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It took me two years to understand the importance of creating a powerful landing page, and three more years of training A/B testing to offer the best landing page writing service to my clients.

I called one expert to know why Cute Writers was not making any sales.

He was so busy, but he agreed to check my website to see how I was doing things.

His words were: “You are going nowhere without a clear landing page”

He told me that the best way of extracting value out of any web page or post is by treating it as a landing page.

(How on earth could I convert all pages into landing pages?)

He looked at the kind of content I had written for my sales landing pages and told me to look for expert landing page copywriters to help me.

“Follow the advice and grow or ignore it and perish.”

And without much ado, he disconnected the call to focus on things that matter – his clients.

After all, he was helping me free of charge.

I wondered how a landing page copywriter could help me convert more customers.

That is how I started reading about the anatomy of a perfect landing page.

With the benefit of hindsight, I now understand that there is a difference between content writing and a very good landing page copywriting.

One converts and the other just sits there gathering digital dust.

After discovering the secret sauce, I started seeing results on my website.

I made sales and received hundreds of inquiries daily.

The daily revenue shot up from an average of $43 to above $2,000 after one month of creating specific landing pages.

Since then I have helped thousands of businesses attract, grow, and retain customers by creating compelling landing pages.

If you are looking for a professional landing page copywriting service, you are in the right place. Stick around and let me show you how to change every page and post on your website into a landing page.


What is a landing page?

According to the online dictionary, a landing page is a web page that serves as the entry point for a particular section of a website


A landing page is the first page you “land on” after clicking a link. This means that a landing page may be anything you land on in your online browsing experience such as a home page of a website, a blog post, a product page, a lead capture page, an article, etc.

When talking about conversion optimization in digital marketing, the definition of a landing page changes drastically (And it should because you are not here to get help writing any page – you need a real landing page that converts like crazy).

According to Leadpages, a landing page is a webpage that is specifically created to attract or take web traffic, convert them in a specific way for a particular reason.

Here is what LeadPages says:

definition of a landing page in digital marketing

What is a Landing Page?

According to Cute Writers, a landing page is a special page on a website that is disconnected from the navigation, written by a conversion copywriter, whose content attracts and causes a visitor to take a single call to action.

You can also define a landing page as the web page a visitor lands on from an Ad such as paid search or paid social media ad.


Custom Landing Page Writing Service

If you are looking for a custom landing page copywriter, then this is the right place.

Our experts excel in writing professional landing page copy that propels your conversion rates.

All businesses looking to grow their audience base need a targeted landing page that converts like crazy.

You need a specific call to action on every landing page so that you can direct your prospects in their buyer journey.

Get your custom landing page today and start experiencing true growth.


Professional Landing Page Copywriters

Each landing page ordered from Cutewriters is laden with the following features which make our landing page copywriting services irresistible:


Uniqueness – You’ll get a landing page, unlike anything you’ve seen before. It is 100% original with no aspects plagiarized from anywhere.

Professionalism – Forget about landing pages that suck. You’ll get a landing page that reflects the values of your industry and your unique value proposition.

Reliability – This is a reliable landing page copywriting service. You can depend on it to grow your business since many customers already recommend this service.

Value – The affordable landing page copywriters will always help you to create copy that converts. Forget about all the cheapest copywriting services that sell you snake oil. Here, we balance price and value without breaking your bank. You get more value for money and keep smiles coming.

SEO – Let nobody lie to you that landing pages don’t need SEO. We’re different. You get a properly optimized landing page that can attract organic traffic even without you paying a dime. Don’t you want to rank your website free of charge?

More customers – The ultimate goal of copywriting is to increase your customer base. This landing page copywriting service will get you results, or you’ll get a refund period. Picture yourself smiling all the way to the bank to deposit or withdraw more money – that’s what you deserve.

Turnaround – You’ll get the landing page as soon as possible. No waiting. Forget about weeks of waiting. Your landing page will be ready in a few days depending on length and industry, and it’ll be of great quality.

Revisions – Worried about revisions? You’ll have as many as you want until your landing page resonates with your audience.


Freelance Writer Landing page

A single landing page may bring in more leads and customers than one thousand bland product pages.

It is time to hire the best freelance landing page writers who are ready to take your product pages to a higher level.

Whether you are looking to skyrocket your leads and conversions or you want your visitors to read something professional that appeals to their emotions making them use their credit cards, you are at the right place.

Join the winners’ club of websites that have the best landing pages.


SEO Landing Page Copywriting Services

Your landing page deserves a fighting chance even if you don’t pay for traffic.

Here is how SEO landing pages work.

You place your order and specify what action you want the reader to take after engaging with the landing page.

We ask for details such as the specific keywords you’re targeting, the location of your prospects, their pain points, and the uniqueness of your product or services.

You get free keyword research and a landing page writing service that beats your competitors.

Your landing page starts to rank well within a few days and you smile all the way as you get new leads.


The Secret Landing Page Formula That Works all the Time

Now let’s teach you how we shall create your landing page using a secret that’ll always succeed.

The proven formula for creating landing pages is used by large organizations from all parts of the world.

Your landing page shall have the following elements:

A sweet headline

This is what draws in readers. We’ll tell the reader what product we’re offering and why it’s a great deal.

A supporting subhead

The sub-headline further elaborates on the headline by giving one clear benefit that the user gets out of the deal.

The hero shot

An eye-catching image breathes life into the landing page. The hero image is worth more than 1000 words.

Benefit statements

We know that you don’t care about the features of our products. That’s why we’ll always tell you how the product will help you. For instance, this landing page will get you better results (more conversions) than what you’ve been using.

Customer testimonials

You need some social proof that tells you that other people have used the service and succeeded.

We’ve created hundreds of landing pages for our clients over the years.

Want some proof?

We’ve more than you need.

These landing pages have received positive reviews.

A clear call-to-action

What do you want your visitors to do after interacting with this landing page? Do you want then to subscribe to your email list, join your newsletter, buy your product, call you, email you, leave a comment, or start a free trial?

You need a specific call to action. Not calls to action. It must be one for each landing page and it should have a form that allows visitor opt-ins.

And we must include it.

Privacy statement

Since there are many bad people out there who trade customer’s information for money, you need to assure your subscribers that you won’t misuse their information.

And make sure that you don’t misuse it.

If the landing page is lengthy, you can repeat the call to action several times to maximize opt-ins. The call to action should always carry a benefit statement that makes the offer more appealing and pleasant to the reader.

Such simple elements will help you create an irresistible landing page, in case you want to be your landing page copywriter.

It’s easier to let our copywriters create the landing page for you.

Get a killer landing page copy now.