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If you run eCommerce websites or affiliate Affiliate Marketing Blogs, a professional product review writing service can help your business to stand out of the rest.


Reviews can attract more customers if you have an eCommerce website and bring you more money if you have an affiliate marketing blog.

Before we go further, let’s define a product review.

What is a product review?

A review is a consumer’s report that is published online that tells about a product to help other people decide whether to buy the product or not. For instance, product reviews on Amazon help buyers to make buying decisions.

Types of online reviews

There are two types of reviews:

  1. Reviews for profit: They are created by affiliate marketers with the aim of showcasing a product’s benefits.
  2. Customer’s reviews: They are left on seller’s websites or on online review sites to testify about a product and educate other customers on.

Millions of individuals, including you and me, normally look for online reviews before buying products online.

93% of buyers consult online reviews before deciding to buy anything.

Publishing a nice review of your product can tell the potential customer more about your product, seal the deal for you and enhance their loyalty.

Which type of product review writing service does Cute Writers offer?

We offer all types of review writing services.

  • We can deliver product reviews for your affiliate marketing blog
  • We can test and leave reviews of your products on your website or on any third-party review website


Factors affecting online review writing

Online reviews may be positive or negative depending on the following factors:

The quality of a product. This is the main factor that determines the type of review the customer leaves. High-quality products attract more positive reviews while poor-quality products get negative reviews.

Customer service of the company or business selling the product. Businesses that help customers in their online purchasing journey get more positive reviews and vice-versa. Nowadays, customers love businesses that have 24/7/365 online customer care support in the form of the phone call, live chat, online messaging and video call.

Packaging of the product. Some people leave positive reviews when they purchase neatly packaged products and bad reviews when the products are poorly packaged.

The durability of the product. Products that serve customers longer tend to get more upvotes than the ones that are short-lived.

Delivery factors: speed of delivery, reliability, condition of products. Businesses that deliver products faster get more positive reviews while the sluggish ones may lose customers due to negative reviews.

The reviewer/consumer’s bias. Some customers tend to review products that they love positively and the ones they hate, negatively.

Ease of ordering. When a business makes easier to order products, it gets more positive reviews since it saves the customers time and vice-versa.

Responsiveness of the seller. Customers come online seeking for instantaneous answers. Responsive sellers get more positive reviews than sluggish and non-responsive ones.

Price of the product. Sellers who sell their products cheaper than their competitors for similar products get better reviews.

The persuasiveness of the seller. After a customer buys a product, the persuasiveness of the seller may make the customer leave an online review as opposed to sellers than don’t care.

Ease of creating and publishing a review. Businesses that make it easy to leave a review after buying a product get more reviews than the ones whose review systems are hidden away from the customer’s reach.

Online review websites and companies. Some companies operate as review companies whose sole aim is to publish feedbacks from customers in various industries.

Example of online review websites

Here are the top business review websites for businesses in any industry:

  • Google
  • Glassdoor
  • Trust Pilot
  • Google My Business
  • Facebook Ratings and Reviews
  • Yelp
  • BBB (Better Business Bureau)
  • Yellowpages
  • Manta
  • Angie’s List
  • Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Angie’s List
  • Choice
  • TestFreaks
  • Which?
  • ConsumerReports
  • TripAdvisor
  • Yahoo! Local Listings
  • Influenster
  • FinancesOnline
  • G2 Crowd
  • TrustRadius
  • GoodFirms
  • Salesforce AppExchange
  • Capterra
  • HundredX
  • Twitter
  • Your Own Website


Importance of online product reviews

1. Customers trust them because social proof drives purchases

importance of online reviews: customers love them

More than 93% of consumers check online reviews before buying products.


2. They shape your business’ reputation

best online review writing company

Online reviews help in shaping a business’ online reputation


3. Reviews give you a customer’s feedback

importance of online reviews: feedbackBusiness reviews (whether positive or negative) provide honest feedback about a company’s products which can help in improving the brand.

4. They highlight the benefits of your products

Reviews can illustrate your products’ benefits and sell your products on your behalf


5. Reviews educate your customers

User-centric reviews help In explaining to potential customers how your product works.


6. They differentiate your products

Unbiased comparisons highlight how your product differs from the rest in the market


7. Reviews improve your product’s visibility

Online reviews are schema mark up and may appear as snippets when customers enter certain keywords on search engines.


8. Reviews generate enthusiasm

Enthusiasm for your product or service can help in attracting more customers as your existing customers share their story.

What is product review writing service?

So, product review writing service is a writing service which creates honest reviews based on consumed products.

For instance, we can only write an honest ebook review after reading the book and discovering its contents.


Why should you order product review writing service?

1. Professional product review writing service

You get product reviews created by copywriters.

The reviews provide an authentic tone of your brand and compel customers to believe in you.

Copywriters know how to persuade sung psychological triggers.

You don’t want to miss out on professional product reviews.

Dare to be different and boost your sales.


2. Reliable product review writing service

A product review must look like and sound like one.

Get a reliable review today from reliable writers who know how to write great product ones.


3. Affordable product review writing service

The product reviews won’t cost you a fortune.

Instead, they will drive more sales for you.

Whether you need product reviews for your affiliate marketing blog or your e-commerce website, we are the cheapest ones that deliver the best quality.


4. Industry expert product review writers

Out of the thousands of writers in our pool, you will always find experienced product review copywriters in your industry.

Get your B2B product reviews or B2C product reviews today.


5. Easy-to-Use Order Form

You shall order your product review in less than 2 minutes.

Ordering product reviews has never been easier.

You are already half-way through if you are on this page.


6. Fast Turnaround

You’ll save time.

If you allow us to be your sole review writer, you will enjoy the fastest turnarounds.


7. 100% Unique Content

Oh yes. We create product reviews just for you from scratch.

No copying.

No pasting.

You get 100% authentic and original reviews.


8. Satisfaction Guaranteed (Free revisions, if needed)

You will be satisfied or get back your money.

What is the business of writing a review for you if we won’t deliver?

And by the way, you need to check what our customers say.

They say a lot of good things about our writing service.

Soon, you shall join them and leave a nice testimonial on our website.


How to order product review service

Move to the top of this page

Add the number of reviews you need to the cart

Specify the number of words you need (Longer reviews appear in search engine results pages faster than shorter reviews)

You may also order other services available in the content shop

Check out and provide any additional details. You may also upload files or reference resources.

Wait for your ready product review.

For special reviews, you may need to send a sample of your product.

If you need videos and other graphics, you can specify in the order.


Frequently Asked Questions about product reviews

What is your affiliate product review writing service?

We are articles that explain or compare specific products.

For instance, the following reviews inform the user more about the respective products:

Email Marketing Services

Marketing automation tools

SEO tools

WordPress themes

Webhosting reviews


Do you offer Amazon product review writing service?


Let’s say that you have a new affiliate marketing website that you wish to monetize with Amazon products.

You need to get product reviews so that you can compare prices and create listles that sell.

Our work will be to deliver the review writing service while you publish the content on your website and monetize it.


Are you a software review writing service as well?

Yes. We write software reviews.

If you need content for any type of software, we shall help you.

For instance, if you are a SaaS content publisher, we shall create original content for your blog.

All you need is to include your affiliate links, banners or codes in the content and start making money off your content.

Examples include:

Convertkit email marketing review

SEMRush review

e-Goi review


What is the best product review content writing service?

It is not possible to say that one company is the best.

The best way of evaluating a writing service is through evaluating its products.

For instance, Cute Writers is among the best product review content writing service because we are:






We also make sure that you are satisfied.

Do you have any of your best product review examples?

Writing product review samples is one way we use to showcase our prowess.

If you need product review samples, just ask and we shall give you.


Do you have a product review writing template?


Here is our Product Review Template:
    1. We write a catchy title
    2. Unbox the product if necessary
    3. Introduce the product and talk about its use
    4. Turn the product features into benefits
    5. Discuss how the customers will benefit from the product
    6. Compare the pros and cons of the product
    7. Specify the ideal user of the product
    8. Provide the price and purchase information
    9. Answer any frequently asked questions about your review


How can you change feedback into product review?

The feedback that a customer leaves on any website about a product is a review.

The feedback may state that the customer was satisfied or was not.

Our work is to scour the web and create for you amazing product reviews that will sell your product.


What is the right product review writing format?

You need to speak openly about a product and give its distinguishing features.

  • Write a title
  • Introduce the product
  • Explain its benefits succinctly
  • Provide the price, shipping and purchase instructions


What is the best product review writing process?

The best process is the one that involves the actual testing of products.

For any product that you review, ensure that you have used it and you know how it functions.

That is the best way of delivering unbiased reviews.

It is wrong to write reviews just for the sake of making money.

Do you review free products?


We review free as well as premium products.

Do you use a product review software for gathering reviews?


Our writers write all reviews from scratch.


Are all online product reviews trustworthy?

Researchers have found out that 79% of consumers read at least one fake online review yearly. Some businesses buy reviews to enhance their brands. But such companies risk making loses should the customers discover. Our aim is to create honest reviews.