Web Design Brief


My name is Kegesa Danvas.

I am in charge of web design onboarding at Cute Masters Group.

Since we deal with most clients remotely, we’ve developed this friendly onboarding workflow for smooth operations.

How We Work

  • You fill the web design brief, telling us every important detail about your dream website.
  • You get a quote from us, depending on the complexity of your website, and the resources needed.
  • We start designing your website after you pay the domain name registration fee (about $15). Please note that the domain buying price and renewal fees may change depending on the domain name and extension of your choice.
  • You get a preview of your website within 2 working days (This is when you can approve, comment on the draft).
  • You pay the first half of the agreed amount.
  • We complete the remaining part of the website, optimize it for SEO and test it.
  • We invite you to test the website.
  • You complete the last installment.
  • We deliver all website assets to you.
  • We both celebrate.

Here is why this is a great deal.

We do the following for you free of charge

  1. Free Consultation – We answer all questions and provide guidance free of charge
  2. Free Graphic Design – Free Logo and Images to get you started
  3. 3 Months Free Hosting – You get three months of free hosting (Valued at about $45). The aim of free hosting is to lower your expenses until you get things rolling in monetizing your website.
  4. Free Written Content – You’ll get a few free pages and posts (blog articles)
  5. SEO Optimization – Your website will always be optimized for search engines and the best user experience (UX).
  6. Free SSL – You’ll get a free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. So the connection to your website shall always be secured.
  7. Free Support – In case you need help, we are always here to help you.

Thank you, and welcome on board.

How To Get Started

Kindly take your time to fill and submit this form for the best web design experience.