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You need the best sales letter writing service to beat your competitors and higher profits.

However, many businesses fail to hire the right sales copywriters.

If you work with us, you’ll realize the everlasting benefits of working with professionals.


Professional Sales Letter Copywriters

Do you know the difference between great sales letters and the under-performing ones?

It’s not the grammar or fancy subject-verb agreement that you learnt in school.

Writers who scored A+ and amassed several bachelor’s, master’s doctoral degrees in languages still suck in copywriting.

Reading all sales copywriting books in the whole universe doesn’t guarantee conversions either.

That’s why reading about sales copywriting does not translate to copywriting skills.

Great copywriters are individuals who have done the hard work of reading about copy, applying the knowledge in writing and iterating the skills by entering the mind of your ideal client.

It sounds tough because it really is.

And that’s why many people hate sales.

Selling one product is hard.

Trying to persuade somebody to purchase different kinds of stuffs from you is complex.

If you are looking to increase the conversion rates of your newsletter or your landing page, then you need to invest in sales page copywriting services.

A sales copywriter is an expert who knows which words to use, at which time, to who and in what way to convert a foreigner into a customer.

Seasoned sales copywriters use word in the right way to make you profits, and you need higher profits to stay in business.

Otherwise, you’ll soon close shop.

Why do you need a sales copywriter?

A sales copywriter’s main role is to write marketing letters (sales letters).

The sales letters achieve serve to:

  • Generate new business leads
  • Introduce your company’s products or services
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Convert prospects into customers

Some sales letters perform better than others because they use a specific copywriting formula that unskilled people can’t notice.

Elements of a successful sale letter follow a strategic order that appeals to the prospect and turns them into leads or customers.

This means that you are doing something wrong if your sales letters are not making you profits.

I suggest that you take a new approach to sales copywriting by incorporating a sales copywriter to capture your readers’ attention and breathe life into your marketing campaigns.

How to evaluate your current sales letter

Take a hard look at your current sales letter and answer the following questions:

Does your sales letter address a specific class of carefully selected readers? Write the name of your ideal customer persona.

Does the headline promise any benefits to the reader? Write down the benefit-driven headline you’re currently using.

Can the outline of your sales letter grab a stranger’s attention? State how you ensure that the sale letter grabs my attention.

Does the letter take a short time to explain the subject matter to the reader? State how long does it take to get to the gist.

Do you come out as a credible seller? How sure are you?

Does the copy reveal your empathy for the reader’s problem?

Can a reader certify from your letter that your product is the best solution?

Do you have a single call to action that the reader is compelled to take immediately after reading your letter?

If you answered “yes” to all questions, then you probably have a n effective sales letter that can make profits. You need a few more tricks to increase conversions.

Eye-catching sales letter copywriting tricks

The power to have the attention of your readers is in your hands.

Professional copywriters know how to craft an effective sales letter that uses the right words to get the attention of the readers.

That is not all.

They also know the best way of presenting the right words in the right way to entice the eyes of the reader.

How we make your sales letter more eye-catching

Using short paragraphs of not more than six lines for easier reading

Stating the most compelling benefits within the headlines

Highlighting the main points in bullet lists

Using call-outs and excerpts to state points

Grouping large blocks of text under various sub-headings for easier reading

Engaging sentence grabbers such as clever or surprising hooks

Employing clear and unmistakable Calls to Action

Adding postscripts (P.S) and post-postscripts (P.P.S)

Changing the colors, fonts, bold, italics and capital letters to draw attention to special words and phrases that have more weight.

Using visuals and other type of graphics to engage the reader

Leverage Your Sales Letter Copy

Creating the ideal sales letter that gets results can be a challenging undertaking.

It brings more value to your business than you imagine.

A winning sales letter is worth more money than

Once you have the perfect sales letter, you can use it as many times as you want, or modify it for different applications.

For instance, you may use your sales letter as a landing page on your website to target specific prospects.

Best of all, hiring a professional sales copywriter will earn your money back by recouping the price of the sales letter.

What’s the best way of sending sales letters?

Long time ago, when dinosaurs ruled the world, sales letters were in the form of spoken words or large scrolls (of course there is no time the dinosaurs ruled the world).

And they performed way better than some sales letters promoted by copywriters in the contemporary world.

Sales letters were sent via post (regular mail) before internet and emails came around.

Even now, some sales letters do better when sent through the old postal method.

Each mode of delivery has its strengths and weaknesses and position in the marketing arena.

If you already have qualified leads or a list of email subscribers, sales letters can deliver a higher ROI regardless of the delivery method used.

Remember too, sales letters can be sent via e-mail or regular mail. Both have their benefits and their place in a comprehensive marketing program. When you have a qualified list, sales letters can be effective no matter the delivery method.

Writing Online Sales Letter Writers

If you want to capture extra leads and attract more clients, then a clever way could be by employing sales letters.

In this new marketing tactic, you need to consider publishing an online sales letter on your website and see what happens.

You may use it as a landing page, as a stand-alone SEO-optimized page, or product page.

Concerning length, you can make your sales letter as long as you wish starting from a few paragraphs to many pages.

Marketing researchers have realized that cleverly crafted and longer sales letters outperform shorter ones.

Longer sales letters contain more persuasive information that tips off balances towards purchasing than abandoning the product cart.

Furthermore, longer copywriting persuades more because it overcomes all types of buyer resistance and objections.

Get Sales Letter Writing Services now for your landing page.

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