SEMrush Review 2020

You already know that driving traffic to your website can be a tough undertaking.


You are facing stiff competition and that is why you are reading this review to find out if SEMrush is the best SEO tool that can solve your problems.


You are right.


In this SEMrush review, I am going to tell you something that will change your SEO life.

If you use my little secret together with SEMrush SEO tool, you will see the kind of results you are looking for.

And now for the secret:


Instead of groping in the dark trying different SEO tactics, why don’t you try this all-in-one SEO tool and learn what your competitors are doing in one go?


Here is what you need to do:

Stop re-inventing the SEO wheel; use SEMrush and do the right thing just from the onset.

This tool will help you know everything that your competitors are doing while giving you room to thrash them and dominate your industry.


Doesn’t that sound exciting?


In today’s article, I am going to show you the exact way of ‘stealing’ everything (best keywords, backlinks, traffic, etc) from your competitors and staying ahead of your SEO game.


Let’s get started:

The best way to do this is by grabbing a free SEMrush trial so that you can learn everything as I explain.

Grab your free trial by clicking this image:


In this complete guide to SEMrush, I shall break down all tools available in the SEMrush SEO tool and how to rank your website better and make more money by doing what people don’t know.


What you shall learn:

SEMrush and your website

How to use the power of SEMrush to audit your website, make important changes to the things ailing your website and boost your website’s rank within a few hours.


SEMrush and your Competitors

Learn how to identify your most successful competitors and copy their best strategies to unlock keywords, backlinks and data which makes them the best. You will then find out effective ways of using this data against your competitors so that you become the leader in your industry.


SEMrush keyword tool

Discover amazing ways of using the SEMrush keyword tool to find keywords that will boost your business. Remember that SEMrush is one of the best keyword research tools in the SEO market.


SEMrush organic rankings

Get access to your competitors’ organic rankings and insights on how to make your website better.


SEMrush link building

Hack your competitors’ link building strategies and make them your own. You will get more link juice to your website and grow beyond your wildest imaginations.


SEMrush advertising insights

Learn how your competitors advertise their business by tapping into their ad strategies, placement, campaigns , expenditure, timing, etc.


SEMrush and your social media

Get valuable social media insights and statistics from your website and the website of your competitors.


SEMrush reporting and analytics

Get the best of SEO by tracking your progress and analysing everything happening on your website.


What Is SEMRush And Why is it Important for You?

SEMrush is one of the best online marketing research services which was created to help e-commerce entrepreneurs and website owners to understand how their competitors have created marketing opportunities so they can make use of them as well.

According to the founders of SEMrush, it is not cool to re-invent what is already known.

When it comes to online marketing, the best practices which are already working for your competitors will definitely work for you – and their success shall become yours if you do slightly more than what they have done.

SEMrush has many powerful tools which can help any e-commerce entrepreneur in any marketing venture including keyword research, content creation, SEO, SERP, social media marketing, SEM, PPC, ad campaigns, the creation of backlinks, content marketing, etc.

The tool provides important insights on your website and your competitor’s website to enable you to find areas of improvement and great ways of becoming the best.


Who SEMrush is not for:

SEMrush is not for a beginner who is trying to create the first online business; it is for entrepreneurs who already have an e-commerce website but are looking to grow their reach by boosting their traffic and getting the best out of what they already have.


The main features and functionalities of SEMrush

SEMrush is a comprehensive SEO toolkit which can accomplish the following functionalities and many more:

  • Determining your top competitors in your niche
  • Finding the best and most valuable keywords that are making your competitors rank better than you
  • Providing you with the exact sources of your competitors’ backlinks
  • Tracking your keywords and how they rank on Google
  • Giving you the exact keywords to use in your sales copy, product pages and blog posts
  • Suggesting the best products that your competitors are selling so that you can also sell something similar or better


SEMrush Review: Who SEMrush is For

I am not giving this SEMrush review to tell you that your woes will be gone once you purchase the service.

On the contrary, SEMrush was created for people who want to propel their business to greater heights.

It is for all owners of online businesses who want to spend their time working and digging through reports, data and suggestions to improve their businesses.

Although SEMrush will provide you with many facts about your online business, you will have to implement them if you want to succeed.

Therefore, SEMrush is for any entrepreneur that is willing to compete in their industry and take their business to newer heights using real data and insights from other businesses.


Is SEMrush an Effective SEO Tool?

SEMrush uses the Pareto principle to help you in creating content that ranks.

For instance, we all know that only some of the content on a page performs best.

By providing you with insights on your competitors’ best-performing content and keywords, SEmrush helps you in creating better content which will outrank your competitors.


SEMrush Review: Walkthrough Video

I have embedded a nice video that will teach you the basics of SEMrush and how you can use the SEMrush to unlock lucrative keywords from your competitors.

SEMrush Review: Features & Services of SEMrush

SEMrush is laden with a ton of features and services. You may not need all of them at the same time. However, all features are important depending on your stage in SEO and marketing.

This section gives an overview of SEMrush’s features. You can click on the Learn More links to learn more about any of the features.


SEMrush’s Analytics Reports

SEMrush-review: SEMrush-Analytics-Reports


SEMrush’s Analytics Reports allows you to dive deep into your competitor’s strategies whether it be their display advertising, organic and paid search or their link building.

Here are some of the analytics that SEMrush provides:



With SEMrush, you can target your Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) by targeting your competitor’s keywords and compete for the top spot.

SEMrush’s Organic Research Reports allow you to see and analyse your competitor’s best keywords.

The insights gathered can help you in targeting the keywords and discovering new competitors who you may have been ignorant of.

This will also allow you to track the changes in the SERPs results of your target keywords with time on your website and on your competitor’s websites.



SEMrush’s has a great Advertising Research feature which lets you enhance your advertising campaigns by getting a glimpse into your competitor’s.

You can find out how your competitor places their ads, how much money they spend, your competitors’ Adwords, traffic type, traffic volume, CPC estimations and opportunities for enhancing your PPC bids to reduce advertising expenses.

SEMrush will help you to find out the length of keywords that your competitors are using: whether high-volume (short-tail), middle or long-tail keywords. The insights will help you know if the competition is using branded keywords or branded ad copy to boost conversions.

Furthermore, SEMrush will help you know the duration for which your competitor’s ads have been running. This is important because long durations indicate success while short durations indicate failure or seasonality of ad campaigns.



SEMrush’s display advertising feature allows you to analyze the campaigns created by your competitors so that ou can create something better in Google’s Display Network.

As a marketer, you can analyze the leading competitors’ headlines, images, calls to action, meta descriptions, etc. and view the ad impressions and the conversions received for each advertising campaign.

SEMrush allows you to compare the performance of text ad, media banners to evaluate the most effective ads for a specific marketing campaign.

Furthermore, SEMrush’s Display Advertising feature has an adept SEMrush Adsense Publisher’s Report which can enable you to find out many websites on which your competitors advertise their products. It will help you find websites that you have never used so that you can advertise your business thereby increasing your ideal advertising locations.


SEMrush’s Backlinks Reports show you the number of backlinks that you have and the authority, geographical location of the connecting websites and their rank.

Links act as votes to your website. Having many high authority backlinks to your website will increase your website’s trust level, credibility and rank.

SEMrush is your number one tool in analyzing the suitability of backlinks and in getting new backlink opportunities that can boost your SEO and SERPs rankings.

SEMrush’s backlink tool helps you in checking the quality and quantity of incoming links that point to your domain or root domain. The tool makes it easy for you to check the anchor text of incoming links domain authority, the title of incoming URLs and the target webpages linked. This makes it easy to compare the weight of the incoming links on the domain score of your competitors.

SEMrush’s backlink checker is an important SEO tool since it helps in your backlink building strategy and in monitoring and evaluating new traffic referral backlinks.

It can also give you analytics which can show you when you get links from bad neighbourhoods.




If you are interested in SEO, then you already know the fundamental importance of having the best keywords at your disposal. The SEMrush keyword research tool is great because it will help you accomplish anything you want to do with the keywords of your competitors. It is the ultimate reverse-engineering keyword research tool.

Here are a few of the things that you can do with SEMrush keyword tool:

  • Searching for high-ranking and search engine optimized keywords
  • Getting deeper information such as the commercial intent, search volume, etc of keywords
  • Evaluating a keyword’s value for organic and paid search e.g. CPC, search volume, number of similar results, ads displayed, etc.
  • Extracting information on top-ranking domains for every keyword.
  • Analyzing keywords for desktop and mobile performance.

Keywords analysis is an important aspect of SEO because it helps brands to build a great web presence for online businesses.

The SEMrush keyword research tool will help you get in-depth keyword data analytics that will enable you to make sound business decisions.



SEMrush’s Product Listing Ads Reports is a great tool. It will help you in achieving the following:

  • defining your Google Shopping competitors
  • discovering the best keywords for your product listing Ads and those of your competitors
  • evaluating competitors’ Product Listing Ads’ product keywords that they use in paid results.
  • refining your Google Shopping Strategy by using your competitor’s Product Listing Ads


SEMrush Review: Tools

SEMrush’s Tools provide competitive comparative data which can help you to estimate the keyword difficulty levels for better decision making regarding your business SEO strategy.



SEMrush’s Keyword Difficulty Tools enable marketers like you in predicting the likelihood of ranking for any keywords based on the number ranking system which puts keywords in a scale ranging from keywords that are easy to rank to keywords that are very difficult to rank.

SEMrush keyword difficulty tool makes it easy for you by assigning your keyword a coloured number together with other relevant data pertaining to the keyword.

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