How to Hire The Best Web Copywriting Service

If you are an individual or a business that wants to succeed, then you need professional web copywriting services.

Take some time and go through your web content.

Does it attract, convince and convert?

In other words, does your web copy talk, walk and sell?

If not, you are failing.

According to Quick Sprout, copywriting is the art and science of writing copy (words used on web pages, ads, promotional materials, etc.) that sells your product or service and convinces prospective customers to take action. In many ways, it’s like hiring one salesman to reach all of your customers.

A layman may describe copywriters as providers of persuasive content writing services.

The work of a web copywriter is to write persuasive and highly engaging copy for the web with the aim of convincing the audience to take action.

The action can be anything from sharing, signing up, subscribing, submitting an email, leaving a comment, contacting the business or purchasing a product.

Specialists in web copywriting can be SEO copywriters or web copywriters.

Professional Web Copywriting Services write for people first and then for search engine spiders.


Advantages of hiring the best web copywriter

Web copywriters are highly persuasive; they make your audience take action

Content web copywriters turn a boring website into an interactive means of communication

Most web copywriters are SEO copywriters; they make your website rank in search engines results pages (SERPs).

They make your website generate leads, make sales and get profits.

Web copywriters are assets, and not liabilities; you need web copywriters.

Copywriters can work from anywhere; if your business is in New York or California, the copywriter can deliver results from Birmingham, England.  Many copywriters work freelance.

They influence the readability of your content, its conversion, and its ranking.

Here are the Biggest Reasons for Hiring the Best Website Copywriting Service

If you are still wondering whether you need a web copywriter, let me give you the ten most important reasons why you must hire one soon:

1. Professional web copywriters will save your time

Look here.

This thing is like when you are sick.

Would you go to a carpenter and look for medicine or will you rather go to a medical practitioner?

If you want to attract more clients and make insane amounts of money online, then you need to invest in web copywriting services.

2. Expert web copywriting services give your business unbiased new insights

Stop looking at your business from the insider’s perspective.

You are most likely to give your business a biased outlook.

Why don’t you hire a seasoned web copywriter to help you check things around?

That is what we were created to do.

Just like you give a third party time to read your book, you need an outsider’s opinion on your website.

3. High-quality web copywriting services give you the latest industry trends

Copywriters have a way of finding new industry insights that will help you to take your business to the highest levels.


They write for and have helped many companies to take off.

Maybe, they are the ones helping your competitor to craft compelling copy for their websites.

You need SEO web copywriters.

4. Professional copywriters can spot and remove grammatical mistakes

The kind of mistakes which go unnoticed will be easily detected by expert copywriting services because they work alongside editors.

Furthermore, copywriting is their main work and it would be easier to do it perfectly.

5. Web copywriting services are creative and innovative

Do you need new and creative ways of writing web copy?

You need a copywriter.

Copywriters have a way of making things look fresh even though they are new.

Innovation and creativity are important aspects of an online business which you need to care for.

6. SEO web copywriters can help you with SEO tactics

As an entrepreneur, you may be knowing a thing or two about search engine optimization.

You need expert SEO copywriters to help you in making your web content Search-Engine Friendly.

SEO copywriting is indispensable in this era of a digital revolution.

7. Web copywriters can create various types of content

Do you know that a copywriter can turn your spoken words into video or written content?

Maybe you do.

It is also possible to create infographics and turn web copy into visual content.

You may do this thing yourself.

But, how much time and resources are you going to take?

That is why it is important to hire expert copywriters to do the work.

8. Experienced web copywriters are your online advisors

Just like you need advice when managing your finances or your business, you also need to advise to run your eCommerce business.

Copywriters are professionals who know the best words for the best application.

What you think is good copy may sound horrible to your audience.

That is why you need your online content consultants – the SEO web copywriters.

9. Web copywriters give you a unique voice

You need a unique voice if you want to embed your brand in the minds of your prospects and clients.

Copywriters have a way of creating a unique voice as requested.

All you need is to explain to them the kind of voice you want and they will do it.

10. Website copywriters will bring you more profits

The most expensive type of writing is copywriting.

Do you know why?

Because it is the type of writing which brings in the highest amounts of money.

If you want more, you need to invest more.

Hire a copywriter today and create those amazing web pages that you have been dreaming of.


How to Hire a Website Copywriter

The services of web copywriters are important aspects of a business that seeks growth.

And you already agree with me that not everybody can create amazing content.

If you want to excel in your content marketing strategies, you need a professional copywriter.

Whether you are looking for an SEO website copywriter, a sales letter writer, a brochure writer or an academic writer, you should know how to select the best copywriter.

It makes a great difference.

If you already have a beautifully designed website, be sure that it will not make much sense without hiring a competent copywriter.

A properly functioning website, an easy navigation system, sweet images, videos and other types of content cannot mean anything without the input of the copy that sells.

Pictures are very nice and very appealing, but they don’t persuade a visitor to become a customer.

Web copy is very important.

Now that you already understand their importance, keep in mind the following factors when choosing your web copywriter.


1. Check out the copywriter’s website

The first thing to check out is the copywriter’s website.

Sink your teeth into their website and determine if the copywriter’s language and tone rhyme with your needs.

Read the pages and get the structural presentation of the copywriter.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Do you like the writing structure?

What do you like about their writing style?

Do your needs rhyme with the writing tone?

Does a connection click?

Be honest with yourself.

You don’t want a copywriter who will waste your time.

The earlier you get a person who is closer to your type of writing, the better.

It will save you numerous revisions and correspondences.

I am sure you need somebody who will create exceptional web copy that adequately describes your operations using an engaging tone.

Matters may become complicated for you if you have a large website that you need to be written or re-written from scratch.

Take this serious. Hiring a copywriter is like finding a business co-partner.

Visiting their website will help you know whether your copywriter can make a good business partner.


2. Get website copywriting samples from the copywriter

Experience web copywriters have numerous samples to share with potential clients.

Do not shy away from getting the samples and having a look.

Request the website copywriter for suitable samples or links to live samples online.

Take a peek.

Appraise the samples and ask yourself the following questions:

Do you like the writing samples?

Is the copy readable and engaging to your standards?

Is the copy persuasive enough without serious ranting?

Can the copy compel you to take the appropriate action?

Beware of the web design. Don’t be too engrossed in the design of the website and miss out on the copy.

Linger of every word and make sense out of the copy.

If the copywriter does not have samples in your industry, ask them whether they are ready to work on your project.

You can easily measure the enthusiasm of any copywriter by gauging their responses.

Ask the copywriter whether they like your area of specialization.


3. Google the website copywriter and unlock more samples

The internet is a powerful tool that can tell you immeasurably more than you ask or imagine.

A simple Google Search of the copywriter’s name is likely to give you many results.

You will unlock their social media profile, the kind of content they share, their online presence and so on.

Don’t be dumb. If the writer has a great social media presence, that can help your business.

The copywriter can help you spread the word about your brand.

However, keep your eye on the writing samples available elsewhere other than the links they copywriter shared with you.

There are high chances of finding better samples or bullshit.


What does the internet say about the copywriter or copywriting agency?

The names of most expert copywriters can be easily found on feedback sites that offer professional copywriting services.

Searching for the name of your copywriter with respect to a specific industry may also help in unlocking any industry-specific written copy.

For instance, if you are looking for a real estate website copywriter and you are analyzing the suitability of Kegesa Danvas, you can search:

“Real estate copywriter + Kegesa Danvas”


 “Energy copywriter Kegesa Danvas”

You get the point.

You should search the copywriter’s name together with the industry.


4. Ask the copywriter for any client reviews and testimonials

Testimonials are great.

But do not be fooled!

Some copywriters can easily create fake testimonials centered on fictitious clients.

Be diligent enough to counter-check if what the copywriter says is true.

Most website copywriters post clients’ reviews and testimonials right on their own website.

The best way of doing this is by talking with the copywriter’s former client and asking the following questions:

Hello, I understand that you have worked with (the copywriter’s name). I have seen your positive testimonial on their website in this URL.

Do you know (the copywriter’s name)?

How was it working with the copywriter?

Did you get satisfied with their copy?

The feedback from the copywriter’s client will give you a better understanding of the copywriter that you are dealing with.

Through this method, you will learn the type of quality the writer produces, the writer’s attention to detail, their sensitivity to deadlines and even insights into payment terms.

You will end up knowing the copywriter’s strengths and even weaknesses ahead of time.

This will help you streamline your approach.

If you get any negative testimonials, you can make a decision based on facts.


best web copywriting services UK and USA

Customer reviews of web content copywriting services offered by CuteWriters.Com

5. Talk with the website copywriter

Talk to your copywriter.

Your voice adds value to the tone of the copywriting service.

In contemporary society, there are many voice and even video communication tools that can help you pass across an audio or video message.

Many copywriters may not meet you in person especially if they are from a different geographical location.

Anyway, it does not make sense traveling long distances just to meet a client if you can finish everything online.

What is the essence of technology?


Evaluate if the copywriter is reliable

During the call, make sure you communicate your requirements and the type of writing you want.

Ask the copywriter if your instructions are clear and if they need any further clarification.

Feel the connection between the copywriter and the work at hand.

You can easily determine if your writer has the needed passion, energy and enthusiasm.

Use your skills to find a good match. Hiring a copywriter, as I stated before, is like hiring another employee, even the CEO.

Hire somebody who fits.


6. Ask for a quote on your website copywriting project

How much do copywriters earn?

You will get the best answer when you ask for a quote.

You can ask for a quote during the call or even after.

Different copywriters charge differently depending on the type of copy needed, the time schedules, the complexity of the work needed, levels of experience, industry and many other factors.

The copywriter’s fees should not be the only factor when choosing a copywriter.

Let me be candid with you. Copywriting is an expensive undertaking; professional copywriters are not cheap.

A professional copywriter can carefully craft web copy for you that will bring you millions of money infinitely.

How cool is that?

A cheap copywriter, on the other hand, is not always the best copywriter. This does not mean that cheap copywriters don’t know their trade.

Cheap copywriters may be inexperienced individuals who don’t know the value of copywriting.

We have found out that many large corporations and successful businesses will turn down any offers from cheap copywriters. They associate best services with competent prices.


Do I go for the cheapest copywriters of the most expensive ones?

Follow your guts. Cheap is expensive and too expensive is exploitative.

Remember that in copywriting, you get what you pay for.

If you pay peanuts, expect shitty copywriting since the copywriter must finish your work quickly and get other things done to pay the bills.

If you pay good money, the copywriter will spend enough time in research and create the best copy and increase your return on investment.

Always make the right decision.

The best way to pay copywriters is to pay them depending on the amount of value they add to your business. That way, you will appreciate their work.

As a rule of thumb, the good copy will always make you money.

Investing in web copywriting is the best way of making money.

If you try to save a few dollars by hiring an inexperienced copywriter, you will make losses, lose time and eventually hire a professional web copywriter when your business has already collapsed.


7. Specify the parameters of your project

Make sure the copywriter understands what you want to accomplish.

State clearly the mission, vision, and expectations of the work and put it in writing to help the copywriter express them well.

Although copywriters are connoisseurs, the copywriter will not read your mind.

Ensure that you elaborate your business plan, your marketing strategy and any details that you deem fit.

Don’t overwhelm your copywriter with unnecessary details.

Instead, give the copywriter necessary points that should be emphasized.

Be sure to inform the copywriter about your audience, your competitors and the types of calls to action that are necessary.


8. Get a written agreement that specifies the deliverables 

Itemizing the deliverables enables smooth operation and lessens chances of any revisions.

The copywriter will simply put the action the highlighted things.

I know the copywriter will be more than thrilled to give you a complete list of what the website copywriting entails, the type of copy that you will get, the calls to action that shall be used, copywriting rates, payment terms and the time when the copy shall be delivered.

Therefore, try to make things easier for both of you by getting a written list of what should be done and the time schedules.

Once you get the agreement, be sure to sign it and keep it safe.

By so doing, you agree with the copywriter and they can proceed with the project.


9. Give your copywriter all background information about your business

All copywriters are storytellers.

They can engage with your target audience using stories.

Apart from the necessary information pertaining to copy, give your copywriter your website or business’ background information.

Just tell a story about the business and make sure the copywriter gets the information.

The story will be edited and used in creating a captivating copy that captivates and sells.

Share your previous marketing strategy and reiterate your business objectives.

If there any strategies that failed, be sure to mention them.

Your website copywriting project will move with speed when your writer knows your ups and downs, and the type of product you offer.

If you are not available for a phone call or a convenient face to face meeting, you can let one of your organization employees schedule a conference call.

Share any publications about your business with the copywriter.


10. Trust the professional copywriter

Many businesses fail because the owners or managers fail to trust anybody.

When it comes to professional service delivery, you will better off trust the expert than trying to micro-manage their work.

Receive every bit of information from the copywriter and try to help them out.

We all agree that nobody knows your business more than you.

But we also agree that your copywriter knows how to persuade customers more than you, that is why you desperately need their help.

If the copywriter suggests something new, be receptive.

The copywriter is most likely to give you industry secrets which will help you in beating your competition.

I don’t mean that you must accept every idea from the copywriter blindly.

Use logic and listen.

Apart from delivering the copy, most copywriters are marketers; they know customer psychology.


Conclusion: Hiring a copywriter

Follow the above ideas and your business will hire a great copywriter.

You are more likely to get the best experience in hiring the best website copywriter and your business will rip all the benefits of good copywriting.

The job description of a copywriter is to create the copy, engage the audience and generate leads or make sales.

However, I have to notify you that copywriters are not magicians who just command money to your business.

First of all, you must have a good product, a nice design of your website and then hire a good copywriter.

Finally, be sure to pay your copywriter. The pricing of professional copyediting services varies from person to person. Pay the agreed fees or copywriting salaries on time.

Remember, your copywriters can convince, don’t let the copywriters convince your customers not to trust your products by failing to pay them.

The copywriters’ pay does not depend on the type taken to write your web copy, it depends on the value the web copywriter brings to your brand.

Let your brand soar to the highest level by ordering copywriting services for websites.

Order professional SEO and Web Copywriting services Now.

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