Professional Copyediting Services


  • Even when you love writing (which many people hate), it is still possible to commit linguistic mistakes.
  • It is very hard to be your own editor.
  • You don’t want to write and publish any document laden with errors.
  • The professional copyediting services ensure that all of your written work is correct without any grammatical mistakes.
  • Get an error-free copy now.
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Most probably, you went to your most favourite search engine and looked for “Professional Copyediting Services” and landed on this page.


The fact that you have found this website means a lot to your document and to us.

We shall make sure that you get what you are looking for: Expert Copyediting Services because we are among the best in the world.

Let’s get more granular.

You already know that copyediting final step in preparing the content of your document and that is why you seek a professional copy-editing service’s help.

Once our Professional Copyediting Services process your document, it shall be:

  • Free from all types of grammatical,  typographical, and consistency errors
  • Clear, readable and of great language quality
  • Full of the right vocabulary, terminologies according to the subject matter
  • Of the right tone, structure and style to serve the purpose for which you created it. For instance, if your paper is academic, we shall ensure it has the best academic style. If it is a business document, presentation, web content, we shall ensure it has the right tone.
  • Written by professional copyediting service
  • Using the best writing conventions
  • Formatted, proofread, edited and styles according to your requirements or the requirements of your publisher.
  • Edited according to the fundamental principles of the standard copy-editing process
  • Cited according to the writing style and journal requirements according to the publisher’s style guide.
  • Presented in the right format with the correct spellings, punctuation, italics, capitalization

What are the benefits of using this professional copyediting services?

A reliable expert will copyedit your document

A native English speaker that is highly knowledgeable in your subject area shall edit your document.


Two professional copyeditors shall review and edit your document

When working with Cute Writers, you are sure that your document shall be free from all errors since two expert copy editors shall edit it. You will get a paper free from grammatical and language errors.


You get reliable online copy editing services recommended by many people

the copyediting service aims to satisfy you 100%. You will get a product that meets your expectations. Furthermore, we shall edit your document in case you need further edits at no additional costs.


Professional Copyediting Services in one place

Cute Writers offers a wide range of copywriting and copyediting services. You only need to choose a service that suits your needs and we shall deliver according to your specifications. For instance, we also offer translation, peer-to-peer reviews and comments, typesetting, book writing, cover design and end-to-end customer support.


Free copyediting consultation

You will get free advice and consultation concerning your order. e shall answer all questions and respond to your needs concerning the edits.


Flexible and affordable price

This is a big one because you get high-quality copyediting services at cheaper prices than our competitors. Take advantage of this and benefit from expert copyeditors.


You will always find us

Whether you send us an email in the middle of the night or at daybreak, we shall get back to you and deliver the service. Your time zone does not matter, we are here to help you deliver the best document.


You will get your document within the agreed deadline

Many customers love our service because we don’t fail them. How many times has somebody disappointed you by failing to beat the agreed deadline? You will do yourself a great favour by using this service that guarantees timely delivery.


Everything occurs online, saving you time

This online proofreading and copyediting service will save you more than 30% of your writing time. You don’t need to travel. Just order your paper and we shall deliver. As we work on your document, you will get time to take care of other duties.


We cover all subject fields

You will get all copy-editing services regardless of your discipline, niche or industry. Whether you are a freelancer, individual business or a corporate, we shall serve you.


We copyedit in 11 formats

Your documents may be in any format: MS Word, Text, PowerPoint, Rich Text, Excel,
PDF, LaTeX, Google Docs.


This is confidential copyediting

Our company has a strict non-disclosure policy. This means that nobody else will see the contents of your document other than your copyeditors. Your document goes through a secure file handling system that has 256-bit encryption. Furthermore, this website has a secure socket layer (SSL) security.


Copy editing service rates

How much does copyediting cost? We charge your project based on the length of your document (number of words). The copyediting fees may vary depending on the type and format of your document. If you have documents in different formats, we shall give you a custom quote.


Bulk copyediting discounts available

You will get amazing discounts if you order in bulk.


You can get urgent copyediting services

If you need the fastest copyediting service, we shall assign an expert to help you immediately.

What is Copyediting?

Copyediting” or “copy editing” is defined as the process of checking a written text to remove all kinds of errors so that the text is easy to read and understand.

The person who does copyediting is called a copyeditor.

A good copyeditor must make sure that a text is free from mistakes and it flows smoothly.

Copyediting also involves proofreading and providing the correct editorial styles using the selected style guide.


Main responsibilities of a professional copyeditor

  • Shortening texts to the required layout restrictions or to remove redundancy.
  • Correcting grammatical errors, proofreading, removing spelling mistakes, using the right punctuations, editing sentences and examining the semantic and syntax of sentences.
  • Ensuring that the written text follows the publisher’s style guide such as AP, APA, CMOS, etc.
  • Inserting headers, footers, subheaders and other page elements to make documents and out.
  • Correcting the grammar, spelling, punctuation, subject-verb agreement, and proofreading texts.


Is copyediting that important?

While many people fail to note the importance of copy editing, authors and publishers know its benefits. It is not possible to write about copy editing without mentioning proofreading. You will get more on this later.

Advanced copyediting helps you in polishing the language of your document so that it stands out as a perfectly written document. Copy editing gets rid of grammatical and typographical errors that may render your document unusable. Perfect copyediting will also reinforce your terminology, writing style, tone, format while using the best writing conventions.

If you have academic documents such as research papers, dissertations or journals, copy editing will help in eradicating grammatical and language errors while enhancing the paper’s structure and flow.

The essence of copyediting is to give your document a professional and confident look.


The process of ordering from professional copyediting services

Assume that you live in the United States, Africa, India, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

You have completed your 100,000-word document or any other length of the document and you want it to be perfect.

What would you do?

I would give my work to my sibling to check it.

Although it sounds right, this is wrong.

Your sibling or my sibling might not understand the subject correctly.

That is why hiring a professional copy editor is important.

This is what happens when you place your order:


An account manager will review your order

the account manager will check your document and determine what is needed by checking the:

  • Title
  • Academic discipline
  • Niche or industry
  • Academic level
  • Type of editing required (simple or in-depth)
  • Any instructions from you.


Our professional editing company will identify an expert copyeditor from our team

The manager will math your copyediting needs with the most suited professional copy editor depending on the subject.

All of our copy editors are manually vetted professionals who can deliver the best grammar in the following manner:

  • Correct
  • Consistent
  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Comprehensible


The professional will copyedit your work

Our professional editor will check your document for grammatical and technical errors. They will effect changes according to your guidelines and the best copywriting practices.


Another editor will check your document

The second round of revision involves another expert copyeditor.

This will polish your document rendering it ready for use.

Delivering your order

Once the copyeditors complete your order, we shall send you an email with the attached document.

And you shall use your document joyfully.


What other services does the company offer?

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Order Professional Copyediting Services NOW


Frequently Asked Questions?

How long does it take to copyedit a document?

It depends on the length of the document and the intensity of editing required. For instance, a document written by a native English speaker may take a shorter time than the one created by a foreign speaker.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. If you check our prices, they are already discounted. In fact, this is the most affordable copyediting service.

What is the difference between editing and proofreading?

Proofreading is the final step before publication and it does not include rewriting of sentences. A proofreader assumes that all sentences are correct, so they only look for simple mistakes such as capitalization and spelling errors.

In proofreading, you only check for the basics such as:

  • typos such as spelling inconsistencies
  • errors in usage such as the use of quiet and quite
  • bad line breaks in proofs
  • misplaced punctuation marks such as question marks, full stops, commas
  • a few layout changes, referencing

Copyediting entails the whole fun or checking everything in a written text. It may be right or heavy and may include proofreading. However, copyediting is more than just proofreading since it checks the sentence structure, coherency, flow, mechanics and grammar.

The proofreader checks the text line by line while doing the following:

  • correcting faulty spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • writing questions to seek further clarification from the writer
  • flagging redundancies and suggesting better wording
  • ensuring consistency in spelling, numbers, capitalization, names, and hyphenation
  • flagging or reword jargon
  • smoothing confusing words and sentences
  • ensuring consistency of citations
  • creating a consistent referencing style sheet
  • taking note of inaccurate facts
  • using trustworthy sources to underscore points