What is a Blockchain Startup? (Infographic)

If you plan to invest in crypto projects or create your own Blockchain startup, you need to understand how it works.

A Blockchain is a distributed decentralized database that forms a continuous chain of blocks of information. Inside these blocks are important data: for cryptographic purposes, this is usually an online transaction. All data are connected to each other and each block is connected in series with the previous and next block. That is why it is impossible to forge or change the information in a Blockchain.

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The reliability of information within a Blockchain is not its only advantage. The main principle of using a distributed database on the crypto market is to create a decentralized structure. A Blockchain has no single administrator or person who can modify it, all the information written to the block is automatically checked by other users, and each participant has an actual copy of the current Blockchain on their computers.

Thus, if cheaters want to create their own block, it must have a link to the previous one. Besides the link, third-party users will check the fake block and the information in it for legitimacy, and independently of each other. Simply put, nothing just appears in block systems and all the elements are interconnected with each other.

To implement all these functions in a blockage system, elements from cryptography, hash, validation algorithms, etc. are used. A system of public and private keys helps to confirm that information in a block has changed without directly involving third parties.

In addition, some Blockchain startups use smart contracts and make information changes completely anonymous due to the non-disclosure of user information. In doing so, the system can be fully transparent if required by the usage environment. The history of each individual piece of information can be fully tracked by a sequential chain and its legal appearance can be confirmed.

The idea of creating a distributed, decentralized database dates back to the 1990s, but it wasn’t until 2008 that the first project saw the light of day – the Bitcoin cryptocurrency created by an anonymous scientist Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin showed the world that currency transfers can be not only fast and inexpensive but also decentralized and almost completely confidential.

Today, experts predict a huge scope of application of Blockchain technology: financial sector, use in land and other state registries, labor market, medical field, energy, education, cybersecurity, media, etc.

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