebook platforms.

When you order your ebook from us, you are sure to work with the best ebook cover designers.


eBook Topic

Now that the design and overall outlook of the ebook are cool, let’s talk about the content.

The content starts from the front cover page to the rear cover page.

Choosing a topic for your ebook may breathe success into it or spell doom.

The best ebook topics have the following characteristics:

  • Popular
  • Trendy
  • Highly demanded
  • Marketable
  • Unique

Unless you have a unique perspective or a better approach, it is not good to write ebooks in saturated topics.

If you are not sure about the topic, we can help you choose a nice ebook topic.


Ebook Research

You know that there is nothing new under the sun.

The essence of writing an ebook is not to reinvent the wheel; it is to bring out fresh perspectives of your experiences to solve an existing problem.

Research is important to gather facts, data, quotes and fresh viewpoints. It is the most important aspect of ebook creation.

Research is a crucial part of the ebook planning phase of the process. You want your facts to be accurate and backed up with links to pages where your readers can act.


eBook Outline

When creating an ebook, you need to stay focused and prevent yourself from being carried away out of context.

The best way to stay focused is by using an outline.

You need to start your ebook writing process by creating an outline of the main topics and subtopics that you must cover.

Work with expert ebook writers to transform your next ebook.


Table of Contents

The outline is necessary because part of it will become the table of contents.

A good table of contents helps readers to determine what to expect in the ebook.


Ebook Length (How long should an ebook be?)

Your book should be as long as it takes to communicate your main message succinctly.

You should not take more than 10,000 words to communicate what you have.

If you have so much to say, you can write more than one eBook.

Research shows that many people consume eBooks within an hour or two.

Make your ebook full of actionable tips and hacks that your reader will enjoy implementing instead of writing a large eBook full of irrelevant kinds of stuff.

You get optimal content whenever you order eBooks from


eBook proofreading/ eBook editing

You must edit your eBook before publishing it to remove any typos and grammatical mistakes.

Not many people can spot errors.

However, there is a class of people that nitpicks and wants perfection.

You need to serve all people.

Error-free eBooks command respect from all people.

That is why we always deliver platinum-quality ebook writing services.


Ebook Promotion

Once your ebook is ready, the only important thing is to promote to your audience consistently.

You may promote it on social media platforms, through your email list, on ebook publishing websites or on your website.

If you can get local media coverage, go ahead and promote your eBook.


Get ebook reviews

Many people ride on the experience of others.

They may not buy your eBook is it is not up to snuff according to your customers’ reviews.

Even if your ebook is free, we assume that all people that have consumed it are your ideal customers.

If they leave positive reviews, many people will ask for the eBook and your brand will grow.


The Most Important Ebook Writing Tips (that we always use to create amazing ebooks)

You understand the benefits of writing an ebook.

Now is the time to learn the tricks we use to produce amazing pieces.

You can apply the same secrets when writing your ebook.


Secrets of writing a successful ebook

Research your business and your competitors to see existing needs

Choose a good topic that has an existing demand

Create an outline to keep you on track

Start writing immediately or hire an expert to write your ebook

Stop worrying about typos and all kinds of errors. Write as the words flow.

Complete the first draft of your ebook before worrying about any writing errors.

Reduce distractions during the ebook writing process.

When your first draft is ready, take a break and relax from writing.

Review your draft with fresh eyes and edit ruthlessly. Remove all excess words and anything that doesn’t make good sense.

Let an editor read and proofread your book and review the content.

Appreciate any feedback from the editor and make any changes necessary.

Format your ebook according to the publisher’s needs or your needs.

Design the cover page to suit the message in the book. You can hire an ebook cover page designer to do the job.

Publish your ebook.

Promote it on all platforms.

Keep promoting your ebook.

Start writing another one.

It is impossible to follow these steps and fail. It ha worked for us, and it works for everybody who follows it.


The Best Ebook Formatting Tools

You need to format your ebook to the acceptable formats before submitting it to publishing websites such a lulu, Amazon kindle, etc.

You may publish your ebook in formats such as ePub, Mobi, AZW, AZW3, IBA, PDF, DRM, etc.

Many publishers love the ePub ebook format because many readers can execute the format.

The following ebook formatting tools can help you create various ebook formats:

  1. Mobi Pocket – The free tool helps you to create an eBook from HTML, Word, and image files.
  2. Scrivener – The content-generation tool helps writers to format ebooks and other long documents.
  3. Calibre – The free ebook formatting tool creates ebooks compatible with eReaders such as Kindle, Nook and iPad. It doesn’t support MS word files.
  4. iBook – iBook is an Apple product that converts your ebook into an ePub so that it functions beautifully on the iPad.
  5. BookGlutton: The free ebook conversion tool helps you turn HTML books into ePub files for use on various ebook readers.


Top Ebook Publisher Websites

Once you have completed your ebook, you may turn it into PDF and start selling or sharing as you please.

If you want to sell your ebook, or if you want to reach more people, it is necessary to sell it on major ebook publishing sites.

Submitting your ebook to ebook publishing websites will help you get more readers

Here are a few such websites:

You can get several ebook publishing websites by searching on your search engine:

“publish my ebook”

“where to publish my ebooks”

“ebook publishing websites”

Publishing your ebook on many websites will expose your ebook to more customers.


Ebook Writing Services: Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me write an Ebook that people will love reading?


Our business is to tell you how to write, show you how we write and create you the best ebooks in the world.

eBook writing is some sort of online real estate.

Writing an ebook is better than real estate.

Just imagine writing an ebook once and earning from it the rest of your life.


Can ebooks help me get email subscribers?

Yes. When used as lead magnets together with great copywriting, ebooks can net you some fresh subscribers.


Do you have any live ebook samples that you’ve written for past clients?


They are so many.

Please ask for a specific sample if you want. Specify the niche or industry so that we can give you a relevant sample.

Due to competition, customers normally don’t like revealing the source of their best-selling ebooks.


Can I sell ebooks through email?


If you have a great email list, you can market your e-books to your subscribers.

Only make sure that you use the best email copywriting.


What is the best length for an ebook?

Typical ebooks have at least 6,000 words. It is good to aim for approximately 10,000 to 15,000 words or else your ebook will become too long.

People want to read ebooks within one sitting (or one standing for those who read while standing).

Forget about the length and aim to deliver value to your readers.

Using a few words to underscore your points is better.

If you have more words, it is wiser to split them into more ebooks.

Use our copywriters to write interesting ebooks that will keep the readers on toes from start to end.


How long does it take to write an ebook?

It depends on the length of the ebook and the experience of the writer.

Your ebook may be ready within one week.

It is very easy to write and publish an ebook within one day.

We have done it before but it requires dedication and a professional team.

But you need to give us ample time to pull important resources together and give you platinum-quality work.


How much can I make from selling ebooks?        

The amount is unlimited.

And you can also make nothing at all.

It all depends on your strategy.

We know people whose only business revolves around creating high-quality ebooks and publishing them on their websites and on major ebook publishing websites.

We also know a few guys who created ebooks and stored them in their computers, waiting for customers (and they seldom get any).

To maximize ebook profits, you need to create the best ebooks and actively market them on all platforms.

Research also shows that people who have more ebooks tend to have higher profits.


What is the best ebook writing strategy?

Writing for a specific audience, giving valuable information, designing a fabulous cover page and promoting your ebook like crazy.


How much do ebooks cost?

You are totally in control. It depends on the price you want to charge for the value you offer. Just take it as a consulting session; how much would you charge? Typical ebook prices range from free to thousands of dollars.


Do you have any best ebook writing reviews?


Customers love reliable ebook writers.

We make them happy and they spread the word about our services.

Here is one testimonial from a client:

This is the best ebook writing service I have ever used. I have tried a couple of others but your product is making me the highest profit.


How many ebooks can I publish?


Nobody restricts your ability to deliver value to your readers.

The more books you have, the more money you will make and the better you will build your brand.

You may even decide to create several volumes of one ebook before moving to the next.


Why We Should Write Your eBook

Access to professional ebook writers

A competent team of versatile in-house writers and freelance writers, researchers, editors and designers shall work for you.

Don’t miss out.


Professional Editors

Give your ebook the right tone, flow and voice by using our exceptional editors.

They will make you read your content every day.


Unlimited Revisions

eBook writing is complex.

You will get unlimited revisions until you smile.


Experienced Designers

The eBook covers design will sell your ebooks.

And yes, people still judge ebooks by their covers.

We let your ebook cover resonate with your reader’s needs.


Dedicated eBook Managers

You will get a manager who will work with you from now until your ebook is ready for publishing.


24/6 Support

You won’t get stuck.

How can you when we are always here to help you?


Online Publishing

If you need help, we can publish the book on online ebook publishing websites for you.


eBook Marketing

eBooks need constant promotion.

We can help you promote yours.


Get Custom eBook Content Writing Services Now

People are waiting to hear your story.

Send us the prompt and we shall write your ebook.

You only need to write once and enjoy the benefits forever.

Get affordable ebook ghostwriting services now.

Outsource the entire process to experts and relax.

Take the bold step now.