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Submit infographics cheaply and get a permanent dofollow backlink that boosts your SEO ranking.

If you have a website or any online property that you wish to gain the best organic ranking, you already know the importance of content marketing.

What is content marketing and how should you submit infographics online?

Content marketing is the process of creating, publishing and sharing useful content such as written, audio, video and graphics to enhance a brand’s exposure. Content, in this case, maybe in written form such as blog posts, articles or web copy, or take the form of videos e.g. YouTube videos or infographics such as this one.

Infographics are images that contain data presented in a visually appealing manner. You need to submit infographics.

In the last few years, many content marketers have expressed interest in infographics because content consumers find them easier to digest.


Why submit your infographic?

It is important to submit infographics to other websites because infographics:

Can earn you a nice do-follow backlink from a website.

Present you as an authority in your niche

Can present a complex topic in an easier way

Are effective marketing tools that are simple and linkable

Enhance your brand’s exposure

Can land you jobs as a designer

Will boost your SEO and make you rank better hence earn you more money

Your audience and my audience already love infographics.

So, you owe it to yourself to give your fans what they love.


How to submit infographics on CuteWriters

All you need to do is click “submit infographics”

You will need to submit your infographics together with the description.

we shall publish it within 24 hours.

Here is an article on the best infographic submission websites where you can submit your infographics for more exposure.

Take advantage and grow your business.


How infographics submission to other websites works

You need an infographics submission strategy if you want to enhance your brand’s growth using infographic submission.

Here is what you must do:

Create a stunning, high-quality infographic

Search for the best infographic submission websites

Make use of instant infographic submission websites and free infographic sites

Submit infographics and accept infographic submissions on your website

Write an awesome infographic description for each submission

Build nice relationships with other websites

Encourage other bloggers and webmasters to share your infographics with their subscribers

Track all infographics using reverse image search and ensure that they are attributed to your website

Start all over again until the results satisfy you.


This is a cheap infographic submission website

Submit your infographics today and we shall publish them and give you a permanent dofollow backlink.

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